Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vancouver Street Battle 4 Tournament Videos

Some videos of local tournaments I attended, VSB4. The 5th one will be on the 17th of this month and for more information, go to this link VSB5.


  1. Wow..that Fei Long match looked rough...congrats tho Air..

  2. @Dejan thx, i made so much mistakes tho -_-

  3. Seriously? Like what? Only thing I saw that left you exposed was the wake up DP's...he wasn't punishing the sweeps at first so that can't be a mistake...then he started punishing fireballs and that was rough, cause you have to throw fireballs with Ryu. I was like whoa..

    It was like plan A, then Plan B, then plan C cause you were both adapting..I think you played with a good balance between offense and attacked him on his wakeup, but not too much, so it wasn't predictable, you punished big whenever you could..only way you could have done better is if you were psychic Its impossible to perfectly anticipate what your opponent will do each time. The games he won you didn't give it away..he just played really well..:S..but you played to win even after losing, you didn't appear to choke..

    What are some of mistakes that you made from your perspective ?

  4. @Dejan my fireballs were too obvious and missing a lot of DP on his ex chicken wings @@

  5. Really? I don't think your fireballs were predictable. I could see you were actually trying to randomize it..alot, then a few, various ranges..and then mixing in the standing shorts and jabs as fireball fakes..good stuff..

    DP chicken know your own reflexes so you would know how good you normally are at that so I can't comment..

    I was just reading your Fei Long matchup said you lose to Fei alot..well..ya beat him for the def looked tough tho..Fei has an answer for everything Ryu can do.

  6. @Dejan yep...but i don't think it's gonna be as hard nemore when it comes to 2012, can't wait :D

  7. Do you think that you will switch to Ultra 2? I saw some of the buffs for that and the potential looks interesting. I didn't see any buffs for his cr. medium kick tho..

    Any change in particular you're looking forward to or its overall?

  8. @Dejan nah..i dun think i will switch to U2..but i def want to test it out to see wut its capable of doing.
    I am looking forward to E.Ryu tbh

    @Charlie THX!

  9. air.... are you safejumping this fei long all the time? and is it a safejump setup do perform an immediate standing hk then jump on him after an untechable knockdown?

    cheers swedish ryu