Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentines Day

I had such a good time with my GF for this year's Valentine (I missed the last year's because I was still in Japan) and we had really good Japanese food. I hope everybody had a great time on their date :)


My girl bought me a I love you bear with some roses :D

My girlfriend made me this. Inside is filled with pink and red sand 

And yah..i am a big fan of Coca-Cola


  1. Coca-Cola is the best. Pepsi can suck it. I hope ur not thinking of SF4 on during ur date dude. LOL

  2. Air, that sand with the letterings inside it looks absolutely amazing! Your girlfriend's super creative.

    Glad you had a wonderful time this year, dude!

  3. @Harold she is very creative :D
    I had a wonderful time, hope you did too

  4. I swear I've seen her during my vacation time in Vancouver lolz. Damn I can't believe we live so close (I'm in Victoria). We will have to meet when I'm in Van again. (PS. Mah Ryu will whoop yours.....maybe :P)

  5. you lucky man^^ nice girl, better hold on tight!!! :)
    Best wishes to you both~~

  6. @namichinky you might seen her before. Visit Van on march 5th...we have a local tournament!

    @zos'la thank you ^^