Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My thoughts on Dhalsim's AE changes!!!!!


Normal Moves

• Down-Back + Crouching Medium Punch has faster startup and less recovery time. Now this combo is possible, Down-Back + Crouching Medium Punch 2x into EX Yoga Flame.

Special Moves

• Faster startup time on the EX Yoga Flame, making it comboable from Medium Punch and Kick normal moves. Damage was reduced from 180 down to 120.


• Yoga Inferno (Super) damage was reduced to 300, down from 350.


• During back dash, airborne frame comes immediately after invincibility frames end.


• We looked through his damage again, and as a result he was nerfed a bit, but there are changes beneficial to Dhalsim in other parts of his game. He has a huge diversity between a good match-up and a terrible match-up, but he has strong potential in himself.

For people who haven't read this, I was actually quite pissed and disappointed. They didn't do shit to Dhalsim, those nerfs aren't even nerfs....I would say he's actually buffed! It's already a 7:3 match up......and it seems like it's gonna be worst in Arcade Edition since Ryu is NERFED again..7.5:2.5 matchup ...?? The game is releasing in two days in Japan...I guess Capcom does not realize Dhalsim's potential? 
O well...it's too late to complain to Capcom now....

GOoooo Capcom!!


  1. so are you going to change a character? Daigo is changing to Ken after that nerfs

  2. lol yeah I agree with you man, those aren't really nerfs at all. The super damage reduction is alright but everything else... ugh. I was hoping they would nerf some of his pokes in terms of active frames or add more recovery or something.

  3. EX Yoga Flame down 60. Super down 50. Maybe they've done some hitbox nerfs? Would be nice.

  4. wow they actually made him more annoying lol
    good job capcom u really kno what the ppl want (being sarcastic)

  5. I might change character....I'll see how Ryu is in AE...tbh...since it became SSF4 from vanilla, there's barely any Ryu when I was in Japan...everybody changed...

  6. Didn't you say before that you like using mid and low tier characters? Why are you changing Ryu then? He'll be mid tier in the worst cases.

  7. Totally agreed with HAX. if you like to use mid tier characters ( as you said during the interview @ Kenzo's channel on Youtube ), Ryu is the best choice of them all.

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  9. if i were u i'll be happy cuz i'm gonna prove it to the ppl that i can win with my char even if he's got nerf "NO PAIN NO GAIN"

  10. u guys are right, but i think Ryu will have too much bad matchups..i like char with less bad matchups and not too strong...but Ryu in ae...i dunno ~

  11. this change is ridiculous becouse why they didnt reduced the damage on other character like rouse. capccom is ironing dhalsim more and more making me and every sim players dont play hin any more :(