Friday, April 22, 2011

Evil Ryu

Evil Ryu

So here is a write up of how I think about Evil Ryu based on what I’ve tested/discovered in Arcade Edition. As a character generally, Evil Ryu is definitely better than original Ryu. Evil Ryu has better zoning abilities, footsies and deals more damage. The bad thing about him is that he doesn’t have any un-techable wakeup knockdowns which can make some of the match ups like Abel…Dhalsim and more became harder than original Ryu. On top of that, Evil Ryu has low life and low stun stamina, which means he can’t really take risks or make mistakes like original Ryu.  Evil Ryu has this high damaging combo (st.fierce > mk axe kick > low strong > LK tatsu > SRK) that also deals high stun rate and basically that’s all he has which makes Evil Ryu strong/different from O.Ryu.


Evil Ryu’s low forward ( is extremely reliable even though its start up speed is slower than original Ryu’s, but it has a very far range. The whole kick itself is LONG plus E.Ryu inches forward before kick comes out like O.Ryu’s st.forward ( When low forward used in combos, for example, low forward into fireball can NEVER be focused in between by your opponents.  However, E.Ryu’s probably has the slowest sweep and slowest recovery time out of all shotos even though he has Akuma’s sweep gesture.
Evil Ryu’s punches are all look the same..and I would say the same usage with them as well except the fierce punches. Evil Ryu has Akuma’s low fierce (probably one of the best Anti Air normal there is in the game) and his far standing fierce which is also good to be used as AA or footsies.

There’s nothing really changed when it comes to footsies when compared to Ryu or Akuma unless E.Ryu’s Axe Kick is used. E.Ryu’s LK Axe Kick is very useful and it’s safe on block. It can only be combo-ed off close fierce punches, low forward and far standing strong. However,  low strong > LK axe kick wouldn’t connect….

Anyways, I usually use low forward > LK Axe kick to get close to my opponent since its safe on block and it deals more chip damage when compared to fireball. BUT one thing I have to let you guys knows that his AXE Kick can be countered before it hits even if its combo-ed after any blocked normals.

Special Moves:

Now let me talk about the difference of his special moves compared to Ryu.

Fireball: Faster fireballs then Ryu but it seems to me that the recovery time is slower than Ryu’s.

Ex Version: Like Ken’s ex fireball but faster and doesn’t knock down like Ryu’s

Red Fireball: Exactly the same as Akuma’s red fireball

Ex Version: Same as Akuma’s

Hurricane Kick: Same as Akuma’s

Ex Version: Same as Ryu’s ex Tatsu

Air Hurricane Kick: When used off a neutral jump, it’s like Ryu’s…when used as cross up, it knocks your opponent really far….but there’s something to this Air tatsu I swear…it seems like I can connect off something because sometimes after it hits, my opponent lands pretty close to where I land and sometimes FUCKING far…WEIRD!

Shoryuken: All 3 versions are same as Ryu’s except the HP version has more invincibility and can be used as AA!
Ex version: 3 hits like Akuma’s

Axe Kick (Wheel Kick): Guard crush, LK version is safe on block, MK version can combo into low strong / low jab > anything but not safe on block and HK version is ridiculously slow and I don’t see a use for it yet….

Ex Version: Same speed and safe on block like Lk version’s except it’s an overhead.
Teleport: Not worth mentioning…’s slow… and nevertheless SHORT range.

Dive kick (jump+down MK): Also same as Akuma’s dive kick, but I can’t make a well use of it yet. It seems like whenever I perform this move on wake up I can get a traded or clean AA by my opponents.

Hop Kick (F.MK): Juggles and when performed, you are invulnerable from any low attacks. I use it like Ken’s F.MK because is somewhat similar to me. I am not sure if it’s safe on block…but so far I can tech throw or block in time (usually I get counter hit jabs or throw on block…) and it moves forward like Ken’s. This Hop Kick can also be KARA-ed Demon (Super).

OverHead Chop (F.MP): Exactly same as Akuma’s and can be KARA-ed into Demon (Super)

Close St.Hk: It somehow launches when used as AA and it will lead to a juggle state

Far Standing Mp: This normal is special move cancel-able like O.Ryu and can combo into LK Axe Kick. You can do damaging combos like low strongx2 > st.strong > Axe kick. It's a good damaging combo to use when your opponent is in crouching position where you couldn't connect your combo off a LK tatsu.

