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Ryu vs Akuma


No doubt this is an even matchup, and there's nothing scary about Akuma unless you get knocked down. When you are down, that's when you need to fear about Akuma's deadly vortex. Therefore, against Akuma, say this to yourself "Don't get knocked down, don't get knocked down............". Other then that, just worry about how to keep Akuma out and land whatever damage you can.

Ground Game

Far Range: Like any other characters, don't hesitate to throw fireballs to build meters and make your opponents move. Though, if Akuma has a meter, his Ex Demon Flip setups do go full screen, so throw fireballs wisely and try to bait his Ex Demon Flips.

Mid Range: THIS RANGE IS DANGEROUS! All Akumas would spam sweep at this range whether it hits or not. Akumas are pretty desperate for that knock down. Generally Akuma does have better footsies than it's not really smart to try and outplay Akuma with footsies. Though as a counter of Akuma's sweep, you can do a level 2 focus attack or focus through his sweep and punish. *Do remember if Akuma has ultra he can sweep cancel into Raging Demon which can kills you focus"
Another strong normal Akuma usually uses is his far standing roundhouse that consist of 2 hits. However if this normal hits you from too close, the 2nd hif of the roundhouse whiffs if you are in crouching position. Ryu can punish with whatever after whiff, but beware, Akumas can cancel the 2hit into Raging Demon. In my opinion, the safest punish is to use MP version SRK that can also beat Akuma's ultra clean.

Close Range: Nothing too good of Akuma at this range...however he does have a pretty far KARA throw. On top of that, Akumas with 2 or more meters would usually frame trap with a HP SRK, so beware of that as well.


Air Fireball: Super/Ultra/Ex SRK or dash forward sweep for a trade.

Ex version: Same as normal version except you can block the first fireball and at the last moment where Akuma is dropping down, you can do a MP SRK to go through the 2nd fireball + hitting Akuma.(Timing and spacing is strict!!)

Fireball: Hurricane kick, super and Ultra.

Ex Version: Same as normal version.

Red Fireball: Hurricane kick. For super and ultra wise, the Red Fireball has to be about to hit you b4 you can counter it because of it's three hits.

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Shoryuken: Non of Ryu's normal version SRK beats Akuma's. As a result, only EX SRK can beat Akuma's normal SRKs.

Ex Version: Sadly, nothing of Ryu's can win against this move.

Hurricane Kick: Anything but fireballs.

Ex Version: Same as normal version (Punishable with sweep by walking forward abit or Super)

Demon Flip Dive Kick: SRK trades , Ex SRK can beat it clean. Best counter is hit him air to air or low fierce.

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Demon Flip Splash/Throw: Same as the dive kick except normal version SRK can beat it clean.

Ex Version: Same as the normal one

Super: His super is like Raging Demon except it's stronger. Also normal cancelable plus hits you instantly. Therefore you have to jump out BEFORE the super comes out, by all have to guess when your opponent is going to land this move.

Against Ultra 1: Do not randomly jump or use focus attacks assuming your opponent is ready to land this on you at any situations. When Raging Demon misses you, best is to jump back and punish with low forward > combo. Punishing this move with SRK does work nevertheless there is still a sight risk of getting grabbed by it unless you are using the ex SRK.

Against Ultra 2: No experience against this Ultra yet.

On Ryu's Wakeup:

*If you are having trouble blocking or getting away from his mixups, read this section carefully*
Akuma needs a certain setups in order to land certain mixups. Below I will make a list of his mixups that I know of. (Take the list as a reference, nothing is guarateed because each Akuma has their own setups and playstyle. Please don't come to me telling me that whoever you played did not land the mixup like i listed)

Crossup Hurricane Kicks
·                     Usually after a sweep.
·                     After you get thrown by Demon Flip Grab, Akuma will dash forward twice
·                     After a forward throw, Akuma dashes forward tiwce
*You can use Ryu's low forward to lower his body making this move to whiff.*

Crossup Air Fireball
·                     After a Demon Flip Grab/Splash, following a TK air fireball.
·                     This usually doesn't crossup even though it looks like one. Have yourself crouching block the air fireball which makes the fireball harder to crossup (Works the same against Ibuki's Kunai). You can also focus dash out of the air fireball with risk if you don't want to block (Same goes with Ibuki's Kunai.)

Demon Flip Grab/Splash
·                     After a sweep, a delayed demon flip > splash/grab.
·                     After you get hit by demon splash or grab, backdash > immediately another demon flip
·                     Untechable knocked down in the corner, whiffs a standing fierce punch, demon flip
·                     Backthrow, delayed demon flip
·                     Sweep, delayed demon flip

Demon Flip Dive Kick:
·                     After a sweep, immediate Demon flip dive kick (in this setup, you can trade with a MP SRK or beats it with EX SRK)
·                     Any combo into LP SRK > FADC > 3 hits Red Fireball > (Ryu quickwakeup) Demon Flip Dive kick (this will beat any of your wakeup moves
·                     Backthrow, instant Demon Flip Dive Kick (Will beat all of your wakeup moves but however you can forward dash to get out on wakeup.*Akuma can OS sweep*)
·                     Forward throw, dash forward Demon Flip Dive kick (tradable with MP SRK)
·                     Demon Flip Dive Kick right after a Demon grab or splash are also tradable with MP SRK.

