Monday, November 22, 2010

Ryu's Fundamentals Part 5

Option Select:
The first person who created Option Select is a Japanese player called “Emilio”, a very famous Ken player.  I am sure most of you have heard of the term “Option Select”, but can you really define the term?!  This is how I will define it…it’s like a rock paper sisscor BUTTT you can have rock and paper out at the same time. When it refers to SF4, you have an attack, but another OPTION to backup your attack.  For example, against Abel without meters, you do a jump in attack OS sweep. First your jump in attack is a force block and Abel’s only option to get out of it is a backdash. However, your OS sweep already covered the part of him backdashing.  So Option select is the second choice of the first attack you made..which means…the PAPER in my above example.  What’s also good about this technique is that as long as your first attack is landed..your option select will not come out, in this case there’s no risk to it.
Option select sounds TOO good…To be honest, IT IS GOOD. It’s a technique you MUST learn in order to level up faster and hang with the best. It’s a way to make you think less, and less frustrated against characters like CHUN LI with god like backdash….Bison with teleport and more.  Though this sounds cheap, but remember, you are only having rock and paper out, your opponent always have the sisscor in hand, therefore you have to guess right and THEY also have to guess right about the Option select you chose.  However, using this technique correctly is not takes time to get the timing and the input command properly.
Alright, so everyone would assume that you can only do a special attack or normal attack Option Select.  In fact, you can Option Select ANYTHING! Backdash…forward dash…back jump..forward jump…throw…super…ULTRA..

For example, video below of Daigo OS with super

And another example here, Tokido using OS throw when Abel tried to roll out

Once you get the timing and the concept down, you  can do varieties of option selects allowing you to create your  setups/mixups.  (Tokido is the best example…creating his own setups and OS)
Let me explain further on HOW does OS works. Every character can do OS, but requires different setups or knockdowns n such.  Anyways, in order to make OS select works, your attack before your option select must be a link (1 frame links doesn’t work). For example, jump in attack OS tatsu works because any jump in attacks can link into combo (never a 1 frame link after jump in attacks).  Therefore, it’s an OS. Another example:  Ryu doing a sweep OS. Low jab > OS Sweep. This also works because low jab can connect into combo which is not a 1 frame link (Ryu can do jab jab jab easily by just mashing = not 1 frame link) Ok, let me try to make this easier to understand by putting examples that doesn’t work.
·         Sagat:  jab x 3 = 1 frame link, therefore, jab >OS sweep does not exist.
·         Blanka: jab > OS slide does not work because multiple hits of low short or jab is a 1 frame link.
·         Dhalsim: jab/short > OS slide is not real because it’s not a non 1 frame link.
Hopefully you readers understand this concept now…and hopefully I am positive about this, LOL.
Inputting Option Select Commands
It’s pretty simple…it’s either you start off by a jump in attack (demon flip is the only special attack which also works…I think……………) or you start it from the ground.  Using Ryu as an example..sweeps Dhalsim and Dhalsim is going to teleport backwards on wakeup…you do a OS tatsu..and this is how you do it. Sweep > jump in attack > *Your normal is sticking out, but right b4 it touches Dhalsim, you input your tatsu command* > If your normal hits, your tatsu shouldn’t come out .If it does, you are doing it wrong! If Dhalsim teleports, the tatsu will come out.  
·         Jump in attack > INPUT whatever you want b4 it hits your opponent! SIMPLE! Just practice the timing.
Next is ground OS. Ryu as example AGAIN…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Ryu sweeps Ken! Ken backdashes on wake up, this is what you do. Sweep >  low jab/short > the 2nd attack you input your OS and his is the command > low jab/short+sweep. Ken backdashes, sweep comes out, if not, you’ll get a jabx2.  *Note, make sure you r not pressing jab > jab+sweep too fast, you have to time it..hit up training mode guys!*
·         Low jab > INPUT whatever you want (almost impossible because you have to input the command b4 the low jab hits….)

So that’s it, have fun with Option Select

SECRET: Low jab > OS > fireball command…
            1P side, hold 3lp > quickly 36 > jab+strong ------------à This is an extremely hard OS but it’s real. If you have this done correctly, on block you should have a low jab > stand jab. Try this on Akuma, teleport backwards on wakeup, if he teleports you should have your hadoken out. And it’s really easy to pull out an ex hadoken ^^….have fun


  1. Nice post air. well explianed. it's nice you showed a good example that works on Abel.. that is a throw OS on jump attack, the hadoken OS on floor on akuma teleport is another.

    what are your fav' OS(s) agaisnt different charecters?
    tell us about them. what char and what OS works on it. thanks

