Thursday, August 18, 2011

Evo 2k11 Trip Final Part:

Evo 2k11:

Final Part

This is the last day of Evo and it’s the matches of top 8 finalists. Once we got up I went to the venue with my friends and a lot of players were many money matches happening at the “Focus Fire” stand. I quickly lined up and hopped on one of the setup for MMs and it suddenly became my own station. I looked around other setups I would see Shiro, Ryan Hart and other players were kind of doing the same thing having their own station. Before I realized people were lining up to money match me. Made some money and once the stand was closed I went to the next hotel called Gold Coast for brunch with my Canadian friends and the food was pretty awesome especially the French onion soup, loves soup!! The first half of the day of Evo is just games like Tekken, MK9, just some games that I am not really into. I wandered around the strip with my friends until Mvc3 of top 8 starts (I don’t play that game but I find it really fun and exciting to watch).

French Onion Soup!! Droolz!

Headed back to the venue, the seats were nicely organized and it seemed like there were more people than the first few days and I am really glad that the community is growing bigger. There were so many people that it wasn’t possible for us to find a seat, therefore I sat on the table where it was located @ the center of the venue and it was where the Japanese streaming the event. I watched every match of Mvc3, it was really hype and entertaining especially when Pr Rog landed the Tron level 3.
Finally SSF4AE started and I wasn’t really expecting much since most of them are rush down characters and a lot of the same characters. I was rooting for Tokido most of the time since he’s using shotos and made it that far. Don’t remember what really happened in most of the matches except Poongko vs Daigo…I have never seen Daigo played so scared and it was so obvious that he didn’t know what to do against Poongko’s Seth. Daigo got exposed really bad…I think if he used Ryu/Ken he could have done much better, at least all he needed to do is guard himself instead of figuring out how to approach him.

When talking about top 8, have to mention about Fuudo’s jab OS into ultra against Poongko, it was god like! I wasn’t amazed that he can jab into OS ultra because it’s something I can do myself, but I was amazed at how he predicted it. He could have done so much other things than an option select ultra…it was just amazing, I was speechless. He is the true champion, congratz! In this tournament, Latif also did a great job against the big names, but I wasn’t happy of how Viper gets so many wake up options….especially her burning kick, it’s totally a free get out jail card. Out of so many characters in the game, why does she have a move that can completely get out of throws and poke strings. Viper with that move has one less thing to worry about, that’s frame trap, and it’s a really big role in this game. I really hope Capcom can do something about that move @@.

This shit is too good!

Overall the top 8 matches weren’t really interesting IMO because there weren’t a lot of footsies/zoning involved (except Fuudo). It was pure mix ups and rush down, it felt like King of fighters for while…the matches were over way too fast for me and I thought SF is suppose to be a slower game @@. However, I also realized one thing; the result was same as last year, #1.Japan, #2.USA and #3.Korea. I hope another countries get on the list next year, especially Canada :P.

@0:40...I only won like $100 and my friend screamed as if I won a million, everybody gathered and came to see wussup -_-...embarassing...

I remember this day people being telling me that they love my blog and they click on it every day. Some people like my Ryu and some loved my DVD. It made me really happy but majority of the people liked my blog > dvd > I guess I have to work harder as a Ryu player instead of a writer -_-. Anyways, this is the end of my Evo trip but it’s not the end of my Vegas trip.

I stayed one more day so that I can relax and enjoy Vegas. We woke up pretty late since we never really had some “real” sleep the past few days. David, my friend and I went to Planet Hollywood for buffet as breakfast (by the time we got there it was 5pm, haahahha). The FOOD WAS EXCELLENT and during the meal, my boss of CCG, “LapChi” texted me and asked me to eat Thai food with him. But David and I were already too full to fit in anymore food, than later on he invited us to watch PeepShow, and I was like…meh…why not? After food we walked around the strip and we went to Coca Cola store (my favorite!), took some pictures with the hugeee coke bear and of course I bought a lot of stuff. Right next to Coca Cola store is the M&M store and we a long while in there as well. 

Inside Coca Cola Store
CCG|Detrimantix, CC|Polar Bear, CCG|Air
When we were done shopping, it was time to head for the PeepShow. To be honest I am not really into stripping shows (AND NO I AM NOT GAY) because I can’t touch them! Gootecks was also invited to the show, same with other CCG staffs of course. After the show I went back to the hotel to find my friend (he didn’t want to come to the show) and poor him…lost all his $ within that show time. But yah..that’s it from what I can remember..sleep and next day back to Canada! It was a very memorial trip and I had a lot of fun! Met a lot of people and hope to see you guys next time!


  1. I hate Viper as well, she was top tier since vanilla but as the other characters were nerfed to hell, she was mostly unchanged. What you think of the rebalancing announcement by Ono, Air? I hope they give Ryu his foot back. :/

  2. @Viky u r right about viper and bsides her, the twins+ fei long..ono has to do something about them in order to rebalance the game. Or like what i read, buff everybody so everybody is broken, then it's all good :)

  3. while i think viper is a great character on her own, i don't think she is anywhere near the level of Fei and the twins, but maybe that's because I play gief lol. none of that burn kick nonsense, lariat puts and end to that.