Monday, October 25, 2010

Ryu vs Adon


This is one of the new character's matchup I hate the most as a Ryu player and i am sure all the Ryu players think the same. When a character that can spam safe on blocked moves (jaguar kick and off the wall kick) are pain in the ass. They're hard to counter and they can do free chip damage + push you in the wall for free, on top of these, those moves deal great amount of damage on Ryu. This matchup is a 6:4 Adon's favour if he uses ultra 1 and 5.5:4.5 Adon's favour when it comes to Ultra 2. Adon is such a good character because he has really really good tools on ground, through fireballs, anti air and a special 6frame faster wakeup than anybody in the cast. He's a character that gives no room for his opponent to pull any scrubby game play that forces you to play your best!  

Anti Air:

Adon doesn't have any special jump in normals, so if he ever jumps in to you with any normals, don't need to hesitate to use your srk or low fierce to anti air. Like El Fuerte, Adon has to rely on his special moves to get in Ryu which are also mainly off the ground, therefore excellent anti air is required in this matchup.

Ground Game:

Far Range: This distance is safe to throw fireball, yet, Adon's off the wall kick can go through fireball full screen, however in order for Adon to land this attack on you full screen, he has to do an early off the wall kick before you even throw the fireball.

Mid Range: Adon's low strong and standing roundhouse is his main tools for footsies. Adon's low strong its a pretty fast but not far normal, usually Adon players tend to connects it after a low jab then into jaugar kick for some chip damage + continuing his offense ( this is a good chance to counter his move if you look for it and have fast enough reactions :P). Against Adon focus ( i just learned this North American term instead of using saving <- Jap term) attack is not recommended because Adon's standing roundhouse has 2 hits that can armor break easily (Far st.Fierce can counter Adon's st. roundhouse if timed correctly). His special moves such as off the wall kick and ground jaguar kick also armor breakable. *Whiffed standing roundhouse can be punished by Ryu's low strong (TIMING IS STRICT)*
Adon doesn't really have an answer to Ryu's low forward at this range, so don't fear to use his normal more to pressure him.

Close Range: Adon has some safe and far poke strings and a farely far kara throw. On the other hand, Adon doesn't have a really good or deadly frame trap, so don't be afraid to mash on low jabs while you are guarding his poke strings.

Mind games and Option Select:

Pain in the ass! This is the only character in the whole cast that you can't do any safe jumps or vortex on because of his BROKEN ASS 6f faster wakeup! So does that mean Ryu players should not even try to do anything on his wakeup? The answer is NO!, luckily to the readers i do have some strategies to share on what to do on his wakeup that usually works ( for me... ). After you land a SRK, if the Adon players do a tech wakeup, Ryu can do an immediate low forward into fireball which usually hits. Why?! Majority of the Adon players are not aware of their fast wakeup, therefore usually after a tech wakeup they just hold back so they can get out of everything situation. In this case your low forward hits.
Another thing you can do is, forward throw hold up forward jump right away and follow up with a foward kick, if it's done right ( this allows you to catch up on his 6f wakeup ), this should be really hard for the Adon player to do a properly uppercut.
Option select.....i think sweep OS is the only OS you can do on Adon right now...

On My Wakup:

Backdash is probably the safest thing to do if you don't want to do any risky moves. Using srk to AA Adon's vortexes is pretty risky since smart Adons can bait your Srk with an air jaguar kick on your wakeup. On top of that, Adon's neutral jump roundhouse seems to be a safe jump ( sometimes i can get a trade srk...never clean...and it does not worth to lose those life )


Jaguar kick: This is the one of the hardest move to punish in the game IMO. Even if you are fast enough to react to it, sometimes it tends to trade with your normals or SRK and it can deal a chunk of your life. Answer to this move is fast reflex with perfect timed SRK ( DUH!!!! )....yah....and an early far standing fierce and standing roundhouse can also stop this move.
Against this move....suprisingly, backdash can get out of his HK version Jaguar kick and allows u to punish with low forward > whatever.

Air Jaguar kick: This move has lesser priority than the ground version one. Srk and low fierce can beat this move perfectly. Moreover, YES!!! Focus attack works against this move! ( Air version is not armor breakable )

Ex Jaguar kick: Ex version can go through fireball clean, armor breakable PLUS it's an overhead ( WTF!!! BROKEN!!! ) To counter the ex version, tools you use are exactly the same as the normal version but you do need a bit faster reflexes..... :D

Jaguar Tooth: For Adon, this move is safe on block, so there's nothing much you can do if you blocked this move. To counter this move, once you see him jump off the wall, just whiff out a jab srk and it can beat it clean. Even if he uses other versions of Jaguar tooth and you whiffed your srk, don't worry, he has to land and won't be able to harm you :)

Ex Jaguar Tooth: Same thing, but fasterr, nothing scary.

*Once you see him climb off the wall, do Ultra 1, whichever version of Jaguar kick will get hit by it. Free chance to land ultra :)*

Against Ultra 1:

This ultra can go through fireballs full screen like Chun li's but not a charged move ( BROKEN!!! ). So beware of his ultra gauge and make sure you don't throw those reckless fireballs :)

Against Ultra 2:

This is an AA ultra that Adon can combo off from his uppercut.  So yah...uhhh...don't jump or get hit then you can avoid being hit by this ultra... :)

Things to be aware of:

Adon's Jaguar kick is the most scary and dangerous move. Adon players tend to abuse this move the most since it's hard to punish and it can do pretty good damage. According to my own experience, most of the Adons will use Jaguar kick after the following situations.

