Monday, June 27, 2011

Norcal Regional 9: Day 2 & Final Day

Day 2:


O man, had to wake up so early for AE teams…never started competing so early @@. After I showered, “Detrimantix” and I went down to the lobby for some free breakfast (omg it was so awesome, great food and it was ALL YOU CAN EAT). While I was getting juice at the fountain, Marn came up to me and ask to team…why not since I don’t have a team because we all came late. Therefore my team was Me, Marn and NerdJosh. Team started, and our first opponent was Team Korea, probably one of the strongest team at this tournament. I went up first and beat Wolfkrone with my Yang (man I really had no idea how to use Yang properly..) then losing to Laugh. Marn then got up and beat Laugh then both him and Nerdjosh lost to Infiltration. It wasn’t a great feeling to get put into losers in the first round, at least this was the first time I ever experienced it in a tournament.

Fighting our way in losers and we made it pretty far until we lost to Justin Wong’s team, I think we were tied for 7th or something. *Side note: I was practically Daigo’s translator for the first half of the day, and I was not too pleased. I mean I don’t mind at all but it wasn’t my responsibility.* Singles started, did fairly well until I lost to Daigo and put into losers then losing to Wolfkrone by a pixel (AGAIN!!!), eliminated from the tournament.

In the remaining of the time, I was just cheering for my team mate “Detrimantix” hoping him to qualify for top 8 in singles and teams for MvC3. He did great until he faced Fchamp losing to him and got put into losers. In losers finals he had to face NerdJosh and thank god he won and made it to top 8.

After dinner we played some casuals and money matches until it was 5ish am…then we finally head to bed if I didn’t remember wrong.

Final Day:

Woke up at frigging 3pm and missed the teams for AE and Marvel. Singles doesn’t start until 5ish pm so Sherry, Buktooth, Rom and I went to eat brunch (and yes…apparently we all woke up around the same time) and damn there were a lot of funny stories from Buktooth and Rom. Finished our meal and I got a sandwich for “Detrimantix” before he plays MVC3 singles.

Once I got back to the venue and Top 8 for AE started before I start down. Oh man I got to say those were all some very hype matches. The grandfinal was pretty exciting and Infiltration’s game play was very impressive, it actually helped me understand a bit what you can/cannot do against Yun.

Anyways, after the tournament was over, a lot of us (majority of the top players) went to Red Lobster for dinner and after that I just went back to the hotel room to watch the food channel again and slept zZzzzzZZZz.

This statue looking thing was really cool located in San Fran Airport


  1. Does food channel turns you on or something? u really2 love that show do you? lol

  2. Lol, maybe because I am a cook myself, therefore it's very entertaining to watch others cook.

  3. Hopefully you can get a ryu vs yun tutorial going? That's if you are still going to be maining him at EVO.

  4. Thanks for your Ryu guide, helped me out a lot