Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ryu vs M.Bison

M.Bison (Dictator):

This is a matchup that a lot of Ryu users been asking for help with. I personally hate this matchup a lot because of its difficulty. Hmm…I would say this is a 6:4 matchup in Bison’s favor due to his mobility (forward dash, walking speed) and variety of special moves allowing him to go to through projectiles.  This used to be one of my worst matchup until Kim1234 bought console and played against each other every night. Kim basically taught me what / when to do or not do against Bison. The key he told me is to “TURTLE” in order to win this match properly. You would never want to approach him just because his scary low short and st.roundhouse kick unless you knock him down.

Ground Game:

Far Range: Bison has several ways to attack Ryu in full screen with or without meter. When Bison is in meterless status, he can only use headstomp to hit you and when he has meter, either headstomp or ex psycho crusher which now absorbs one hit of projectile whenever. Be cautious with those 2 special moves of Bison’s and make good use of this range to throw fireballs to zone Bison. If a Bison ever keeps neutral jumping over your fireball or non-stop devil reverse to build meter, against the neutral jumps, stay in the same place and keep throwing (Bison is not building meter…his neutral jump is meaningless) and against Devil Reverse slowly walk towards him after each fireball to push him in the corner.

Mid Range: Ryu’s max low forward range = dangerous for Ryu. Bison’s scissor kick, st.forward kick and st.roundhouse can stop Ryu from moving at this distance. It is strongly recommended that Ryu users should not try and play footsies against Bison…it’s extremely hard for Ryu to poke Bison with his low forward because Bison would be walking back (Trying to guard) during your approach and since Bison’s walking speed is faster than Ryu’s…basically Ryu’s low forward would whiff unless your footsies are as god like as Daigo’s.

Close Range: Any characters against Bison are DOOMED at this range. Bison with his 3f low short into LK scissor kick can be done in 2 reps at this range and the players are forced to block unless you mash out a SRK like reversal after blocking the first rep (THIS COULD BE BAITED OF COURSE). This range is pretty gay…you can’t really do anything and take the chip damage / throw mixups like a bitch. Guarding properly and throw-teching are really important in this match. Be patient, a.k.a “TURTLE”.


Scissor Kick (Double Knee Press): Low strong can counter this move clean. Short version is safe on block…forward/roundhouse version is punishable on block.

Ex Version: Goes through fireball almost at full screen range. A SRK can beat this move clean and it is punishable on block.

Psycho Crusher: Tatsu/Ex Tatsu and SRK can beat this move and punishable on block unless the tip of the Psycho Crusher hits you.

Ex Version: Same as normal version in ways to counter/punish except its always safe if blocked full screen and it absorbs one hit of projectiles.

Devil Reverse: An early jump strong works well against this move (works with any jump attack). A timed low forward can make this move whiff or use low fierce to beat this move clean.

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Head Stomp: Same as Devil Reverse except substitute low fierce with SRK

Ex Version: Can only beat this move clean unless neutral jump attack or back jump attack. (Back jump without pressing anything also works, then punish)

On Ryu’s Wake Up:

First thing first, there are safe jumps on Ryu and they are both follow by throws.  After a forward or backward throw, a perfectly timed jump fierce makes Ryu’s SRK whiffs.
Any other jump in attacks can be countered by MP SRK except Head Stomps. Other than these attacks, the new mixup that Bison got is the crossup Psycho Crusher on wakeup. Read the list below to avoid getting crossup by it!

