Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ryu vs Chun Li

Chun Li

I personally find this match up pretty fun though it’s a farely tough and annoying match up. In the beginning it’s a fair match up…but once Chun Li gets Ultra 1…and starts turtling like a bitch with perfect anti air…..6:4 match up Chun’s favour. This match up is somewhat similar to Guile’s. Whoever gets the lead and able to hold it wins.

Ground Game:

Far Range: Ryu players can ignore Chun Li at this range only if she has U1. Use this chance to build meter and throw fireballs to push Chun Li near the corner. (Watch out for Chun Li focusing a fireball then dash forward and going over your fireball with her Hazanshu)

Mid Range: This is Chun Li’s best range and Ryu players have to respect it due to her standing strong, sweep and Hazanshu. Chun Li can control/ outplay Ryu at this range with her amazing pokes. Her st.strong can beat Ryu’s low forward and fast enough to stop Ryu from throwing a fireball. Not to forget mentioning about her sweep that can do the same or better job, it’s fast startup + fast recovery + knockdown. Treat her sweep like Balrog’s and Akuma’s. Most of the Chun Lis tend to follow it after low jabs. In this range, you have to fear to throw fireballs because of Chun Li’s Hazanshu which goes over fireball and it is not hard to react. The best solution for Ryu is to use his low strong instead of low forward (of course you don’t NOT want to use your low forward because it’s Ryu’s best normal for footsies, use it when you can hit with max distance). Ryu’s low strong can beat Chun Li’s st.strong, sweep and Hazanshu.

Close Range: This is the range where Ryu wants to be in. A chance to land big damage and basically Chun Li can’t do much but block. However, Chun Li can also be very scary at this range after she knocks you down. With her fast low jabs and shorts into Ex Lightning kicks that deals decent damage and on top of that, also be aware of her FAR throw range.

On Ryu’s Wake Up:

Nothing scary except what I mentioned above about her with low jabs/shorts into throw mixups.


Hazanshu: Best to use focus level 2 attacks to crumple for big damage, though it also works focusing the Hazanshu and dash forward to punish, however, timing is strict plus decent reactions are required. If you have sick reactions, react to the move and SRK.

Ex Version: Same as normal.

KiKoken: Can counter this move with early Super, ex fireball and hurricane kick.

Ex Version: Same as normal.

Spinning Bird Kick: Chun Li will not use this move aside from combos.

Ex Version: Can beat it with SRK, Super and Ultra.

Lightning Kick: Chun Li will not use this move only if it’s into combos.  Can punish with sweep or fierce SRK on block.

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Against Ultra 1: When Chun has ultra meter, by all means..NO fireball unless she is walking forward. Don’t forget about her dash forward ultra…so make sure you watch her motion carefully. Moreover, don’t sweep recklessly because IT IS reversal punishable on block.

Against Ultra 2: Nothing too scary about this Ultra when it comes to this match up. Just don’t get combo into ultra J

Mind Games and Option Select:

Alright, in this match up you have to guess which option select to use on her wakeup. Obvious situation like when she has no meter after you knock her down, use hurricane kick as an option select following with a jump in attack. Once she has meters, you might want to choose between safe jump OS hurricane kick which allows u to block her ex SBK or jump in attack OS strong SRK/SUPER/ULTRA to beat the move. OS strong SRK does beat backdash but it depends how close you when you jump in.
Mixing jump in OS with crossup jump ins, empty jumps hitting low or throw to be unpredictable. Don’t forget to use Ryu’s ex hurricane kick as a frame trap which works extremely well against Chun Li.

Things to be aware of:

Majority of the Chun Li would try to keep you out with stand strong which gives her + frame on blocked. They would usually follow with another stand strong /standing roundhouse/ Hazanshu or Kikoken to force Ryu to sit in his place. However they are all counter-able if you can read or react to your opponent correctly.  Also beware of her standing roundhouse kick which has great range but counter-able with standing fierce or sweep and punishable with super on whiff.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not jump to her at all when you are leading in life. All you should do is turtle and make minimal mistakes. She can easily anti air or beats Ryu in the air. If you can keep her out properly, her only option is random Hazanshu (don’t forget to expect).
Usually after Chun Li gets out of trouble with a backdash, they would do a Hazanshu or a sweep just to keep you out.

As usual, any questions, comments below or my facebook page. And remember to let me know if I am missing anything.



  2. You have good tips...but I find it funny that you list every matchup against Ryu's favor.

    Not even a single one of your guides lists the matchup as a 5:5. Using this as a guideline, you are implying that not only you, but every competitive Ryu must outperform their opponent...

    Competitive play Ryu is not Casual play Ryu, which is true...but I think you have a tendency to exaggerate.

  3. The match-up guides he's written up lately are against characters who Ryu players VOTED on seeing get written up. Probably because they're having a tough time against them. Why? Probably because those characters are most likely tough match-ups for Ryu. That, or they just don't know what to do in those match-ups; which is hard to believe by now because Chun, Balrog, El Fuerte, and Guile are Vanilla Arcade characters.

