Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct 22, 2010

Now i actually know people are reading my blog, hopefully whoever has facebook can like my!/pages/Air-Ryu/162188083800365 PAGE :)

So today, went to espot (the local arcade in my scene) and played some vanilla with our best players in the scene. Man, even tho it was sf4, i enjoyed it more than ONLINE ssf4...not really a fan of playing online since i been playing this game mainly on the arcade cabinets when i was in Japan. And i really missed the ID CARD system we used in Japan.
 Had a 49 winning streak i am telling u ppl out there, there's cons and pros for having a long's tiring...and i had to fucking PEE! My blatter was about to explode...Good thing is that you save money..or u spend less when u have a long streak. :)
And i do feel lucky that in my area there are arcades to play in...can't wait for ssf4 AE, i am pretty sure our arcade scene can help all of the players in the area improve faster than playing on the laggy internet and when nobody gives a shit about win n loss since it's FREE.

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  1. Liked your facebook page :) I'm Julius Lagula :) (not that it'll prolly matter hehe)

  2. On a scale of 1-10 how different would you say offline and online play is?