Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My DVD guide of Ryu tutorial

So I made a tutorial guide with Gootecks n Mike Ross aka. CrossCounter. It's a 90 mins DVD, however it was actually shot for almost 8 hours...This DVD covers the following:

Chapter List:

Meet Air

Air's Personal Ryu Strategy
  1. Utilizing Training Mode
  2. Practicing Safe Jumps in Training Mode
  3. Practicing Footsies in Training Mode
  4. Mastering Ryu's Specials
  5. Uppercut
  6. Fireball
  7. Hurricane 
  8. Meter Management
  9. Understanding Ryu's Defensive Options
  10. Matchups: Dhalsim
  11. Matchups: Guile
  12. Matchups: M. Bison
  13. Matchups: Zangief
  14. Matchups: Sagat
  15. Matchups: E. Honda
  16. Understanding Option Selects
  17. Fighting off the Dive Kick
  18. Developing Option Selects in Training Mode
  19. Safe Jump Option Selects
  20. Option Select Throws, Ultras and Buffering Option Selects
  21. Frame Traps
  22. Advanced Setups
  23. Outro

The design is awesome! Can't wait for my own copy

I revealed my secrets in this DVD that probably no other Ryu players know about and things i never covered in my blog guides (sorry, gotta find a way to make some $$ :P).

It's available on the CrossCounter format:

-Digital Download

Support me guys and buy it off my blog so I can make commission, LoL.


  1. good shit Air! im gonna go purchase now ..keep it up bro!

  2. just saw it, and i gotta say that is amazing what u doing for the community, i dont actually main ryu, but i been playing with him a lot now days, thanks air, there are no words to describe what ur doing right now, keep it up man

  3. great work, if its not too expensive I'll get one just to support ya^^

  4. Holy shit that reset is so dirty LOL

  5. Thanks Dude! I've just placed my order.Can't wait to see all the good shit ^_^

  6. I just want to take the time to say that you really improved my game beyond measure with Ryu. I always thought of myself pretty good with Ryu but I would not win consistently until i started to read your matchup guides and fundamentals and it was then that i really transcended my game to a new level. thx to you i not only have a better understanding of Ryu but also of the game as well. I used to think some characters were cheap but reading this i realize what to do and what not to do against certain characters. I also a have learned a lot from watching you on 0shinakumas0 youtube channel. I know this a pretty long comment but i just wanted to say thx and that i am definitely going to buy this dvd to show my support. I know they nerfed Ryu in AE some of which I don't understand but please dont jump ship and stay with Ryu. Thx Again for your help

  7. Once again, thx for the support

  8. Yeah stick with Ryu so I can abuse a 7-3 match-up!!

  9. If I just wanted to donate, since I already, downloaded the torrent, how would i do that?

    Great job on it BTW!

  10. @dejan thank you n there is a donate button on the left side of this website!

  11. You blew my mind. That video was great.

  12. Excellent video. Thanks for all your hard work!

  13. I wish mike ross let you talk about the ryu vs honda match more but it seemed like he was getting kinda of defensive.

  14. hey Air,

    Fantastic resource to not just Ryu players but SF players in general. Its great to see information that is normally in forums displayed in a comprehensive video tutorial.

    The only negative - it was not long enough! :) I think 89 mins is just scratching the tip of this character.

    Keep up the good work and I've bought the dvd to support you guys.

    Quick question: If safe jump is not possible for characters with a 3 frame reversal, could you empty jump and have enough time to block?


  15. awesome guide specially the advance combos and the slk trick haha, one match up i would like to see in video like that would be feilong feilong normals are just gaaaah, also saw your interview with final round are you looking for a rush down character in AE go makoto hahaha like everyone is doing -,- kinda pains me they only choose her after AE and not before damn tiersssssss.

  16. I have a quick question. I've been practicing my safe jumps like you showed us but some anti airs with 4 frame startups are beating it. Am i doing this wrong? Some examples would be dudley's ex srk and dan's srk which both start up at 4 frames.