Crossup Psyho Crusher:

·         Anti air Jump strong (1 hit) juggle > standing fierce > jab Psycho Crusher
·         After a LK scissor kick knock down > Psycho Crusher (If done instantly)
·         After forward throw > Ex Psycho Crusher
·         After back throw > Ex Psycho Crusher
·         After Ex Psycho Crusher > Immediately follow by another jab Psycho Crusher
·         After a sweep/slide > barely walks back > jab Psycho Crusher

Mind games and Option Selects:

Read the following list just so that you know what OS to do against Bison’s wakeup options.
·         Jump in attack OS SRK (jab is recommended) or any version of Tatsu beats Ex Psycho Crusher/Ex Scissor Kick/Ex HeadStomp/Ex Devil Reverse
·         Jump in attack OS MK/HK of Tatsu besides can hit Bison’s teleport. If you are desperate for a full combo, you can do OS LK tatsu allowing you to land infront of Bison’s teleport or OS forward jump to land combos.
So knowing what you are able to do in order to stop Bison from doing wakeup reversals, once your opponent starts to block on wake up, crossing him up or empty jump throw would work extremely well. Also don’t forget to use EX Tatsu against Bisons, especially the ones who mash on low short, it’s the best tool as a frame trap.

Things to be aware of:

Whenever Bison has you in the corner, you might want to block several loops before taking an action just to analyze your opponent. *TIPS* When Bison got you in the corner, whenever you see a EX Headstomp,  dash forward and full punish. Basically an Ex Headstomp in the corner forces you to have no other options but to take the chip or get hit if attempting to counter it. 
One thing to keep in mind when you are attacking Bison….you would never want to walk in and throw. A character with 3 frame low short / jab would just stop you from walking in therefore attempting to throw would just give away your momentum/life. During footsies range, you might not want to use sweep unless you are fairly sure it’s going to hit, otherwise Bison can punish with a reversal scissor kick on block. Last but not least….run away from BISON!! He can’t do shit nor scary unless he’s close. Watch carefully and once Bison loses his charge, throw a Hadoken to keep him out/make him move.

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  1. you can also walk backwards a bit on headstomp and punish on land, move will tottally wiff if you walk back a litte bit, too i wouldnt be to sure if the recover is instant on this move even too i always land a hit after they wiff maybe they where smashing something.

  2. @kayu what do u mean..? when you are in the corner?!

  3. I think what Kayu is referring to is when you have space to back up, you can walk backwards so that the Head Stomp whiffs.

    In the corner, you can either dash forward, take the chip or hit, like you said, Air.

  4. @Harold ohhh, can't walk back in the corner unless he's doing it on wakeup

  5. After a LK scissor kick knock down > Fierce PC works (has to be done on the first possible frame).

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  7. As for Crossup Psycho:
    J.MP->Cr.MP->Psycho LP/HP = Bison decides Crossup/Non-Crossup
    Scissors LK->Psycho MP or Psycho HP = Crossup/Non-Crossup
    Slide/non-Cross Psycho -> late/deep/early Psycho = Crossup/Non Crossup.
    EX Psycho can be reversal'd (bison has hurtbox on his legs)
    Regular can't if done correctly (bison has no hurtbox on his legs)
    Special Setups
    1 - Deep non-cross Psycho on wakeup can stuff or dodge reversals. They would hit his legs, but he's travelling fast and his legs are unhittable. Reversals fail. Completely safe on block.
    2 - Psychos can be used as fake non-cross. If correcly timed, Reversals will whiff, it's safe on block, and, even if it looks like it's not cross (hits in the face), it MUST be blocked as crossup.

    Works on absolutely every character

  8. @Bruno thx for the info, and i do know about crossup/non-crossup. Players have to see by themselves, i just mentioned those setups can be the crossup ones.

  9. I was just trying to give complete info and be helpful

    sorry D:

  10. @Bruno no need to apologize..i appreciate it. But in my earlier guides i already stated that this is not a baby sitting guide. So don't need to be THAT detailed :)

  11. @Bruno plus people read the comments too, so they now got ur infos :D

  12. thank you very much for all the tips :) very very usefull !
    Keep up the good work.

  13. @kayu: as a Bison player, allow me to point out that we are KEENLY AWARE that walking backwards makes it whiff, and know that our opponents know it too. So we mix it up. If we are using the DR to swoop back away again, all you've done is put yourself closer to the corner. And sometimes if it's an EMPTY DR, we recover much quicker than you expect. I've gotten a lot of throws and counter-punished a lot of attempted punishes that way.

  14. Ive always hated bison. Even since Street fighter 2 hyper. Freakn' cheater!