Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello to all the fans and readers out there, this site will be closed...or I should say I won't be posting anything here anymore BECAUSE I HAVE A NEW AND BETTER SITE!!!

this is the domain

Keep supporting, thank you very much! Now bookmark the new one and delete this one :)

P.S still working on the new site, it's about 60% done, so please bare with it and i will try and finish it asap. Let me know what you guys think about the new one ^^

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Please do me a big favor! REALLY appreciated!

Hi guys, sorry for not updating the blog after the first post of Canada Cup 2k11 day 1, i've been really busy and out of town for the weekend for NorthWestMajor3. I got 4th at the tournament and of course i will be sharing my experience of that event with you guys like i usually do.

On top of that...this might be the last post for this blog (domain) BECAUSE I do have a new blog/website that I've been secretly working on and it's 10 times better than this one :).

Anyways, so my friend's daughter entered a contest and the winner gets a free iPAD! Here is the link and please help and vote for this little girl's artwork by clicking on this link.

Thanks a lot guys, greatly appreciate it and in a couple days the new domain will be announced :).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canada Cup 2011: Day 1

Canada Cup 2011:

Day 1:

No joke, but I am really excited to share this event’s experience. Friday wasn’t really the tournament, but venue was opened to everybody and there was a Canadian only qualifying tournament to determine who will be the last 3 members to be on team Canada. I didn’t really watch the qualifier mainly because I was in the international money match room. But to be honest, I wasn’t watching any matches or the qualifier, but I was trying to catch up with the people that I haven’t met for a long time.

When the qualifier ended and I found out who were my teammates, I was actually really relieved because those were exactly the players I wanted on my team before the qualifier actually started. (I did an interview stating that too ^^) In the qualifier some of the players were MEH….no comment, just that those are not the players or characters I wanted in the team. Anyways, in case you guys don’t know, the players who qualified are Jozhear (Vega), Snafoo (Dhalsim) and Riceata (Blanka).

After that I forgot what happened, lol…I guess I went to eat because I am always hungry :0. And I think that’s it for the day, real tournament for singles and 5 v 5 international exhibition.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yun match up list by Kazunoko

SSF4AE Yun match up list

Kazunoko recently made a Yun match up list vs the rest of the cast after taking the crown at this year’s SBO. Here it is!

The number on the left side is Yun and the right is the character he is facing against:

Ryu        6-4
Ken       6-4
Chun-Li      7-3
E.Honda     7-3
Blanka        7-3         
Zangief       6-4         
Guile           6-4           
Dhalsim      8-2         
M.Bison      7-3   
Barlog        7-3   
Sagat          6-4        
Vega           7-3   
C.Viper      6.5-3.5   
Rufus         7-3
El.Fuerte     7-3
Abel          7-3
Seth          7-3      
Akuma        8-2      
Gouken         8-2
Cammy       7-3
Feilong       6-4   
Sakura        7-3
Rose          7-3
Gen            8-2
Dan           7-3
T.Hawk        7-3   
Dee Jay       7-3
Guy           7-3
Cody          7-3   
Ibuki         7-3   
Makoto        7-3   
Dudley        7-3
Adon          6-4   
Hakan         8-2
Juri          8-2
Yun           5-5                               
Yang          6-4  

Evil Ryu    7-3
Oni     7-3

Conclusion…..SO YUN HAS NO BAD MATCH UPS according to Kazunoko. And if you guys don’t know who Kazunoko is, he is currently #1 ranked Yun in Japan. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ryu vs Gen


This matchup is rare to see simply because nobody plays Gen. But the matchup is slightly in Gen's favor, making it even harder since the Gen player will usually have more Ryu matchup experience than the Ryu player. This is most likely a 5.5-4.5 or 6-4 matchup in Gen's favor, especially when he gets Ultra 2. This matchup is difficult, as keeping Gen out is rather hard with his 2 jump ranges and insane amount of normals thanks to his two stances.

Ground Game:

Far Range: Gen has nothing at this range unless he has Ultra 2. Just keep him out while building meter with fireballs. The only thing he can do at this range is a wall dive to try to go over fireballs, but unless you throw a fireball AFTER he wall dives, Ryu will always recover in time to block or uppercut.

Mid Range: This is the range that Gen players will usually sit when they're getting close to filling up their Super meter. Gen's normals are superior to majority of the game's cast, including characters like Chun Li. So without a doubt, Gen's control at this range is insane. The range of his normals are extremely long, fast and recover very quickly as well. Gen's sweep outranges Ryu's by a mile and Ryu's sweep is punishable by Gen's sweep on block. Once Gen gains Super meter, any poke at this range will definitely lead into Super.

Close Range: When you realize Gen has such a great mid range, you wouldn't think his close range is that good, but his close range is probably even better than his mid range thanks to the new Target Combos that were added in to Arcade Edition. Gen has all sorts of frame traps and block strings, along with a pretty far ranged kara throw. But this is also the range Ryu wants to get in to, because with Gen's low Health and Stun, a few good guesses will win the round.

On Ryu's Wake Up:

One of the scariest things about waking up against a good Gen player is his Crane stance Jump Medium Kick that has an extremely ambiguous crossup hitbox. This move is very difficult to uppercut on wakeup, because the move is generally pretty safe, which forces Ryu to guess which side to block on most of his wake ups.


Gen doesn't have a lot of Special moves but a good number of ultras. Although Ultra 2 is the favorable ultra for this matchup as Gen, Gen plays still tend to use Ultra 1 for it's high damage combo ability after a Super.

Mantis Stance

Hyakuretsuko (Hands): Generally used after a long ranged poke to confirm into super, or for the minor chip damage. (CANNOT be punished unless he randomly uses it, which can be punished by almost anything fast.)

