Thursday, November 4, 2010

Air vs ShadyK

Some casuals with ShadyK. He's the best Akuma I've played since i came back to North America.


  1. Hi Air, love your blog. Just a quick question.
    When you do the jump in option select hurricane kick to catch Akuma's teleport, how do you get it to go the right direction consistently? When I do it my hurricane kick often ends up going the opposite way the teleport is going. Is it a timing thing?

  2. @turdpolish if you are going to the opposite way, that means your timing is off. I assume you did it a bit too late. Hit up training mode and do it earlier

  3. Thank you very much Air, and GL at Canada Cup!

  4. looked like you lowered your hitbox with low forwardaround 0:30 in order to avoid the dive kick on your wakeup. is that right? is it a good idea to use low forward on wakeup to avoid demon flip mixup?