Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vancouver Street Battle

    Today was the tournament that me and my friends hosted a local tournament. At first we were hoping for 60 entrants..and it almost turned out to be a major! There were 84 entrants in the end I believe...
Anyways, since this was the first time for us to host a tournament, so some of the time arrangement and other things weren't perfectly organized (this caused some of the players in singles to drop out of the event), but we think we pulled it off pretty well. Hope everybody had fun and we're also hoping to make this a monthly event plus ONE DAY, a REAL MAJOR. Thx everybody for showing up once again!!
Here are the results!!


1st Place. Team We are Free (Air (Ryu), Jeff (Viper), Zeniside (Seth))
2nd Place. Team Supameatonajones (MooFX/SupaDonkei (Guile), Meatonacone (Fei Long), JJ Tactics (Rufus)
3rd Place. Team STD (Orikasa (Chun Li), Terence (M.Bison), SC95098 (C.Viper)


Top 8

1. Air (Ryu/Ibuki) - Undefeated
2. Zeniside (Seth)
3.Mar (Dhalsim)
4.Yummy (Abel)
5.MooFX/SupaDonkei (Guile)
5.Clim (Zangief/T-Hawk)
7.MHC (M.Bison) - Player all the way from Seattle. Hope you and your friends had fun!!
7.Kula (Balrog)


Thank you for the people who volunteered/helped
Andy, Brian (Twilight Shadow), Clement (Photographer), Justin (Commentator), Jordan (Commentator), Diana (SAT THERE TAKING RANDOM PICTURES), MooFX (Another Host), Derek Leung (Another Host) Jackson, Orikasa ,SC95098  and GAMERSVID (poster design)....sorry if i missed anybody..

Great turnout, hope to see you or MORE of you next event! Cheers


  1. Congratz man!

    Undefeated...very nice...

  2. Yup! Great turnout!

    It's only going to get better from here on out. Congrats on the win!

    I didn't play/feel too well during Singles, so I'll make a stronger showing next time for sure.

  3. @Orikasa I HEARD YOUR POOL was the deathpool! LOL

  4. Yeah, 'cause I was in it right? :D

  5. @li it's not up yet, once it's up i will share the link