Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Youtube Channel

So Arcade Edition has been released in Japan...and this is where you get to see all the exclusive videos from JAPAN which nobody one else would have.

No videos at the moment, but I am sure Kim1234 will have them uploaded soon

Make sure you guys subscribe :)


  1. That pleases that you created this channel guys impatient to discover the news by hoping that you will not leave Ryu as less whether he is really too much nerfed and still lol
    I still need a little of help especially for the match ups Fei long, Rose and Cammy who are for me the most difficult versus for Ryu and who go apparently even more according to Daigo (I think especially of Fei long)
    Thanks for your advice and continue like that guy you make a good job Bye
    PS: Can't wait the videos lol

  2. good job air ...thanx 4 da heads up !
    im gonna go subb now

  3. Thx guys, I've heard about Ryu from friends in Japan. He's basically same as he is right now since everybody is nerfed and Ryu's Lp SRK can trade Ultra 80%. I will try out other characters but I doubt I will ditch Ryu :). Keep supporting!

    Hopefully I can raise enough fund and attend Evo Japan next year then I can capture more videos myself and elaborate on my skills about Ryu.

  4. thx for this channel so much win!