Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Air vs Alex Valle

Played Alex Valle a Ft10 Casuals. Thought i can put this as an example of the "Fundamental part 1" from both me and Valle. Anyhow, it's a mirror match, that means risk and suprise attacks are required.

1:37 is where I called reading skills. Great read by Valle

9:03 is where i mentioned NO RISKY fireballs when you are in a comfortable lead and think before you throw it. And yep, i did it, FUCK ME!
*Angel's Voice* "It's ok Air, everybody makes mistakes"


  1. *Angel's Voice* "It's ok Air, everybody makes mistakes" - lmfao

  2. It's OK Air, everybody makes mistakes. ;)

    BTW, it was more like 9:15, not 9:03.