    In any case, of course Ryu players want to see match-up strategies against characters they have troubles fighting against first (most likely Ryu's bad match-ups). So right now there's, "not even a single one of Air's guides lists the matchup as a 5:5". And even then, match-ups that were 5-5 in Vanilla are at least 5.5-4.5 NOT in Ryu's favor in Super because Ryu got nerfed, whereas most other characters got buffed.

  4. Great blog air. I use chun and have difficulty anti airing ryu. Can you go into some detail on how to anti air ryu with chun. I know the blog is for ryu, but thought that I would ask. Thanks for your work!

  5. On topic:

    At mid-range, Chun Li can stand at the maximum range where Ryu can still hit Chun Li with low forward. At that precise position/range, Chun Li can use Focus Attack to bait Ryu's low forward and make it whiff. This is because Chun's FA makes her take a step back, which moves her hitbox out of Ryu's low forward range.

    Chun Li has a good/fast level 1 and 2 Focus Attack, so she can get a Focus Crumple on Ryu just like that.

    They're taking that away in AE (FA moving her hitbox back before she hits you), but I thought it'd be good to share for those who are still playing console SSF4.

  6. @protoman35 lol yeah, as orikasa stated, people voted the matchup. And obviously as he said, they problems that's why i am here to help...and majority of the players having the same problem would probably means it's a hard/ somewhat not an even matchup?

    @Raoh jump fierce to AA...st.forward...low strong...sweep. They're all good AAs and don't forget about her focus attacks.

  7. @protoman35 and of course there r 5:5 matchups. for example like cody, ken, rufus, akuma, ibuki, abel and MORE. But as u can see on the left side of the column there is a POLL where people vote.
    So i go by the VOTE :)

  8. Hey Air, really enjoying the blog, thanks for these writeups.

    One thing: are you sure that you can punish lightning legs on block with sweep or SRK? I thought it was safe and a quick glance at the frame data seems to confirm so.

  9. @Ciaran i am sure u can, but it's really depends on your range.

  10. @Air

    On Ryu wake up sometimes Chun likes get close and Jump Back Roundhouse for overhead and sometimes makes me guessing with meaty clk xx EX lighting etc.

    What will be the best option for escaping this? Backdash seems to get knock by the overhead and SRK sometimes got baited

  11. @aldyk314 Don't worry, usually Chun use this to finish you off because it is not safe whether hit or blocked. You can punish by walking forward and sweep or Super. Plus it's nothing scary, just take the hit and then u r out of trouble. No dmg :D

  12. I got a hard time playing against Chun players. They turtle hard and once they knock me down, they always get me with either flip kick, sweep, or the cross up crap. Any advice on how you can escape this? Or do I just gotta.. get used to reacting?

  13. I see.

    I do know that fundamentally, Ryu is jack of all trades, master of none...And in competitive play, he is a lot more difficult than he appears to be.

    I don't mean to offend, I was just following your matchup guides and always saw Ryu on the short end of the stick.

    It makes more sense to start with the difficult matchups first though, so keep doing what you are doing man, and good luck in those tourneys.

  14. @Kengan u have to have good defense. Flip kick i assume u r saying Hazanshu? It's not that fast of a move, u should b able to react to it if you expect it coming. The crossup thing shouldn't be a problem because Ryu can AA that..sweep wise i guess like u said u just have to react to it.

  15. @protoman Np man, i didn't take it as an offend. Just letting u know that i am not the one choosing which one to write, the readers are. Keep supporting :D

  16. aIr, wonder if i can ask in advance?

    How to fight blanka?

    When fighting honda? should i turtle or go straight at him?

  17. @Zver against blanka..you gotta turtle and stop all his blanka balls with low jab..and punish his slides. Push him in the corner and don't let him get out

    against honda..u have to turtle..he can't do anything far, he has to come to u. I playd mike ross wrong, i tried to play him upclose and i got destroyed. Just stay away..turtle..throw safe fireballs, eventually he'll jump to u

  18. he jump = trade DP. disadvantage for ryu.

  19. @Zver u shouldn't trade Dp with hondas...if u do, your timing is off with the Dps.

  20. Air, can you please explain the timing for beating EX SBK with an option selected strong SRK, I don't main Ryu (my main's Akuma) but I always follow your great articles since they help me a lot in understanding the game in general.

    When I OS SRK with my jump-in attack to beat reversals and most backdashe (in Akuma's case HP since it's the most invincible), my option selected SRK never comes out vs 6 frames or faster reversals (such as the EX SBK), it works just fine vs 7+ frame reversals such as Viper's thunder knuckle, but vs Chun's ex SBK, I lose to the reversal, with the same setup my SRK would beat her backdash and would not come out if she simply blocked.

    Just want to know when do you input the SRK motion with your jump in attack, is it as soon as you hit the opponent, or you delay it a bit..etc

    Thanks a lot for the hard work sharing such great information btw =)

  21. @Metallica it's just your timing, you should input SRK right b4 your HK hits. Please read fundamental part 5, i am sure after reading that post you will be able to pull it off and thx for the support :D