Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canada Cup 2011: Day 1

Canada Cup 2011:

Day 1:

No joke, but I am really excited to share this event’s experience. Friday wasn’t really the tournament, but venue was opened to everybody and there was a Canadian only qualifying tournament to determine who will be the last 3 members to be on team Canada. I didn’t really watch the qualifier mainly because I was in the international money match room. But to be honest, I wasn’t watching any matches or the qualifier, but I was trying to catch up with the people that I haven’t met for a long time.

When the qualifier ended and I found out who were my teammates, I was actually really relieved because those were exactly the players I wanted on my team before the qualifier actually started. (I did an interview stating that too ^^) In the qualifier some of the players were MEH….no comment, just that those are not the players or characters I wanted in the team. Anyways, in case you guys don’t know, the players who qualified are Jozhear (Vega), Snafoo (Dhalsim) and Riceata (Blanka).

After that I forgot what happened, lol…I guess I went to eat because I am always hungry :0. And I think that’s it for the day, real tournament for singles and 5 v 5 international exhibition.

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