Focus Attack: His focus attack has a fairly far range and his Level 2 focus attack on block is similar to Fei Long’s. After it is blocked, even after my forward dash, I am still not in the range to perform a normal throw (Kara throw might work but I never tried).

Super: Akuma’s super, enough said

Ultra 1: Ryu’s Ultra 1 except can be charged by holding it down. I think it deals more damage and it’s still blockable…..

Ultra 2: Ken’s super + Ryu’s Ultra 2. Can be combo-ed off anyway except you get no animation unless you do combo like this..(low forward > ex fireball > fadc > U2). I’ve been trying low forward> fireball > fadc > U2 but never landed it once yet…probably the start up time for this ultra is not fast enough.L
Target Combo: Akuma’s target combo…close St.strong > st.fierce …not cancelable. I don’t see a use of this…

Kara throw/kara focus: Evil Ryu also has a KEN range Kara throw and a slightly inched Kara Focus. The input is throw + fierce punch/focus +fierce.


Evil Ryu can be really good ONLY if you are good with your close up games. You can kill your opponent with simple low strong frame traps into the high damaging combo mixing with kara throws. Basically the axe kick combo is all E.Ryu has to make him scary and it is important to land this combo at a safe distance where you can low forward hit confirm > fireball > fadc > combo. Evil Ryu also builds meter WAY faster than Ryu and he does need to use a lot of meters in order to be strong imo.

So this is all I can try about E.Ryu right now..hopefully when console hits I can update you guys with more info with this character.

To see more of my Evil Ryu game play, please go to my youtube channel SSF4AE.


  1. Can you still use cr.MK to crush certain moves (Burning Kick, certain jumpins, etc)?

    Is it possible to cancel sweep into demon like Akuma?

  2. good write up.. seems as far as shotos goes.. its Akuma, Ken , E ryu, Ryu ..... so E Ryu cant connect a sweep after a tatsu like akuma can? thats a shame... and i think you made a wrote ... "Target Combo: Akuma’s target combo…close St.strong > st.fierce …not cancelable. I don’t see a use of this…"
    i believe you meant to write Kens Target Combo

  3. No, it's Akuma's. He had it in 3S.

    I also read that low short is 4 frame start-up like Akuma's. And his close strong is 3 frames!

  4. @Ant yes, his 3strike target combo.

  5. Thanks for the detailed info about E.Ryu Air, I'm curious to know what you think about E.Ryu vs Akuma though?

    I mean Akuma can:
    - Vortex with demon flip options
    - Much better sweep that he can combo into from standing jab or character specific tatsu > sweep
    - Better teleports
    - Air fireballs
    - Damaging combos with/without meter
    - Very useful U1
    - Can combo easily into U2 specially in AE with the improved teleport cancelled U2
    - Has a fair matchup vs Dhalsims lol :P

    IMO Akuma is superior in a lot of departments and curious why you don't consider picking him up if you're giving E.Ryu a try who also has weak stamina ratings? Are E.Ryu's and Axe kick that good?

  6. Air,
    Do you think E.Ryu is as good as Akuma or Ken? The fact that he has the step kick and a good Kara throw range seems too good. Could he really be all about frame traps and being feared with his ax kick?

  7. @Metallica and Jah
    I think E.Ryu has his own style..but it's all about his close up game IMO. I think Akuma is def better and it's a hard matchup for E.Ryu. I don't know if he's stronger or weaker than Ken but I don't think i will main him...or at least I can't decide until AE hits console. N i will not main akuma as well..i can't use characters that has low stun stamina and life @@..

  8. I'm playing him a bit too in France.

    Usually, I like using st.MP to axe kick LK (which connects, unlike cr.MP) in strings like cr.LP, st.LP, st.MP, axe LK, though a bit hard to connect if opponent is far and in crouching state.

    cr.MK, hadoken LP, fadc, U2 connects but you have to be in a pretty far range.

    f+MK is pretty unsafe if done too close, I never really used this move because of that, but if you can use it max range, maybe that move is more interesting than I thought.

