Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Post

So i finally started my own blog, hopefully you readers enjoy reading my blog :D


  1. hey Air, what's up man? it's 0ShinAkuma0 :P

  2. airgen !! omg omg omg !!!
    u should totally start a youtube page as well tbh
    glad u decided to start a blog :) should be interesting ..even if i dont play ryu( more of a abel/akuma player ) but i enjoy your match quite a lot good luck with your blog/ryu and everything else

    ...just a side note....u should have won vs uryo in a match u gusy played long time ago....was neck and neck but at the end u kinda missed ultra after ex tatsu :((( made me cry that day

    PS sorry for the other comments..failed there...didnt get to read other posts...was pretty much random giberish :P

    best regards,

  3. @adi thx for the compliment but i don't think i will start a youtube page anytime soon because i don't have any recording devices.
    Yah i remember that video, when i tried to do the ultra after the ex tatsu, lag spike right at the moment and the ultra came out late, lol. But it's online not in a tourny, nothing seroius :)