Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ryu vs Abel



Though the majority of the people would say this is an even match up, I personally think it’s slightly in Abel’s favour due to the option selects and mixups he can do on Ryu. This match is somewhat similar to Ryu vs Zangief. I say similar to Zangief in that you don’t want to be knocked down and want to stay out of Abel’s stepkick/poke range

Ground Games:

Far Range: Abels would try to build meter at this range and probably trying to make you go over to him. Either throw fireball to stop him from building or slowly walk forward to push him near the corner and Abel will eventually try to get out of the corner by rolling out. Make sure you don’t throw predictable fireballs and ready to bait his roll.

Mid Range: The most dangerous range in this match up. Avoid being hit by Abel’s spiritual move: his step kick. Getting hit or even getting it blocked can lead to a mind game that is in Abel’s favour. Use Ryu’s max distance low forward to keep him out. A well timed low strong or even mashing stand jab can beat his step kick and getting in.

Close Range: Beware of Abel’s standing short which basically stops everything of Ryu’s except SRK. A command string of Abel’s would be doing a hella stand short then tries to pressure you by connecting the step kick. So you can either block the whole shit, MASH on SRK or backdash and GET THE FUCK OUT.

On Ryu’s Wakeup:

Abel’s probably has one of the scariest wake up game. Variety of setups needed to be worried like untechable command throw, a front or crossup rolled attack, a low attack, an over head or even just do nothing and bait. Every Abel has their own setups, therefore it’s really hard to guess what they’re going to do. Therefore I am sorry, there is really not much advises but NEVER SIT STILL, do something…mash srk…mash on jab…backdash..jump..you have to make your opponent think and hesitate on their decisions.


Rekka: Usually this is really hard to react to…so block the first hit of the rekka then punish with SRK.

Ex Version: Same as normal version, just remember this move absorbs one hit so becareful with your slow recovery normals and throwing those fireballs.

Roll: Can hit him on his start up and right where he lands but best to counter with a throw.

Ex Roll: Can only counter with throw.

Wheel Kick: Anything as long as before the kick hits you.

Ex Wheel Kick: Perfectly timed normals that hit high, though best to use SRK to counter.

Against Ultra 1: Uhhh…pretty obvious…don’t throw fireball or air escape tatsu..it is punishable. Other than that Abel can’t land this on you without landing his low fierce.

Against Ultra 2: It really depends where Abel launches this ultra.
  • Close Range: Tatsu to break his armor. If he releases it instantly it will go through your tatsu.
  • Mid Range: Keep jumping back, air escape tatsu go behind him or HK tatsu. (They can cancel their U2 if they are able to react to it.
  • Far Range:  Keep jumping back. HK tatsu not recommended

Mind games and Option Select:

After an untechable knockdown Ryu can do safe jump OS to cut down his wakeup options.
Ex Roll:
  • Safe jump attack  OS throw or empty jump throw/throw on wakeup
  • Safe jump attack OS tatsu or sweep/on ground OS sweep/Tatsu

Ex Rekka:

*There are no option selects against this move but these are the things you can do to counter this move*
  • Empty jump thro w/throw on wakeup
  • Jump strong
  • Safe jump attack (allows you to block Rekka in time)
  • Tatsu on wakeup

Ex Tornado throw:

*No safe jump OS works against this move (Well a timed safe jump OS does beat this move...but timing is strict and it looks pretty obvious that you are trying to bait the Ex TT.)
  • Empty Jump Throw
  • Throw on wake up
  • A late jump in attack / crossup attack
  • Tatsu / Ex Tatsu
It’s just pure mind games for Ryu using which OS to land on Abel’s wakeup. However it is possible to predict Abel’s next move through his meters.

Things to be aware of:

The only way to read an Abel player is mainly from how much meters he has. Abel doesn’t have much mix ups if a combo is ended by Rekka. On top of that, if an Abel player has less than 2 gauges, he can’t combo off Rekka into the air grab which means he has a risk to land the combo (No gauges to FADC), therefore a very high chance that he would try and land a command grab or bait.
In a life lead situation, Abels are usually really desperate for a comeback…..here you should watch out for a low fierce on your wakeup. If it happens to be a command throw its ok, take it and let the situation reset.
Furthermore, if Abel knocks you down in the corner, he cannot land a combo into Ultra 1 unless he has 2 or more meters. If you do think he’s going to try landing an ultra, he will have to roll behind to (facing outside the corner) low fierce > ultra, so beware.
Hmmm…also..if Abel tends to do reset combos on you, don’t be afraid to mash SRK mainly because the Abel player is trying to land more damage that’s why he’s resetting, otherwise he the reset combo is worthless (but of course don’t rely on mashing).


  1. Sorry guys, some how the last paragraph is in different colour..it's not something SPECIAL or a note..

  2. U KNow u can always edit your post ~~~

  3. Good read, it seems from what I've read, Abel is tough if he has meter to burn, and just flat out dangerous on knockdown. It feels like you have to play this match a bit more defensively, or by sight depending on how the player uses Abel.

    When you play this match, can you give an estimate which ultra an Abel user will use more? and considering the changes to him in AE, if that will make any difference?

  4. @Li i edited it, it wont change the colour some how...
    @Javier good abel players will use U1...U2 is not that strong tbh. Abel aint scary with gauges imo...so usually i have to finish him off before he gets 2 or more meters.

  5. those are pretty solid things to keep in mind agianst abel.. thanks Air for the nice post

  6. Ah, makes sense, it seems U1 would better also because he combo off of C.HP Also I like the strategy of finishing him off before he gets meter; I guess if the match gets dragged out longer than it should be, he can become a problem, though that's what I think.

    Anywho, again thank you for posting this, I can't wait for your next post ^_^

  7. Explain please why O-S SRK dont work on EX TT and EX Rekka?
    Maybe on rekka he absorbs 1 hit and you fly away with second, but what if he EX TT?

  8. @Guido hmm...u should read my fundamental part 5 write up :/. Anyways...if a jump in attack HITS, the OS will never come out...therefore it's actually fine doing the SRK against ex rekka coz it won't come out no matter what. However you are guessing his wake up option, if he ex rolls, you srk will whiff and get punished.
    Ex TT beats SRK just like Zangief's EX SPD

  9. I will definitely read the 5th part of the Fundamentals, just could get a hold of it yet, and the Abel matchup write-up was very interesting!

    Thank you very much for your blog!

    ps. sorry for stupid questions:(

  10. @Guido No..not stupid at all, I am happy i can answer you and keep supporting, thx

  11. Another awesome matchup breakdown, thank you so much Air for keeping on posting those =) They're so helpful even to people who don't play Ryu.

  12. i think for defense against f+mk dash in..couldn't you do p.link s.mp~s.lp+s.lk? s.mp is a 3 frame move. and i believe it can beat almost every option abel throws at you. i'm not 100% sure on this though. and if s.mp hits, you can follow up with fierce DP. i saw daigo do this a lot at SB5 casuals but never saw any videos posted up? he always managed to hit close s.mp into DP link. it seemed to work almost everytime even against top us abel players. and i THINK he was p.linking like i said above, i'm not sure tho. do you have any experience with this tactic?

  13. very good read. i like ur blog a lot btw.

  14. @aks216 i've seen him do that..I dunnno if he did it on purpose though....n no i have no experience..

  15. yah, i think he does it on purpose because he did it everytime he blocked f+mk(dash). and then he would just do close st.mp and if it hit, he'd link into DP. maybe try this in training mode? i would try this but i quit playing ryu a while ago. i think it would be helpful in the abel matchup.

  16. abels keep spamming change of direction on me and even though i block it still grabs me wat should i do