Sunday, October 31, 2010

Intro of Ryu's Fundamentals

Ryu's Fundamental

            Ryu is such a basic character who has the easiest matchup to play against because Ryu only has 3 special moves and no strong vortex. As a Ryu player, in order to use him well, I do think there are several requirements ( Just my thoughts, i do hope i didn't offend anybody ). These are things that are not easy to improve on..patience, reflexes (kinda born with) and reading skills.
            Man, i remember when i just started playing Street fighter 4 ( KOF used to be my main fighting game ), i can't control myself jumping in all the time...patience..what? I had none. It was also one of the reasons why i never played the old Street fighter series, it just wasn't my style. But somehow i like this series, and i was playing in SF land, Japan, i just tried my best to hang on everybody...even tho i had no patience i had to manage to build it slowly. And as I thought, just being patient in this game made a huge difference. Everything just seemed easier ( at least i don't lose my game within a minute )
            I do think i am born with pretty decent reactions. I do also play some music games like beatmania, guitar freaks, etc. And when i play i set the speed to almost maximum and i can still see + react to the screen. When comparing KOF to SF, Sf is game play is actually pretty slow. Therefore it's not too hard for me to counter quick moves such as Honda's ex headbutt, Bison's ex psycho, etc. However, there IS a little trick to react to quick moves easier. And the trick is "CONCENTRATE" What i mean by that is looking at your opponent on the screen, just your opponent and not your own character and expect for the moves you are trying to counter.
            Reading skills....i have no advice on how to improve on that...its experience and something you are born with. It usually takes me a round or a set to read my opponents (depends on the level of the player). But for Ryu, i do have a little to tip to teach you guys on how to read your opponents :)

1.)Knowing Ryu ( I assume it goes with all cast ):
            a.) Knowing Ryu's tools well. How to handle certain situations using his normals ( counters and punish ).
            b.) Using and building gauges
            c.) Holding your lead ( When to attack and when to back off )
2.)Footsies and Spacing:           

3.)Defending yourself
4.)How to use his special moves properly

5.)Option Selects


*This is the order of how I will post each section


  1. Expecting your opponent to do what you want to do is the best advice for reaction. I remember one time when I was playing Ken against a Ryu, I was buffering U2 and I was able to react to his down input for fireball. Not the safest thing for me to have done, but that's how fast you can react to something when you're expecting it.

  2. Really looking forward to the rest of this, even if i can take just a few things from it I can hopefully level up a little!

  3. Can't wait, looking forward to this!

    "Don't throw out a move hoping it will hit, throw out a move that you KNOW will hit. Even if you're wrong and you don't hit them, you'll be much more accurate in landing hits in the future."

    - Nuki (Ohnuki Shinya)