  2. Very User friendly air! keep it up! now the fundamental parts is done! time to get all the matchup guides in lol.

  3. @Petey thank you, working the matchups already
    @Nickflamer thank you.'s going to take a long time to tell u guys how and why i use certain OS against different char and stuff. So yah...^^" ...if you have any questions, specify it and i will be happy to answer them

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  5. Hey Air,
    It seems that you have to delay your OS after a safe jump against some characters reversals, like Ibukis ex dp or Kens mp.dp and many more, otherwise you cant block the reversal (not 100% sure why, but i think i has something to do with the recovery frames when you land).
    I find it hard to do a delayed OS dp or tatsu, because mostly the dp/tatsu comes out if the safe jump gets blocked,the timing seems very tight to me, delayed OS sweep and "normal" OS are no problem tough timing wise.
    You got any advice on how to make this easier?
    Cause OS dp and tatsu is too important for some matchups.

    And how do you handle Ibukis backdash, if you are attacking her with a meaty ground attack?
    Cr.lp OS sweep does not work against her backdash, only thing that works is OS tatsu/fireball/maybe dp.
    But all of this options give you cr.lp st.lp on block, and the st.lp tends to whiff against most of the cast (if they crouch block of course), which gives your opponent the opportunity to punish you.
    So do you know is there is a way to do a ground OS tatsu, which gives you something like cr.lp2x on block?
    Thanks for any help.

  6. @Gado Very good questions. So first, it's not a delay OS, it's a SAFE JUMP+OS. SO you have to time the safe jump and input OS command. It's hard and i can't pull it off 100% too :D

    So wen on ground OS for tatsu...i usually guess...but the command i do is hold3 > 3jab > 214jab+roundhouse
    that gives you low jabx2 on block. It's very very hard because you have to do it in limited time~~

  7. Are you talking about regular safe jump + OS?
    Because thats what i can do without any problems, for example after sweep i just hold UF for the perfect safe jump, and input any OS of choice which works fine, and i never have problems with that (like the OS coming out, altough the safe jump did hit).
    But my problem is against some characters reversals(of course safe jumpable if more than 3 frames startup), where i do the same thing as mentioned above, i get HIT by the reversal. If i do the same thing and delay the OS, i can block the reversal.

    So there is this weird timing thing, where i delay the OS (it feels like 1-2 frame delay, very hard), to make it work, it works 100% with the sweep, but dp and tatsu are very hard to input delayed, with the right timing.
    I just saw this happening to Tokido some days ago in a vid, ill try to find it, and post the link afterwards.
    I think we misunderstood each other.
    I will try that ground OS, thanks for that!

  8. @Gado hmm...i think it's still a safe jump + OS..the timing is extremely hard..u want ur safe jump attack to land as late as possible and have ur OS input really fast right b4 it hits...

  9. Yes of course its still a safe jump + OS, you just input the OS very late compared to the "normal" input timing, so its a bit delayed.
    I tried the method you wrote in practice mode, i used to do that all the time, and the result is, the reversal always beats my safe jump + OS.
    Try recording Ryu doing a safe jump + OS sweep with fast/normal input timing for the OS, against Chun-lis EX sbk, you will always lose, and Chun-li will get a free EX sbk on counter-hit.
    After that try to do the same, just delay the OS sweep a bit, and you will be able to block the EX sbk.
    Anyways, i guess i have to get that tight timing down, otherwise OS gets very risky against a lot of characters.

  10. Im sorry for being a noob. but can you define what a safe jump is? cause whenever i try jumping in. i always get DPed or anti air on my opponent wakeup. If possible, part 6 of ryu fundemental can be a tutorial on safejump?

    When i do hadokens, i space myself well but i became scared on throwing one whenever they are near me.( y is daigo able to throw hadokens at mid-range or close-range and his opponent is not jumping in?) is it because of the hadoken speed? light/medium/heavy hadoken?)

    My ultimate weakness in this game is my defense. I always get grabbed( u taught me and im improving). I always guess opponents moves wrongly. -> For eg. my FA got blocked. and i dash up. There are 3 choices, which is continue my attack(jab jab)/grab/ block. Whenever i block, i get grabbed. Whenever i attack, i got DPed, whenever i grab, they DP. How to play this move safely.

    I love ryu a lot cause its a basic hero to learn and to start SF. I can do combos at 80% succession rate and punish properly, but just my defense suck balls. Ryu throw hadokens. My ryu doesnt have the balls to throw hadokens cause of the fear of getting jumped in. When i jump in to some ryus after their hadoken, they can DP me at the last min?? How is this possible?

    I have been playing this game for 6-7 months now and my PP is 1300. In the country that im playing in, which is Singapore, the average PP for a pro there is 3000pp -4000pp. How can i improve my gameplay? im so frustrated. A friend of mine started 3 months ago and hes beating the crap out of me. I cant believe it. NEED SERIOUS HELP HERE T_T?

