Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frightnight @ PNE

At Frightnight right now and the haunted houses arent scary enough and it costed $28. Not worth unless u are trying to get some chicks. It's a good chance to get some decent physical contacts. And if you ever want to play some rides with a chick i recommend a ride called "Music Fever". Its a ride that spins to the right in a very fast speed. Have ur girl sit on ur right side and when the ride starts the person on ur right will lean.
Anyways just to let you guys know that the match up for Balrog is done and I will post it tonight. Make sure you guys check it out.


  1. $28? WTF?!

    Thanks for the Music Fever tip, Air. Although I think I want to sit on my girl's right side. She's over 300lbs, so when the ride starts spinning I'm getting all that extra goodness pushed on me!