Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Canada Cup Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1:

Entered the money match room, saw Justin Wong and he did not know I moved back to Canada otherwise we would have teamed. But anyhow, I thought I was on the better team (Daigo and Mago) neways. Wong and I were just having some casual chat in the corner since we didn't know how to start asking for money matches.........then Gootecks came in and I had a great talk with him as well.
Mago and Daigo arrived as well, then the HighRoller Tournament starts. Ahhh..I had no idea who exactly was in the tournament...but Me..Wong, Gootecks, Mike Ross did not join. I didn't know what was their reason for not joining, but mine was because Mago was in the tournament and I knew I can't win. We all used that time to money match players on the other side of the room instead. Not long later, the money match room was closing and then me, Wong, Mike Ross, Mago and my friend Wilson went to Denny's to grab some food. We all had a great talk during the meal (Mago does not speak English but i was there to translate for him).
Finished eating and back to the hotel for @ around 4:30 am...slept....woke up at 6:30 am...don't know why...maybe the red bull i drank 9 hours ago finally kicked in...-_-...couldn't fall alseep again and it was already time for registry.

Day 2:

Took a shower and went out with my friends for breakfast. After that we went to get red bulls just to keep ourselves alive....(I WAS TIRED AS FUCK) Back to the venue..a long line up waiting to get in...already seeing Jwong money matching people in the corner -_-...then seeing Mago and Daigo busy taking pictures and signing autographs. I went to get some water, then back into the place, I was called up to play on the stream....but I didn't really wanted to because I was so tired...after I lost I went to the washroom...and when i got out of the washroom, they wanted me to play on the stream again..but i just escaped from the venue and slept on the sofa at the lobby.
Around 10 mins later, Exhibition match against Daigo, Mago and Jwong. I was representnig my hometown Vancouver, and I had to go up and play first. I didn't even try or wanted to try during the exhibition because I did not see a reason to.................(the exhibition took wayyy too long until it was over...)
Finally it was over, and it was intermission...Daigo asked me when does the team tourny starts because he wanted to grab some food...then i asked LapChi (host of Canada Cup) and it will start in around 30 mins. Then people started coming to me for autographs and pictures ( I guess they didn't know my face until i was on the stream..?) After those were done, I passed out at the lobby on the sofa.
I got woken up by Daigo and he said "Oh here you are, wake up...time to play" :(...got up..then time for team tourny. I OCV'd every team then top 4 is played next day and single starts.....won all my matches pretty smoothly until winners final...then i lost to Mike Ross...I was soooo salty man..but his Honda was a beast. Mad props...then got sent to losers, won losers final and advanced to top 8. Oh...before the winners final started...I don't remember exactly when...but there was a little short break...Me and my friends (Sam, Wilson, Derek and James Jones...i think that's it that dinners?) Gootecks and Mike Ross went to a Chinese Mall....10 mins ride from the venue...we had some great Pho. But the food came pretty late...therefore we were late for our next matches....lol...
Tournament done for the day. Top 8 for singles and top 6 for teams will be played on the final day.....then I think I didn''t eat after....n went straight to the money match room again. Made around $200+ that night and head to bed.

And here is a clip of an idea of Canada Cup

Oh yah Mike I used your video.


  1. Congratz on your strong finish in Canada Cup, Air!!

    Hey did by any chance asked Daigo about switching to Guile against Mago?

    Is it bcoz Fei Long is Ryu's worst match up?? (I thought it was Dhalsim or Rose)?


  3. Guile's just a really strong character in SSFIV whereas Ryu isn't. A lot of characters have or gained tools that can get around fireballs which is why Ryu has such a tough time in SSFIV. But most if not all of those tools don't work on Guile simply because his Sonic Boom recovers too quickly. Guile is basically the character to go to if you want an all-around zoning-oriented character in SSFIV.

  4. Also, lol trading DP with Honda's j.HP. Thanks, Capcom.

  5. hey air, you look familiar. do you ever play at eSpot in Richmond? Cheers.

  6. @aldyk314 Daigo had to switch to Guile against Msgo because Fei Long vs Ryu is a 7:3 matchup Fei's favour according to Mago.

    @Forwarding Yes i do..i am from Richmond, BC.

  7. @Terence & Air

    Gotcha. thanks for explaining

    Damn 7:3...that's even worst than Dhalsim-Ryu match up

    I am actually thinking of learning 1 other character just to counter Shim

    What about Guile vs Shim? I heard it's bad for Guile, is it worst than Ryu vs Shim match up?

  8. not sure if you are comfortable of stating this in public, but when do you usually go practice there at eSpot? It would be great to have an opportunity to play a pro like you there. Cheers.

  9. @Forwarding I don't really play vanilla right now..(i don't even play at home...)but usually i show up every Friday night.

  10. I remember vividly this one time, a few months ago, I went to espot and got my ass kicked by you, a few times in a row and I was asking my girlfriend to go to the other side to check who the heck my opponent was :p

    Air, is there another place in Vancouver where people or pros like you go and play ssf4?

  11. few months ago? I don't think it was me tho...since i came back from Japan a month+ a week only....
    I think everybody just plays in espot or at somebody's house for gatherings