  11. @Gado I get your case now i think...i think u r using the wrong OS ..your safe jump in is correct but against reversal moves because your sweep and tatsu has no invincibility which means their invincibility reversal move beats your normal. So against those moves, taking your ex sbk as example, you should use OS srk and it's the best OS against Chun li coz it beats all her options even backdash.

  12. @Zver No big deal, it's just experience...SO jump is a jump in attack where your normal hit as late as possible but it only works on 5frame reversal moves. So Dp in your case is a 3frame move...which safe jump does not exist. Only works on's uppercut, chun's ex sbk, fei long's DP...etc.

    For Daigo's fireball...first he gets to throw some free fireball because he's people's mind when he's throwing fireball "oh he's Daigo...i am scared of him...he knows when i am going to jump and such" So basically people respect Daigo too much...
    For whichever version of hadoken speed, i recommend you to throw Light hadoken all the time just so that you recover faster.

    After your FA got if you have a focus level would wanna back dash..because you are -1 in frame..which means they can grab you right away unless you DP..which is your ONLY option.
    For Level 2, you are + frame..which means they cannot do anything but block or tech UNLESS they do DP...but if you want to play this safely..first you have to look at THEIR gauges and your life. If he has gauges most likely your opponent will throw some reversal moves > fadc..and look at your own life if you can afford to take his reversal move. If you wanna be 100% have to learn how to delay tech, which means you focus attack..dash forward..wait for a split sec, then press tech.

    The case you jump after their hadoken is that u jumped by reaction which means FAIL...he already recovered from the fireball.

    One thing you gotta remember...people throwing fireball, they're guessing too, so when you jump , you have to guess in return. Nothing is free.
    If you don't know when to throw a fireball, don't throw it..throw it when you r full screen where he cannot jump at u or when you see him whiff a normal or a move that would not allow him to recover instantly and's or sweep..then you can throw a fireball that forces them to block.
    Hope this helps

  13. Air, u sad that Light hadoken all the time just so that you recover faster, but all hadokens has 45 duration frames and lk hado recover same like mp and hp.

  14. @Air yeah, but when you r spamming, the fireball comes out slower and people react to it slower. It's harder for them to jump over

  15. Chun was just an example, lets pick Ibuki, her ex DP(5 frames) beats all OS even OS mp srk, so what would you do against Ibuki?(delayed sweep would work, and you could block the reversals, you cant beat her backdash with that tough)
    This is still pretty unclear to me, against some characters.
    And btw you can also safe jump 4 frame reversals.(Guys ex tatsu, Kens mp srk and so on)
    Its especially easy with Ryu (sweep setup).

  16. @Gado huh..i never heard of safe jump against ken's mp srk.....that's new to me
    hmmm...i don't know seems to work fine for me..i do OS hurricane against ibuki..if she does ex DP reversal, i can block it, backdash , i can hurricane kick

  17. @Gado alright...i tested with works for me and i think i figured out WHY u r messing this up. The distance of the jump in after you knock her down makes the timing differs. And MP srk does catch her out of backdash if the distance is perfect and of course if she does the resveral DP, i can block it.
    If you ever watch some of my vids or daigos..there are times we just do safe jumps instead of OS coz we know the OS doesn't work 100% coz of the spacing.
    A really good character to practice against is Balrog. use his ex straight rush punch and backdash to test. Do safe jump + hurricane kick...if it's ex straight, you should b able to block it, backdash...hurricane comes out. If you mess up ur safe jump or OS timing, u will get hit by the straight punch.

  18. Hm thats interesting, i will go to practice mode later, and try the safe jump from different ranges and timing.(i usually just did,
    What setup were you using, to make this work?

    And yes you can safe jump Kens mp srk (it has 4 frame startup), in fact you can safe jump every 4 frame reversal, i do it all the time, its very useful!

  19. Thx Air. On another note, i sometimes feel Ryu doesn't not suit my playstyle. I love rushdown characters, like constant attack attack attack. Characters which can keep your momentum going non-stop. Any suggestions?

  20. @Gado i will test out the ken thing..i never knew..and when you jump in attack OS...r u using JUMP HP? coz if u wanna safe jump..u would wanna use JUMP HK...coz HP sticks out longer than HK

    @Zver u know...there was a point i can't win against anybody in ANYBODY..i wanted to give up on ryu..coz i am LIKE U..rush down n such...but i tried other characters..but there wasn't enough time for me to train a new one. So i just changed up my style n kinda turtle a bit..started working..~
    If u like rush down i would recommend Guy, Adon, and maybe akuma works too.