  9. I don't see how Evil Ryu is gonna be even as good as Ken or Gouki.
    Both of them have better normals than E Ryu. Plus more stun and health. I heard E Ryu's Ex shoryu doesn't have invincibility at all, which is a matter of concern. Capcom just ran out of ideas and created a mix from bunch of fighters, thats it. Instead of E Ryu I'd have loved to see some different character, someone similar to Terry bogard, iori or kyo form KOF.

    Also the latest news is Ryu's HP shoryu is going to have 2f invincibility. They've nerfed Ryu so badly, even Dan has better HP shoryu....gosh I really miss Vanilla Ryu


  10. HP Shoryu had 2f inv in Super I believe.

  11. Cool!
    Can I translate this and post in my blog?

  12. A note about the dive kick - you can do it much lower than you can as Akuma which can make for some interesting wake up pressure. Also, off of some knockdowns (eg forward throw) you can mix up j. mk cross up or early divekick for 50/50 on wake up. Dive kick can combo into cr.lp, cl.hp xx mk axe kick, tatsu srk.

    I didn't try kara throwing off of FP (I've been using HK) but if it's the same range as Ken's that's pretty huge.

    All that being said, though, Evil Ryu is fun but not a good reason to not play Akuma.

  13. hey Air, can't you use an FB or EX FB to cover the teleport?

  14. @Six go ahead.
    @Jack I know...but usually against shotos i get a trade hit against their Dps. HP kara is ken range
    @hella#s i don't get what you mean FB to cover the teleport

  15. that comment above was me. i mean using a Hadou/EX hadou then using a teleport. as some sort of trick/cross-up? depends on the range of the teleport i guess.

  16. Hi, Air!

    I like to use Cody for his close range... But recently, I've been using and growing interested in shoto, especially Ryu, but I like Akuma for kara f+MP super.

    With this style, do you think Evil Ryu can be good for me? I am very excited, because I think he is very fitting for my style, based on what I said above.

    And a quick question: Who do you think his walk speed is like? And his dash for speed and distance?

    Thanks a lot for this walkthrough of his moves. I am excited he can kara-Demon. =) It's very appreciated.


  17. I saw in a Evil Ryu match up that the computer canceled the teleport with a hadouken. Do you think it is possible for regular players? Do you think it would make the teleport more usable?

  18. That why i insist to change ryu's game pleay style to a new one and leave the older style to evil ryu
    he looks so boring compared to e.ryu and akuma ( yeah i know he have thing they don't have but the general picture he looks a weaker ver from them
    especially here in alpha 3 andmvc3

  19. @Kusanagi only works for CPU not player.
    @Rizhall walking speed is same as Ryu

  20. E.ryu have any advantage over Fei Long or Dhalsim?

  21. Just a quick not, you mentioned this: "the bad thing about him is that he doesn’t have any un-techable wakeup knockdowns which can make some of the match ups like Abel…Dhalsim (...)"

    According to people at SRK forums (I don't have access to AE, unfortunately), you can combo sweep after his tatsu against Dhalsim.

    Just out of curiosity, the other characters where tatsu, sweep works are Dee Jay, Boxer, Rose, Cammy, and Dhalsim.

  22. @Pedro right..totally forgot. Yes you can combo sweep off tatsu against Dhalsim. But u don't have Ryu's jab to sweep or low strong into sweep. So if i can do a standing combo, i would probably do something into MK axe kick for the 40% dmg. But thx for clearing it up for me :D
    @darlan the match ups seem harder

  23. air one more question
    now,what disadventages O.ryu has ?

  24. how useful is evil ryu's ultra 1, when compared to normal ryu's? In the sense of damage/ combo ability etc?

  25. @darlan his low forward = NO forward...he lost his best poke/footsies..he became harder to use now

    @matts i think it's the same...dmg wise it's less

  26. dude, sharing this with you.

  27. From a measuring stand point, if we were to use the training mode boxes as measurement.

    Dash Forward = 1.4
    Dash Back = 1.3

    Dash Forward = 1.0
    Dash Back = 0.9

  28. E Ryu
    Cr.MK Max Range = 0.8 (7f startup)

    Cr.MK Max Range = 0.6 (5f startup)