Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ryu vs C.Viper


Though this is an even match up (5:5), I would consider saying that instead of the matchup, you need to know your player better. Viper is more like a free style character especially when it’s against Ryu. Different Vipers reacts differently in certain situations. For example, when do a jump in attack…when they mash on burning kicks…how aggressive/ defensive she is…frame trap based or more on the vortex side..a lot to think when facing against her. In this guide I will briefly explain what you CAN do and CANNOT do against her.

Ground Game:

Far Range: Viper can take pretty good control at this range by using fake seismo to make you hesitate with fireballs. Observe carefully and if it is a seismo, Ryu can punish with Air hurricane kick or a ground roundhouse version hurricane kick.

Mid Range: Viper doesn’t have much footsies, so this is a pretty comfortable range for Ryu to poke with low forward. However, becareful for Ex seismo and Viper’s forward roundhouse kick (6hk, a 2 hit kick) does beat Ryu’s low forward clean, so beware. This is also a good range to throw fireball because it is hard to react to. 

Close Range: When you get in this range…ALL Vipers will mash on burning kick to get out of poke strings and throws. Without a doubt it is a cheap jail break, but it is counter-able with fast reaction with SRK.

On Ryu’s Wakeup:

The most common mix ups are crossup/non-crossup Burning Kicks. As a matter of fact, this doesn’t bother Ryu too much on wake up if you can time your low forward perfectly to lower you body and evade the kick. This also allows you to punish/forces your opponent to block or tech (No matter what it’s in your favour). Good Vipers would know about this trick, therefore they would probably mix it up with the followings….
  •          Jump forward roundhouse -> combo/burning kick
  •          Jump forward short > burning kick
  •          Over head
  •          Ex Seismo
  •          Throw

*Note* There might be more mixups that I am missing…..

However, besides the jump ins, everything from ground is not scary nor works on Ryu. Let me explain….so first..whenever you do a low forward on a wake up, you would do it in this command ( This option select allows you to tech on wake up (Make sure you read my Fundamental guides if you don’t understand how this technique works), wake up low forward beats Ex Seismo and you might get hit by an overhead which does no damage.


Thunder Knuckles: Can be beat by Mp SRK

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Burning Kick: All the normals that hit high and any version of SRK. Can use low forward to make this move whiffs *timing is strict*

Ex Version: Same as normal version + as long as you are in crouching position, this move whiffs.

Aerial Burning Kick: Low fierce,  LP SRK/MP SRK and using low forward to make this move whiffs.

Ex Version: AH…I don’t know..never got hit by this out of a combo…………….

Seismo: ANYTHING!!

Ex Version: Standing roundhouse, any version SRK, low jabs (low attack into any OS)

Against Ultra 1:

This Ultra’s start up is quick slow and it’s usually used in combos. Although it can also be used as AA, so yah..don’t jump J

Against Ultra 2:

This Ultra starts up fast and it’s usually used as a DIVE KICK.  As long as Ryu doesn’t throw reckless fireballs…I don’t know how Viper can land this besides from a combo…

Mind games and Option Select:

For a jump in attack OS, use fierce SRK which can beat all of her wake up options. And on ground wise, OS sweep would be the best choice because the only thing to worry about is his thunder knuckle. Standing roundhouse also beats Ex seismo clean, 2 hit also can hit Viper’s backdash, trades with thunder knuckles (Viper does not have time to juggle into any special moves/ultra) and can also beat burning kicks. By all means, only concern is a wakeup Ultra.
Similar to Chun Li when it comes to mind games. Mixup your safe jump OS with crossup jump ins and don’t forget crossup hurricane kick into super (if you have super meter)
There is also a little trick that you can do on Vipers wake up, a perfectly timed meaty low forward.
This trick allows you to shut down all her wake up options besides Ultra 1.

·         Makes reversal uppercut Thunder knuckle whiffs
·         Block reversal Ex Seismo
·         Block reversal Burning Kicks

Things to be aware of:

Vipers can do pretty nasty frame traps like dashing forward instant Burning kicks/ Ex Sesimo and a delayed low fierce in Ex Sesimo. You got to look at her gauges and analyze to predict what her next move is on your and her own wakeup. In my opinion with this match up, I would rather take the throw and reset the situation like I mentioned before in my fundamental guides. Furthermore, Viper does have “not so great footsies” but her forward roundhouse kick can beat Ryu’s low forward clean. So beware and in this case, substitute your poke with low strong.