When they are under pressure by fireball when he has no ex meters and by low forward, Adon would usually use this move to try to get out of pressure.

Another situation is when Adon does a standing roundhouse and you happen to block it, they will try to use Jaguar kick to get closer and apply pressure again.

THIS SITUATION HAPPEN THE MOST!! After a tech throw...they will use roundhouse version Jaguar me..they will. Right after a tech throw, you can mash on far st.fierce or st.roundhouse, whichever you prefer.

When you are in the corner, jumping backward roundhouse can be a good escape + punish sometimes when Adon has no ex meters. Even though if he has no meters, can't rely jumping backwards all the time.

P.S. Any version of Jaguar kick in any situation, Ryu's Ultra 1 is the BEST punish. Make sure Ryu players out there don't forget to use it.

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  1. I do not know this matchup too well and i often lose to Adon. If there's something wrong or advises, comments are welcome. Other than that, enjoy reading and hope you guys can learn from my post.

  2. I do know all these aspects and play exactly the same as you do air :)

    But you should know you can beat Adons with Ryus far s.hp if timed correctly.
    And what i also use far to poke Adon in mid Range cause most Adon players will sometimes run into it!

    But great read for Ryu players who didnt have a clue in this Matchup.

    Please write the Boxer and Ryu Matchup soon I have a tournament this weekend :)

  3. Can't say thanks enough for this and hopefully you don't mind me republishing this like the adon one :)

    I didn't see you mention anything about beating Adon's Jaguar tooth..

    In my experience, if you do it early enough, you'll be all of his jaguar tooths cleanly except the EX one which trades.

    I second the Balrog match up too :)

  4. O wow, infos i didn't know at all. Glad i wrote up this matchup. I do know about st.hp beating Adon's

    And i promised one of the fan about writing up the viper match up next...but you are having a tournament soon.......hmm...i will see if i can spare time to write up both!

  5. Sup Air, this is KillerKai. I had a couple of ranked mirror matches with you a few days ago (as Halfmanhafamazn). Awesome blog. I'd just like to add, that you CAN safe jump Adon. Just not conventionally (so you can't do the normal one off a sweep). You can safe jump him off of throws though. You just have to do it earlier. I should also add that an empty jump in off a counter hit sweep is safe. Most Adon players will try to rising jaguar that. For the ones that do, I usually use ultra 2 specifically for that situation =). Keep up the good work. And also I would like to request the matchup vs. Dhalsim (specifically a Filipino champ dhalsim lol). Losing to him twice in a tourney this weekend was a drag.

  6. Oh yeah, one more thing. You can't option select Adon at all, even w/ a successful safe jump

  7. safe jump? are you sure? sure jump with what? i tested it and it never worked at all Unless your safe jump= empty jump..

  8. You cant safejump Adon! 100% sure of it. The only method ist to emptyjump after a forward throw like air mentioned in his blog entry.

    I forgot to say thanks. Thank you Air!
    Great blog and keep it coming. Awesome job you are doing here.
    Hope you can write up the Boxer Matchup in time :)

  9. Oh I am damn sure. Slick626 and myself tested it with a jump in fierce and roundhouse. Rising Jaguar has a 5 frame startup I believe, which means it is possible to safe jump in on. If you want a visual idea of it, I believe a correctly time safe jump roundhouse should connect on Adon's abdomen area (or possibly chest level. I don't remember the character specific, i just have a feel for the timing).

  10. Screw it, i'll just post a vid later. Btw, Mike Ross and Shady K told me that they would love to get some games w/ you online some time.

  11. I guess i have to test it out again someday :)
    Yah Shady K added me but not Mike Ross. And yah, tell them i would like to have games with them too ^^

  12. another of the thigs i use agains adons with any character is if they are far away from you and you bait a ground jaguar kick is "jumpback HP" you will land a free combo if you dont have a ultra do it all the time with makoto and ryu against adons it will teach em not to do those a lot.

  13. Hmm a vid would be cool.
    I´ve tested it a lot so im pretty sure you cant save jump adon after a sweep. But i really hope im wrong :)

    @ Kayu
    you mean jumpback hp beats all jaguar kicks? all version? or did i get it wrong?

  14. I think safe jump is possible after a forward throw...i only pulled out empty jumps but not safe jumps after a sweep.

    @Kayu sorry, i didn't really catch what you mean about the jump back fierce, might be really useful info there, mind rewording it?!

  15. sorry for the delay, sorry got confused on the movement i meant jaguar tooth, the jaguar kick can still be canceled at start up(yeah just logged into the game and read the name of the moves hahah)you just need to be expecting it or have goldy reactions, sorry about the confusion.

  16. why ryu players complain so much about jaguar kick? this move is annoying for almost the entire cast, but ryu players talk like this is bad just for them, at least ryu have his shoryuken which will beat jaguar kick in the perfect timing, some chars have to block that all day with no answer at all.

  17. and his quick wake up is also bad for everyone

  18. well noob some characters have better priority on their normals like makotos S.MP that can bassically stop jaguar kick XD ryu doesnt have much like that.

  19. @noob we are complaining cause we are ryu players

  20. haha you are so right. because we are ryu players!

    kakatte koi ;)

  21. Hey air. for adon's jaguar tooth, you can punish that with standing short or jab and it beats him clean in the air if time correct and it resets him. if not then it trades. i dont think many adon and ryu players know that. you can do it right when you see make contact with the wall. i think its better than trying to do srk. i hope that kinda helps out.

  22. hey, air. do you know how to beat mokoto?