Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Los Angeles Day 5: Westcoast Warzone Final Day

Final Day:

Woke up, made sure I had enough sleep for the tourney. Got up, showered and dressed made sure I was pretty for the stage and the stream :). When I was ready for my appearance, I went down to the venue. The setups were completely different because it's final. There weren't any causals setups anymore which I really liked because everybody had to focus on the finals.

Final day of the venue

Another picture of the venue

Perhaps we were a bit early...nothing has been started yet. Apparently it was some kinda 5 on 5 starting soon..then Fchamp told me that I am on his 5 on 5 team....I was like HUH!? Why..then he's like there's plane ticket on the line, immediately i replied "I AM DOWN!"
Sadly, people were complaining because this is suppose to be a SOCAL vs NORCAL...and of course they wouldn't let a Canadian join...so I took use of the time to eat that Wilson got for me. (FUCKING WENDYS AGAIN!)
After I ate, I was told that teams/singles won't start until a couple hours later..then I was told about IIPERU's MM room...right away I crashed into his room n FUCKED HIM UP!! Beat his Fuerte then he wanted to run it back with Dudley....while it was one set away...Wilson messaged me and rushed my ass saying that the team is starting RIGHT NOW. I then left the last set till later and rushed back down to the venue. I had no idea why we're facing Kai/Keno/VicdaSlick's team again when we already put them into losers.....anyways, we couldn't beat them...(My team was Fchamp/Vangief/Me incase somebody doesn't know)..it seems like our team was choking or just can't perform properly...we all missed links or loss the way we shouldn't...sorry Fchamp n Vance :(.
Shortly after the teams (THE TEAMS WERE STILL NOT OVER YET)...it was the legendary MM of MvC2..Neo vs ClockWork..HOLY SHIT by the time I knew there was a side bet on this shit, THE MM already started and fuck yah I was rooting for NEO (I know nothing about MvC2 or any of these players...just somehow I was sitting on where Neo's side was...) and yes..he WON AND I DIDN'T BET ON THIS SHIT. ARGGGGGGGG!!!

Socal VS Norcal
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 MM
Though I didn't know what the hell was going on, I just saw hella combos and characters flying all over the screen...but it was hype! The crowd went NUTS and I loved the atmosphere :). 

Finally single has started....watching the matches while waiting for my turn. Shortly I was called up against Juicebox....first set I beat Juicebox so easily...then 2nd set taking first round and it was my game point..and don't know how..I still lost to him :(. Was pretty satly and nobody was on my side (I guess when it comes to their home land, they just chant for their people, who gives a fuck about a Canadian :P )..everybody was chanting for Juicebox...maybe that gave him the power for the comeback. So yep..got put into losers...and my confident just went to ZERO. 
Alright, it was time to play Ed Ma...I beat his Akuma without a problem..then people were saying "USE JURI, HE DOESN'T KNOW THE MATCHUP" ...then he switched to Juri...I was like "Oh shit...people are damn right, I know nothing about the matchup..." I had no idea what I was suppose to do in this matchup and sadly I got eliminated by Ed Ma. (His fundamentals are mad good btw..)
Went back to my seat and I was really upset...felt sorry for the people in my country because I was the only Canadian who made out of the pool + I was out as a winner (ARGGG, FUCK ME)...watched the whole tourney and congratz to Ricky. People started to leave the venue and then the TOP 3 team tourney starts...(WTF @_@)...it didn't feel like a tournament when there's only small amount of players in the venue....anyways, I was doing side bets on the players' matches, for example, who gets first hit...when the round ends if it's a even / odd time on the clock, who gets first tech throw , knock down...anything you can think of. GOD DAMN I was on a ROW!! ON FIRE!!! I won almost every single of my side bets except the $1 ones...the $5- $20 I won every single one of them..I think......with the side bets I think I made another $150? Mike Ross and Clakey D made most of money, whenever I bet on the clock, it's perfect when they end the round, therefore I gave them a cut of my wins ;). 

At last the whole tournament was over! Such an amazing tournament I had so much fun even though I didn't win shit (ARGGG SO SALTY). 
Gathered some people and went for food at NORM. (finally something different) The food was really good and I was happy for not eating Pho, or burgers though they had burgers in the menu. 

Flash Metroid. I just took a picture of him because i find his face really really funny.
Back to hotel, went to bed and off back to Canada the next day. 

I had a lot of fun and I met a lot of friendly people. Thank you for everything guysssss, see you next time. And last but not least "I AM FREE"


  1. glad you enjoyed your time here Air..hope 2 see you more often in US tourneys :)

  2. Thanks for the the blog Air. Keep up the good work. It's nice to see what goes on at an event from a top player since most don't get to experience it. Good to know you got back with some money in your pocket too haha.

  3. I would luv to go down again for the next major :D

  4. I loled when you said you were "free" at the start of the streaming of grand final.

  5. does experiencing the hype of the MvC2 Money match..... make you want to try out MvC3 when it comes out?

  6. @tan I am free :D
    @eNeerGTnA i am actually gonna try MvC3..i will play whatever game can make money :D

  7. Nice story and well written Air...

    Also nice that at least u won some money there hahaha

    I still think u r better than juicebox n ed ma, just can feel the anxiety from u when I looked at the streaming

    Better luck next time, Air!!

  8. @aldyk haha yeh, i was really nervous just because i really wanted to win the tourney. Carried too much weight on myself, maybe if i relaxed if could have done better

  9. Air I have a question. When you said that Ed Ma has mad good fundamentals I would like to know what exactly you mean. Which aspect of his game play made you said that ?

  10. @Cultura his ground games and patience