Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Please do me a big favor! REALLY appreciated!

Hi guys, sorry for not updating the blog after the first post of Canada Cup 2k11 day 1, i've been really busy and out of town for the weekend for NorthWestMajor3. I got 4th at the tournament and of course i will be sharing my experience of that event with you guys like i usually do.

On top of that...this might be the last post for this blog (domain) BECAUSE I do have a new blog/website that I've been secretly working on and it's 10 times better than this one :).

Anyways, so my friend's daughter entered a contest and the winner gets a free iPAD! Here is the link and please help and vote for this little girl's artwork by clicking on this link.

Thanks a lot guys, greatly appreciate it and in a couple days the new domain will be announced :).