Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Canada Cup Final Day

Final Day:

Man I got 7 hours of sleep and i felt pretty good. This was the final day of the tournament! Got down to the lobby, went to grab some food at the restaurant inside the hotel...(forgot wut it's called) but they have some really DAMN GOOD food! Especially the soup! I loved it!!!
Ate at the venue while waiting for the Top 4 team tourney to start...and our opponent was Spiral Guy's Fanclub and I thought i can probably OCV this team as well though I wasn't underestimating any of them. Last round against JS Master...first day he told me he reads my blog and a lot of insight of my Ryu vs Balrog matchup..and day before JS putting Jwong in losers, i gave him mad respect...therefore the last round I did an overhead trying to finish him off assuming he knows about the free poke of low forward on Balrog's wakeup...but he did a wakeup EX headbutt that killed me...and lead to a reversal OCV taking out Mago and Daigo...

The reversal OCV by JS Master. A 1k worth of wakeup EX headbutt on me...damn i am salty

So basically I OCV'd every team until we got taken out...Mago and Daigo didn't beat one person...sad face -_-....thought I was on the 100% winning team...but o well~
Coming down with the last two teams, Team USA and Team Spiral Guy's Fanclub..2 out of 3 for grandfinals i think...and i believed Jwong went up first and just OCV'd twice and took first place for his team.
Intermission time...I think this is when the cosplay contest started it..but I missed out cause I think I was warming up getting ready for the single's finalist.
And it starts................
They started off with the losers first ( OH YES ME ) and my first match was against Justin Wong ( -_- )..
and luckily I eliminated him and hoping to win whoever I play against next match.

Air vs Jwong (Losers)

Daigo and Mago then put both Mike Ross and JS Master into losers.....and I had to play Mike Ross AGAIN! Because I was put into losers by Mike Ross, so I wasn't a little bit scared and nervous against him..and I got eliminated by Mike Ross and I hella choked... :(. But as i said before, Mike Ross was damn good with this match up...Daigo didn't beat him easily so I have no shame losing to Mike. MIKE ROSS IS THE BEST!!

Air vs Mike Ross (Losers)

So yah...Daigo won the tournament and beat Mago 3-0 with Guile...congratz to him.

Tournament over, me and my friends head back to our hotel rooms and rested for a bit..then we head to the after party , @TUBBY DOGS. (Will also post about Tubby dogs, stay tuned.)

In here I have to say sorry to the people I promised to do an interview with....I did not forget but there wasn't really enough time to do it..I am so sorry and I will make it up next time!


  1. damn those command grabs from honda really got you on the last round XD.

  2. Man, maybe the next character match up post should be Ryu vs Honda. That match up makes me cringe every time I have to play against Honda.

  3. I saw all your games in youtube and i can say u do overhead like 70% of time to kill enemy, and in canada cap u did it not ones. Maybe he found out it too.

  4. i liked gootenks comment the unblockable tatsu>super!

  5. @kyo717 nah i can't, the poll is over and Guile won the vote. So I gotta right guile's matchup

    @Anton exactly right, i didn't do any overheads to finish...and i assume JS knows about the low forward on wake up too...fuck, gave him respect, I WAS WRONG!Should had just played anybody like i should

  6. Fight the match-up and not the player, right? Haha.

  7. Nice matches man. That Justin Wong match was so awesome. By the way, what so you think of Daigo switching to Guile in the finals? Do you think that Dhalsim is too much of a bad matchup for Ryu?

  8. @okur he used guile in the finals is because according to mago, fei long 7:3 ryu
    and yes..dhalsim is one of the worst matchup for Ryu as well

  9. Great blog Air, its great to read the insight of a player such as yourself. Don't worry about the interviews, we'll meet up sometime before we're done filming the doc.

  10. @Sentrosiproduction Thx for the compliment. Yah, we'll do the interview when we have a chance to meet up