Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oct 26, 2010

Woohoo, designed my page a bit. Tried not to let the ads anony you readers, so let me know what you guys think ^^. Anyways, started writing the Balrog match up, hopefully i can get it done in a day or 2. Also talked to Ichi today and he told me MOV started playing SSF4 at his place! MOV uses Ken and Balrog at the moment. Mizoteru also plays at Ichi's place...so 3 people sharing one account i assume @_@.

Ok, tired, going to take a nap..ZZZZ


  1. Great blog Air! Very useful information! Would you be interested in coming down to any of the Seattle Tournaments? We haven't had our NW majors but we'd love to see you sometime! Maybe I can plan a trip up to you? Anyways, get in contact with me sometime sir! - Mickey

  2. Hi Mickey, i would to come down sometime ^^ Let me know what you guys have planned.

  3. Air thank you so much for doing this, a suggestion about a write up i think alot of people would appreciate is how you properly should throw/use fireballs.
    And will you be at Socal Regionals by any chance?

  4. @Keffi I won't be attending the socal regionals, i wish i could :(. I dont have the money ><
    I will have the Balrog matchup done by tonight, stay tuned!
    And after the Balrog matchup, i am going to make a Ryu fundamental write up of all my knowledge and exp. I think after reading that, it will be a lot easier to understand about my match up write ups...lol