  21. I can explain why light hadoken SEEMS to recover's because by the time its at the middle of the screen youre already recoverd
    where the hp hado would already have hit the opponent or almost hit your opponent

  22. Yes i use j.HK.
    For the Ken thing, i dunno if you know that already, but after you landed a sweep you just have to hold up forward(you can do it immediately after the sweep connects,even in the recovery), and Ryu will jump right when he is out of recovery, this the PERFECT safe jump setup, whit this you CANT do a safe jump wrong, even on Kens 4 Frame reversal.(some characters stand up different, so you gut to delay, but this works against the majority of the cast)
    After a f.throw its much harder to safe jump a 4 frame reversal, but still doable with very good timing.
    And btw. i know U2 is total garbage, but i found out that it can beat every ex messiah follow up, which is pretty cool, what do you think about that in the Rufus matchup?
    I think i will experiment with it versus ex messiah-happy players.

  23. but who will do 4 frame startup MP shoryu for reversal using ken if they can use 3 frame LP or HP ))))

  24. Kens LP and HP srk have less invincibility, which means they can be beaten by a lot of jumpins, which leads into free combo.
    Thats why the most Ken players do mp MP srk.

  25. @Gado all ken does Mp unless they will FADC< then they will use HP. I still haven't tried the safe jump on Ken yet -_-...well, against every char..the safe jump after sweep is the same timing and the throw is also same timing.
    And i know about the U2 against Rufus. I use U1 newayz coz just so that i can connect to ultra after srk + if i focus dash forward Rufus' cr.hp, i can punish with U1 but not U2.

  26. Some Kens do LP or HP srk, if they know your safe jump setup, because they beat it.
    The safe jump timing after sweep and throw is NOT the same all the time, try to do the sweep immediately hold UF safe jump setup vs Cammy, and you will see that your jumpin will whiff (same for Sagat and some more).
    But like i said it hits the majority of the cast.
    Its an automatic safe jump there is like NO timing needed, just hold UF after sweep, but cammy stands up 1 frame different from the others, so it will whiff, if you dont delay your jump for 1 frames.

  27. @Gado against sagat or cammy if u do immediate jump u can use jhp. it will not whiff. And u do not need to delay your jump in this case
    When i do safe jumps i delay on all chars bcoz of muscle memory. But you can do it on all after immediate jump in.

  28. Its whiffing with j.HP also(against Cammy, Sagat and so on) if i do immediate jump, after sweep.
    I tried all jump in attacks, same result.

  29. @Gado hmm, i tested it, u r right. That's weird, it doesn't happen in vanilla against Sagat. So i assumed same thing to Super and i never jump right away cause i time my jump in everytime, didn't notice this change. Good to know

  30. Need another help here. I realised im playing SSF4 in my 51 inch Samsung LED plasma TV and have serious heavy lag input. So ive been practicing all my combos and timing wrongly.

    Im thinking of getting a monitor with no lag input. A cheap one. A PC monitor with HDMI cable USB and no/little lag input. Any suggestions?

  31. Yeah, i saw that in your replays, that you were not jumping immediately, after you landed a sweep.
    Is there any good reason why you are timing your jump, after sweep?
    And when you are trying the Ken safe jump out, im sure you HAVE to jump immediately, otherwise Kens MP srk will hit you.

  32. @Zver buy Asus brand. Lag free :) 20-24 inches

    @Gado ummm..there's no specific good reasons..just that a timed safe jump = guaratee a safe jump and i know the timing.
    I know about the Ken one know, ya u do need imeediate jump. But i usually just do an empty jump incase they do LP OR risk :)

  33. Yup if i dont want to risk anything, i go for the empty jump also.
    Anyways thanks for helping me out, cant wait for the Chun matchup, got some problems that one.

  34. @Gado been busy looking for a job recently, and still working with the Guile matchup, hopefully i can spare more time to write matchups -_-

  35. Nice work Air, good luck in your job hunt.

  36. i read this 4 times and i still dont get it

  37. Hi. Can you explain what do you mean by 1 frame link that cannot be option selected. You say "Ryu can do jab jab jab easily by just mashing = not 1 frame link".
    What do you mean by mashing jab? I thought it was chain-cancel, not a link.

    Adon has 3-frame link: cr lp - cr lp. Can I option select cr lp in sweep since it's not 1-frame link?

  38. i have a question, if i am with ryu for example and i want do jump in attack(HK) than shryuken, i should do the os(srk) before the hk hits? or i should wait the hk to hit, than while im in hir do srk. im almost sure i should do it before it hits but i just want to make sure.

  39. if you do it after, its no longer an OS. and the dp will come out anyway

  40. Hello Air, and lot of thanks for your brilliant blog! There's a lot of usefull information on it. :D

    One question... (sorry but i'm newie) why Daigo try to connect the Ultra after doing SO with the Super? It this possible?