Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tubby Dogs

This is the after party and I had a lot of fun. I am not really a "party" person....don't really like crowds and loud noise..but this party was different some how, i really enjoyed my time being there.
So when I entered Tubby Dog, I think it was Mago vs JS matching..whoever loses drinks? Then i was just chilling and people came up to me and chat..then people started chanting "Air , air , air ....", so I went on to play and it was against Jwong..and since I am allergic to alcohol they made it s 20 PUSH UP match. It was a random vs random match...Wong got Adon and I got Zangief...and HELL NO i had no idea how to use Zangief..don't even know his commands so I had to look pu the command list..and as expected I got BODIED. Though Mago was trying to coach me on the side :/.

Damn it was tiring :/
Then MIKE ROSS THE BEST WALKED IN!!! He can't drink as well, so our match became another 20 push up match! Now it's my revenge!

MUHAHAHHAA, I LOST AGAIN and made myself do more push ups...retarded!

Later in the night, more people came up to me and asked if I "Blaze" or can they buy me a beer..but so sorry, i do not blaze nor can drink...but I was happy for the offers ^^. Did some more money matches, chilling with everybody, having a great time. Also took some pictures outside of Tubby Dogs, here is one of me and Ross.

After no more money matches going on, I played casuals with my sub characters and I had so much fun. Me and my friends Wilson and Eric then left back to the hotel, then went out to Denny's with James Jones and Marion + 2 more of their friends. Meh...basically that's it...sleep...wake up...catch the afternooon flightt....back to Vancouver.

People were very friendly @ Canada cup, I had so much fun. Thanks for Lapchi and the Calgary people for making this happen. Can't wait for next year's and hopefully some of you guys can come down to Vancouver and let's chill again by then. Cheers


  1. That sounds like an awesome nite
    Ssf4 party...Man, I hope we can get one of these after the EVO next year

    BTW EVO 2011 is in Japan rite?

  2. awesome videos!!
    lol, u guys r crazy!

  3. @aldyk314 there's actually two Evo next in Spring in Japan and then the usual one summer in Vegas
    I might be able to attend both, see how my schedule and $$$ works out ..-_-

  4. when is Evo Japan?
    let me save up some cash!!!