Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Posting next guide after Evo Online

So according to the poll, Akuma won the next guide's vote.....and I have it written already. However I wouldn't post until the Evo Online is over....incase there's Akuma in the tournament...they'll know how i think and counter them etc.
As apology, I will post the first two winner, Akuma and Viper after Evo Online is over. Stay tuned~


  1. Yay!! finally Viper match up...
    Can't wait!!

    BTW All the best for the EVO online
    Go get'em, Air!!

  2. I just came across your site from eventhubs. Great resource :)

    Do you know of any other players running a similar site that helps out players trying to level up? (other than the obvious big sites, i mean more like a personal page like yours)

    Thanks and good luck @ evo online

  3. @dommafia I don't think so..I think i am the only right now that I know of.. :)..