Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ryu vs Seth


This can be a real hard matchup if you have no idea about what Seth can do on Ryu. I would say this matchup is a 6:4 in Seth’s favor due to the following reasons: safe jump on Ryu, command grab, better SRK, better zoning tools and his Ultra 1 locking Ryu’s fireball. However, Seth cannot make mistakes because of his incredibly low health and low stun stamina. On top of that, since there are not much Seth users, this makes people harder/not have the chance to learn the matchup, but it’s actually not that hard to beat Seth once you 
know what can be punished/counter with certain tools. And this is what this guide is about….

Ground Games:

Far Range: Seth has a full screen off the wall jump like El Fuerte’s, Dhalsim’s limbs and Sonic Boom to zone you out at this range. As Ryu you have to carefully throw your fireball and get ready to punish Seth’s moves.
  • ·         Off the wall attack, use SRK to counter
  • ·         Sweep to punish his whiffed limbs (his limb is slower than Dhalsim’s, therefore it’s not as hard to punish)
  • ·         Forward jump Air Tatsu when Seth throws Sonic Boom

Mid Range: Seth footsies are not strong due to his slow walking speed. However, he does have couple strong pokes like (cancelable), which has far range/fast startup and his st.rh is good but can be 
punished if whiffed.

Close Range: This range is scary because of Seth’s mixup options. For example, safe poke strings into SPD/normal grab…or frame trap with SRK and much more.


Sonic Boom: Forward jump Air Tatsu/Super

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Shoryuken: Ex SRK

Ex Version: Nothing can beat his move of Ryu’s

Spin Kicks: Mp SRK

Ex Version: MP SRK (sometimes trade or loses to it if not timed correctly) / EX SRK

Tanden Engine: The only way to punish this move is to hit him before he sucks you in. Any normal or jump in attack works.

Ex Version: Same as normal version. (The difference between Ex and normal version is that Ex allows Seth to continue to combo)

Spinning Pile Drive: Anything can beat this move as long as you hit Seth before SPD’s start up.

Ex Version: Any moves fail to beat

Against Ultra 1: Don’t throw fireball! Seth player tends to use this on wakeup since nothing of Ryu’s can beat his U1 plus he’s safe on block unless blocked point blank and do a reversal super (his U1 also pushes his opponent back to a safe range).
*Ryu’s EX SRK can make Seth’s U1 whiffs, but Ryu will end up behind Seth and Seth recovers faster than 
Ryu…so never do it!*

Against Ultra 2: This is usually used into combos, however when this move sucks you in or when you are blocking..don’t try to punish….wait until the ultra is completely gone then start your punish.

On Ryu’s Wakeup:

Seth cannot perform any mixups or safe jumps on Ryu unless grabbed by a back throw, SPD or a sweep. Not to mislead anybody, but Seth can do one bread n butter mixup after a hitting you with his spin kick, he can throw a sonic boom and mix it by teleporting behind you before the sonic boom hits you. To block this move, you always block away from the direction where Seth is going to end up, his fireball can never cross up. *As long as you don’t quick wake up after being hit by the Spin Kick, this trick never works”* 
*He does have a safe jump after Spin kicks...but it only works if you quick wake up. If you don't quick wake up, Seth can dash forward twice then perform a safe jump.* (Both of these mixups Seth has to do it early...he cannot react to your quick / non quick wake up.)
Now back to talking about his mixups and safe jumps on Ryu’s wake up. It’s better to try and block because it’s hard to tell when it’s a safe jump or when it’s a mixup…on top of that, Ryu’s SRK loses to Seth’s dive kick (trade at best). Seth’s mixups contains empty jump into SPD, safe jumps, crossup and dive kicks…they’re all extremely hard to react to, therefore SORRY I don’t have a guide for this..only way is to analyze your opponent and read/remember their habits.

Mind games and Option Selects:

There’s really not much OS you can do on Seth because of his SRK and EX SPD. But OS you can do is jump in OS hurricane kick to counter his teleport. Mind game wise, Seth players are really scared of being thrown, mix that up with frame traps.  Crossup tatsu on Seth wakeup is rather safe and effective, however the bad thing about this is that you hit Seth too far and got to work your way in again.
Building Super meter is extremely important in this matchup, so many ways to use it..punishing/countering Seth’s moves…crossup tatsu into super gives you a great chunk of damage.

Things to be aware of:

Tanden Engine is count as a “grab” so when he sucks you in while u are blocking really close you can never press any normals otherwise Seth gets a free combo. Also, blocking Seth’s limbs in mid screen can be punished with sweep (if in range) or Super. There are also other things that can be punished when blocked like if Seth ever does his low forward into Sonic Boom…you can punish with super, if close enough, sweep. 

*If ever blocked Seth’s Spin Kicks, best punish is Ryu’s F.fierce > combo (Yes, you have more than enough time to do so)*

Seth’s dive kick reset is pretty deadly, sometimes mashing on SRK can make your opponent hesitate on his mixups/scared to do his mixups, of course..and again..never rely on mashing!
When Seth is running away, it gives such a hard time for Ryu to get in. Seth’s sonic boom jump fierce trap is broken if done perfectly…Ryu can never jump over the sonic boom without getting hit. But Ryu can actually hit his limbs if Ryu does an instant jump strong. If hits, it also allows you to connect super or ultra! Not forget to mention, Ryu’s low fierce and standing fierce are great tools hitting Seth’s whiffed air limbs. Try it out!

*When punishing Seth, make sure you use the most damaging combo that you can do*

As usual, you know where to ask questions or leave comments…hope this helps.


  1. i wish i was a ryu player with all these match-up guides

  2. What's the most damaging combo ryu could do + what's the damage?

  3. @tan f.fierce > low strong > low fierce > tatsu

  4. too bad this is not SF4 vanilla..his 16 hit combo gave him a max of 600 pts damage.. if i remembered right ;)

  5. he would be broken if he is vanilla seth in ssf4!

  6. im starting to hate Seth lol...