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And Merry X'Mas!!


  1. I guess I'll be the first to comment and it's a nice guide I must say. I personally don't really know much about the match up but only what you know like close footsies out-prioritizing vipers and to be wary of Ex-Seismo's and feint's of course BUT I'm not so sure of crouch OS with low forward. I feel that would get grabbed ALOT or counter-hit dependent upon of course of 2 things. 1. The ryu player mashing crouch tech's and the skill level of Viper. I play viper secondary to guile and I've grabbed the players who have mostly teched with forward as opposed to low strongs plenty of times. Another thing I was going to say was that if your used to doing that now and they nerf that normal. Your pretty much fucked. lol. BTW I did a double post of this comment thinking the first time was it was here lmao. sorry

  2. I didn't really clarify much on what I said but the reason I do is because low forward comes out on that OS and it's weird because you don't have to be directly on top of ryu to grab him on that wake up os otherwise ryu would tech but I know in ryu's case that is used to stop ex-seismos but with a slight delay from viper and your low forward coming out it is possible to get grabbed out of it easily. Low forward is kinda weird with its throw box or something. I don't have exact frame data and shit but from what I've seen it get's grabbed out of it's start up from awkward distances. Character dependent possibly? Anyway Idk what else to say after that, haha.

  3. Great Guide!! Gonna read it very carefully...
    Have been having a lot of difficulty against Viper n Rose lately.

    So Hopefully Rose is next lol

    Thanks so much, Air!

    Greatly appreciated...

  4. @Kevin hm...i don't think you really understand this OS tech. So basically, if you time this right, either YOU TECH IF they throw you or YOUR whatever your higher priority normal is will come out instead of having low short.

    @aldyk thx for supporting all the time

  5. Hi Air, Merry Christmas.
    I have a quick non-Viper related question.

    I have seen Ryu players like Valle punish opponents with a hurricane kick when they try to backdash after blocking Solar Plexus Strike (F+HP).

    Is this an option select or simply a smart guess? If it is an option select, how do you input it??

    I've searched around for information about this specific situation but haven't found any.

    Thanks very much in advance! Am a big fan of your Ryu and your blog.


  6. Hello Air and Merry Christmas !
    I also have big problems against c.vipers and this blog that you posted is a great help to focus or careful measures that you can take against her.

    What i experienced that if c.viper mashes alot of burning kicks, that most of them do. I use my focus attack level 2 or some times level 3. and if u judge it right, can give you clean ground to do the damage.
    What i get trroubled with most of the times is, the crossup and non crossup burning kicks. But after reading your blog i will alter my plan if she is in close range, specially in corners where she is very dangerous.

  7. @Mutton its just a guess, not any crazy OS :) thx for support

    @MircoNuke Merry Xmas and I am glad the guide helped you

  8. @Air I do understand, what I'm trying to say is that os can be grabbed. His low forward can be grabbed on startup if the opposing viper delays the grab lol.

  9. @Air But not that it is a bad os because it pokes her out of an ex seismo anyway lol. I'm just saying for grabs. I'm gonna guess you'd rather takes 2 or 3 overheads consecutively rather than ex seismo burn kick ultra and keep on pressing os with low forward just to avoid that lol.

  10. @Kevin and's just an option for wakeup, u can mix it up with SRK or backdash of course.

  11. Ah I see. Thanks Air for clearing that up! Good luck at West Coast Warzone. I think soon you will be one of the last Ryus left standing which is a shame in my opinion.

  12. @Muttonhead Thx and god damn I like your display picture lol

  13. @air great guide so far. as a viper player i think i can add one more thing: if you throw fireballs at midrange, always choose the light version. reason is that even if the viper has great reactions or anticipates the fireball correctly, it is almost impossible to ex-seismo through it because it moves so slow. in the same situation, a fierce fb would end in a combo with knockdown or ultra in worst case. hope this helps. keep up the good work, air! greetings from germany