Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct 21, 2010

Such a long day today, woke up, went to eat with my girlfriend, then she wanted to go to the STATES out of no where.....i was like ok..let's go...then we went to Bellisfair. We walked around the mall and my girlfriend bought some boots then we went to this Italian Restaurant called OLIVER Garden. It was pretty damn good and the portion was really generous. After that we went to WALMART, that's when i started buying things.
   Done shopping and drove back home. Such a longgg and tiring day. But i had fun :)

   Been thinking which matchup i should write next...any request??


  1. Could you please give us your opinion on ryu vs boxer? Or ryu mirrors?

  2. OLIVER? I thought it was OLIVE haha;

    I think you should just write about anything you feel is important, RL or in the game, like maybe things you'd like to see changed in the game and a few things you'd like to be different RL.

  3. Just found this site on SRK and I must say I'm a big fan and will look forward to reading your match up posts to help improve my game.

    The one match up I'm keen on reading about is Ryu vs Adon, it seems there are more and more people having the gamerbee effect (can't blame them as he is a great player), as a result, there are more Adon's out there and it's probably the one match up I've been struggling so much as of late.

  4. penixzord...yah, olive..i just asked my gf, LOL. But that restaurant was hella good..price was reasonable too.

    mrcaesar: thx for being a fan. I will write Ryu vs Adon next then..tho i don't know much about the matchups for the new characters, but i will share what i know. And i do gotta say, Adon is one broken americans...he's low tier..but to jap players, he's been top tier since the game was out..

  5. shangjulast: i will try to write the matchups u requested after adon since i am really familiar with ryu mirror and balrog, maybe i can write both within no time, please wait ^^

  6. I totally agree, Adon is so fkn broken its not funny!! :)

    I hate how you can't safe jump him and he can dash under cross up attempts - there goes any jumpin options against him. Also hate that a lot of his specials are safe on block :(

    I also hate his which is not only a great poke with great distance, it's also a focus breaker :(

    That being said, after watching daigo/gamerbee matches over and over, I think using Ryu's normals are one of his best options ( and st.lp).

    I'll just wait for your write up :)

    Ryu mirror and Balrog write ups will also be great, Bison too, hell anything will be great :)

    It'll be good to have a "pro" writing their thoughts on match ups without having the need to not want to share information.

    *subscribed* :D