Friday, July 1, 2011

Ryu vs Blanka


This used to be slightly in Blanka’s favor, but when it came to AE, I think it’s an even match up due to Blanka’s range nerfed on blocked “Blanka Ball”. In this match up, simple strategies such as turtling until time over with minimal mistakes or put Blanka in the corner and slowly grind your opponent’s health. It’s not a hard match up, but I personally think it’s really boring/annoying to play against. Anyhow, I will share what I know about this match up.

Ground Game:

Far Range:  Blanka doesn’t have much he can do but to build meters with electricity. As Ryu, either you can build meter full screen for super meter if you decide to turtle, otherwise, throw “jab” version fireballs to interrupt his meter management and slowly walk him in the corner.

Mid Range: Blanka at this range uses his low fierce a lot, and it is punishable on block with sweep (unless Blanka performs it at max distance) or super (any distance). Blanka’s other strong pokes such as his low strong is only whiff punishable, however it is not scary at all because it does little damage plus not a cancelable move. His sweep of course is his main footsie tool, but again it is punishable on block with low strong or low forward and no need to mention, super.

Make sure you don’t forget and respect Blanka’s slide, though most of the slides should be guesses so sometimes taking risks throwing “fierce” version fireball to make it harder to react. Whenever you block a slide, the best punish would be low forward > hurricane kick for most damage and pushes your opponent into the corner.

Close Range: Ryu has nothing  fear at this range but make sure you have no gaps in between your poke strings to get up balled and let Blanka gets away.


Blanka Ball: Any normals or special attacks as long as you time it right excluding hurricane kick. (In AE version, Ryu can also punish with sweep on block.)

Ex Version: Any timed punches, SRK or EX SRK

Electricity: SRK

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Rainbow Ball: Any normal attacks before it hit you. (Best to use low fierce to counter)
Ex Version: Same as normal version

Up ball: Mp SRK or EX SRK

Ex Version: Nothing can beat it. You can only punish this move on whiff or block.

Against Ultra 1: This ultra is extremely scary because of its damage output. Whenever he has ultra meter, you might want to hesitate your attack on his wake up because it will beat all of your options except EX SRK. Another thing Ryu players need to be cautious about is when Blanka using this as a mix up on YOUR wake up making you guess which way is the correct way to block. However, thanks to me, you guys can now block this mix up correctly without guessing, and this is how you tell! Basically Blanak can’t perform this mix up only if he lands a forward throw. Take your time and carefully look at your foot, if Blanka is stepping on your foot then the ultra will be a crossup, if not then it’s not, simple as that.  

Against Ultra 2: Treat this move like Chun Li’s ultra 1, don’t fireball unless you are sure that Blanka has no charge. It is now not punishable on block due to Ryu’s nerfed air hurricane kick.

On Ryu’s wake up:

Blanka’s mix up games relies on his hop to confuse his opponent to block correctly or even throws causing you to hesitate either to block or to tech. Besides the hop, Blanka can do a safe jump on Ryu after landing a forward throw then follow up with a timed cross up MK, be sure to block instead of going for some crazy counter/reversal because it is not GOING TO WORK!

There is also an ambiguous cross up Electricity once you get knocked down in the corner. Blanka does it by any knock down move and then whiffs a Blanka ball ending up on either side and starts electrocuting or whatever attack they want. I am sorry I have no advice on how to deal with this mix up but to concentrate…..I usually can tell which one they end up.

Some Blankas also use this trick to finish you off when you don’t have enough life to take another Blanka Ball. If I didn’t remember wrong, they do it off a forward throw, than delays a HP version Blanka Ball on your wake up making it a cross up attack.

Mind games and Option select:

I think this is one of the match up that I have the least Option Selects and mix ups because of Blanka’s EX “UP” ball. So basically there aren’t much option selects you can do on Blanka besides catching his back dashes when Blanka sits meter-less. Ryu players can use the “BnB” (Bread N Butter) OS to catch back dashes like against most of the characters, BUT there is a pretty neat OS against Blanka and its OS into the dash punch (f.hp). Though it doesn’t catch Blanka’s back dashes but it’s a force block (gives you a counter hit if Blanka presses any buttons after his back dashes), and this allows you to put your opponent in the corner faster. Once you put Blanka in the corner, you must use OS low fierce on Blanka’s wakeup (watch out for his Ultra tho :S) to beat his Ex Rainbow Ball, keeping him away from escaping. Any other reversal he does are punishable on hit, therefore it might be worth taking the hit.

Things to be aware of:

In Super, whenever you see Ex Rainbow Ball, Ryu can just simply counter it with a low fierce. Now switching to AE, it works when Blanka is trying to escape in the corner, but if its mid screen wise, pay closely attention if it’s reaching over your head before you throw out the punch. Blanka can now control his Ex Rainbow Ball like Bison’s Devil Reverse, therefore Blanka can throw you out of your whiffed low fierce.

Even though there’s not much mix ups you can do on Blanka’s wake up when he has meters, but you can do empty jump ins to bait and block his EX Up Ball then punish with Ultra 1. (*Note* You have to stand block the Ex Up Ball in order to punish with Ultra 1, and the ultra has to be a reversal)

Throw wise fireballs which means throw it when Blanka has no charge. Of course, be careful of the slides which are not hard to bait. Always have yourself ready to block low and sometimes if you predict a slide, focus level 2 for a free combo. Blanka has nothing scary when he has no charge and doesn’t have much answer against a level 2 focus. He can throw you where you can just back dash out of it, and on top of that, Blanka has to get close to you to land damage. This match up is only frustrating when you can’t get close in my opinion. 


  1. I love your match-up analysis. Keep up the good work.

  2. Air, I sometimes see high-level Ryus punish blocked EX-Up ball with walk forward sweep.

    Is that something that can be done consistently, or is there a trick to doing it? (Empty jump, stand block, etc.)

    Because I try it in training mode and I find it extremely hard to do consistently.

    Is this something you do? (Which then makes it actually rewarding to safe jump him.)

    Thanks for the writeup, I find this match frustrating too.

  3. @getesmooshed Thanks and keep supporting!
    @Muttonhead it works. You have to stand block like the u1 reversal punish..and the timing is extremely strict

  4. Ah I see stand block is the key. Cheers, time to hit training room for that.

  5. air, i have a question. What are some of Ryu's Option selects? ( against all or most characters).

    I only know the most basic one is the tatsu OS against Teleport Chars. Can you name a few very useful ones?

    need help on players who love to backdash on wakeup. Cant seem to OS cmp to tatsu.

  6. Air u bastard are you trying to kill me? It is sure tough playing as a blanka in AE I don't know why ppl still play blanka b/c he is soo nerfed. Anyways good stuff GL in Japan!

  7. @-Zver- You can just OS with sweep to catch people backdashing out of your safe jump. Free damage + closer to corner + another safe jump attempt.