Normal Dive Kick:
·                     Usuallly after a sweep
·                     When you are cornered to make a fake crossup.

Corner Neutral Jump Air fireball mixups:
Akuma can do this after any kinds of knock downs in the corner. They then will throw an air fireball which Ryu is forced to block,(Nothing can hit Akuma at this point...ex SRK will be blocked) and these are mixups Akuma can do.
·                     Forward Jump Short that's an ambitgious crossup (never crosses up)
·                     Forward Jump Forward (crosses up)
·                     Empty Jump landing in FRONT hitting low into combo
·                     Empty Jump landing behind you hitting low into combo

Unblockable Setup:
 *When Ryu is in or near the corner, forward throw with Akuma. Immediately dash forward twice and do crossup jump forward = an unblockable kick.* (This setup only works on Ryu, Ken and Akuma I believe...)

Mind games and Option Select:

Option Selects that Ryu can do on Akuma is limited due to his teleport and SRK. Mixup overhead....a crossup tatsu....that's it..i think..? OS wise...after a knock down, you can do a jump in attack OS roundhouse TATSU..when the last hit hits, follow up with a fierce SRK. And uhhh...........ummmm......OS sweep...and the Fireball OS against teleport on ground. (Read fundamental part 5)

Things to be aware of:

When Akuma is being pressured by Hadokens, he will keep trying to move around like throwing air fireballs hoping those will hit you so that they can reposition himself...or they would do demon flips trying to go over your fireballs...or simply just jump in on you. Basically that's the strategy when it comes to Ryu vs Akuma. Pressure him, make him move and try to counter everything he does. On the other hand, if an Akuma is pressing you by zoning you out, you can jump at him trying to land combo once or twice just to give a message to your opponent that YOU would actually jump. This message will then forces him to hesitate on his fireballs and this is when YOU start to zone.
Also, a couple more things to keep in mind that when you are in a huge lead on life...don't jump in! One Raging Demon can probably cost you the game! And last but not least, don't try to uppercut all his jump ins due to possibility of bait tatsu or change of whiffing your SRK against Demon Flip Dive kicks. As mentioned above earlier, use low fierce at these situations.

Alright, so as usual, questions or comments are welcomed here or my facebook page.


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  2. Thx dude I play against Perfect Legend at our bi-weekly ranbats here in MI and I have trouble with the vortex.

    By the way could you upload your saved replay of you vs Vangief from top 16, its not on the archived video of EVO Online

  3. Thanks for a lot for the matchup breakdown Air, it's great to hear an Amazing Ryu player's thoughts on this matchup (I main Akuma).

  4. Air, this post is great.I appreciate the time you put into this blog.
    you should make these match-ups a category link.
    Also, you kinda did this on Guilie match-up where mentioned what normal beats what, and these are the things that we want to know. with the right timing and distance, some of Ryu's normals can shut a lot of other chars' special moves.

    I personally wanted to know a normal to shut adon's jugar kicks! expecting it with SRK is kind of hard.
    So please try to address these if possible, and if you could reply to my adon's question.
    THanks !!

  5. thx everyone. @Nick hmm...against Adon's jaguar kicks...low fierce/st.fierce or st.roundhouse. I am pretty sure i mentioned that @ Adon's guide ^^..

  6. nice read, much needed since I just got hammered at espot by an akuma player a few days ago lol, couldn't deal with his fire ball + demon flip gimmicks

  7. thx for this post. Little offtop. Are you double tapping?

  8. My crossup air-fireball (post U1 or demon flip palm) USUALLY crosses up. If akuma lands on the other side, it crossed up and you must block the opposite direction (assuming he did it correctly too.)

    Good write up, good general knowledge. Regarding the fireball trapping in the corner, Akumas tend to rely on air tatsu (T_T....) or flip, or teleport too much to escape pressure but he literally has every tool Ryu has. Given that Ryu's fireball cools 1 frame slower (not the EX), don't doubt that Akuma won't j.HK you if you were locked in his position. One of my bad habits is relying on flip kicks (which come out much slower) than j.HK for pressure and jumpins.

    Predicting demon flip palm super is usually pretty difficult to do, in my experience as Akuma and vs. Akuma. If you jump back in anticipation, early demon flip palm OS Super will knock you back down without Super coming out, giving Akuma another free knockdown setup. If you block palm OS super, super doesn't come out. If you backdash, you get Supered. If you stand still, you get supered. What I mean is that an Akuma with Super is a big metagame and great Akumas are usually very keen about spending their meter elsewhere so this is rarely seen outside of online.

    Still, Air's excellent and probably knows all of this already. Good tips.

  9. Air, what about an option select for when Akuma teleports? I've tried using a jump in but inputting hurricane kick so it follows Akuma's teleport. Would that be a decent option select, or is that risky now because of Ultra 2?

  10. @Javier I did mentioned at option select part..i just didn't specify the tatsu following teleport. But the option covers both backdash n teleport :)

  11. Obviously akuma's U2 is the answer to option select punishes for teleport, but you also need to guess which direction he ports to. And if he ports behind you, you cannot OS input the tatsu to tatsu backwards...

  12. Thanks air,..
    ans marry x-mas to YOU!