EX Hyakuretsuko: Comes out faster, recovers faster, more hit and pushes opponent farther, but thats it. Won't really be used outside of combos, so not much to say

Gekiro (Upkicks): SRK will beat it since the HK version comes out in 7 frames while only LK is 5 frame start up. This move is tricky even when blocked, as Gen enters a very slow floating state that he can kick up one more time. Instead of trying to wait for a full punish, since he can just bait it out and kick you again, just SRK him after blocking the first hit. The normal versions and EX version all have 4 frames of invulnerability, but since the move doesn't hit until 7 frames, thats a 3 frame window to punish. If you beat out a normal version after the 4 frames, Gen is punished GROUNDED.

EX Gekiro: 7F start up and has more invulnerability than normal as well.

Zan'ei (Super): This move can be used to punish Ryu's sweep on block. Gen players won't use this outside of combos or punishes, but if Gen does it randomly, it'll put Gen at a far distance away, making it hard to give a full punish. Ryu has a few options. Walk towards and sweep, HK Tatsu, Super or Ultra 1 punish.

Zetsuei (Ultra 1): This move can also punish Ryu's sweep on block. Similarly to his Super, unless comboed into or used as a punish, this move won't be used often. On block, this move can easily be punished with Forward+Fierce combo or Ultras.

Shitenketsu (Ultra 2): Like all the previous moves, can be used to punish Ryu's sweep (close-mid range, safe at full range for this one). This Ultra comes out extremely quick, and is a decent anti-air, however it can no longer be comboed into, outside of a 1 frame link on certain characters. This Ultra is unique, in that it does GREY damage instead of normal damage. It's bad. Just run away from Gen until the damage is recovered, and Gen will have just wasted his ultra. Punish with sweep or Super.

Crane Stance

Jyasen (Roll): This move isn't that good. Gen rolls quite slowly, so it's easy to react to and punish from a distance, but if Gen does the Light version to poke at mid range, it's difficult to react to. This move is -3 on block, so a SRK or Super will punish it. SRK will only punish it if Ryu blocks the entire roll, if Gen only hits with the tip of the last hit, it's not punishable with SRK

Oga (Wall dives): This move and all of it's variations are quite bad. All of them are quite punishable on block, but a well timed SRK will beat them before they even hit Ryu. The straight down drop from above looks tricky, but Ryu can just block it EITHER direction. The move takes too long and lets Ryu walk under and just block it. If he tries to do it MEATY on Ryu's wakeup, just SRK him, however if you're not sure and you just want to block it, block towards the side that he flew to before he went above Ryu's head. IE If he clings to LEFT wall then goes top to drop down, you hold Left to block.

Jyakoha (Super): Hands down the best anti-air in the game. This move comes out at 1+1 frame, however it cannot catch a 4f safe jump like Ryu's sweep > jump in roundhouse. ANY form of jump ins are pretty much no longer an option when Gen has a super meter ready to burn.

Ryukoha (Ultra 1): After seeing his Super, you'd think his Ultra would be a better version of it, but no it's actually FAR worse than his Super version. This Ultra comes out in 11 frames, and unless used near the beginning of an opponent's jump, will WHIFF as an anti-air. Be wary about trying to chip Gen to death with SRK if he hits this Ultra stocked up, as it WILL beat SRK.

Teiga (Ultra 2): Similar to Chun or Abel's ultras this one allows Gen to go through fireballs to hit Ryu. However Gen has to be in the air in Crane stance in order to use it. This Ultra travels extremely fast and covers a LOT of horizontal space, so FADCing a fireball will still get you hit by it. Once Gen gets Ultra 2, it's extremely hard to play a fireball game against him, especially if the Gen player knows how to tiger knee it, making it come out faster.

Mind games and Option Selects:

Gen is unique, as he wakes up slightly slower than the rest of the cast with 1frame invincibility if he stays neutral )not press anything) Yang and SSF4 Ibuki's glitch. Therefore as a result, Ryu's safejump after a sweep doesn't work anymore. Ryu has to delay the jump a TINY bit in order for the jumpin attack to connect. Ryu has to guess on which Option Select to do against Gen on every jump in. But jump in OS hurricane kick and sweep are the best choices. OS SRK will LOSE to Gen's EX Gekiro, stuff normal Gekiro and WHIFF backdash, as Gen's backdash is one of, if not the best backdashes in the game. OS Hurricane and sweep will catch his backdash but lose to EX Gekiro and trade with normal Gekiro. For the most part, the matchup plays similarly to the vs Chun Li matchup, except he doesn't have a fireball, so the BEGINNING of the rounds is where Ryu should shine. However Gen's Super and Ultras bring so much utility to the match that just having them stops Ryu from doing many things.

Gen's Super can be OSed onto any poke he throws out, ensuring that if he catches Ryu's limbs, the Super will come out instantly and guarantee a combo around 50% of Ryu's life. Gen's antiair super comes out so quickly that not even safe jumps are safe anymore. Gen's Ultra 2 immediately puts a stop to any fireballs, and antiairing Gen with normals are no longer safe. Ultra 2 WILL lose to a SRK though (or trade, completely in Ryu's favor).

Things to be aware of:

Once Gen obtains his Super/Ultras, the game is pretty much completely in Gen's hands and how he uses his Super/Ultras. Sometimes it's in Ryu's favor to try to make Gen blow his Super if it's only Round 2 where Ryu won the first round. Playing footsies against Gen with full Super is extremely deadly, as one mistake and you pretty much lost the round. Basically, Gen with Super+Ultra is extremely hard to zone, either you get in and wreck him at close range, or you try to make him waste his Super.

Credits to SCHOWT for helping me with this write up.

Once again, any questions please comment below or follow me @ facebook/twitter and I will answer you questions there.