Monday, October 25, 2010

Oct 25, 2010

Took an hour to design the blog ( now i actually care cause i realized there are readers out there ).
Tell me what you guys think about my new layout and the logo that was designed by my friend, his Sf handle is NaGoo.


  1. Great to finally see your blog, Air. Even better coz it fulls of Ryu's strategy. I am so bumped that they keep nerfing Ryu. This blog will come in handy for us, Ryu mainers.

    R u planning to go back to Japan again anytime soon?

    Al Muunihito

  2. Good layout. It's nice and efficient.

    For your next matchups, could you explore Boxer or Viper? I would love to read what you think.



  3. Cool design but i kinda dont like the white color background for the text parts.

    And yes for the AE version Ryu gets a nerf that really pisses me of... less active frames i mean come on its his only poke and he got enough nerfs from sf4 to ssf4 so why?

    I really hope this will not become a useless poke. Boxer didnt get the nerfs he needed its just frustrating if you ask me.

    What do you guys think of ryus nerfs for the AE?

  4. That is a really sick logo dude. Really creative.

    Would you mind covering the Guile matchup in your next update? There is something about the Ryu v. Guile matchup that just feels in Guile's favor. Keep going strong and take care.

  5. I am actually writing up the Balrog matchup right now. And i just got another new logo, this one should be better.

    And Kenshiraux...Ryu vs Guile matchup ..i would say 6.5:3.5 Guile's favour. In SSF4 Guile is way way too strong. Zoning can catch up on Ryu...Ultra 2 has almost no recovery great amount of damage...great normals...even scrubby Guile gives me trouble.

  6. @aldyk314 I don't think i will go back to Japan anytime. Even if i do, it will just be a vacation. I belong in Canada :), i only went there to study and i already finished my studying

  7. I'm still waiting to see what you have to say about Ryu's footsies. My footsies are okay, better than most of the people in the scene I think, but they could be better.

    And SSFIV Guile is stupid. Sonic Boom builds meter too fast, he's not supposed to be able to beat Ryu in a fireball war.