Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Los Angeles Day 1

(Jan 12, 2011) Day 1:

My friend Wilson (meatonacone) and I were supposed to catch the flight from Vancouver straight to L.A @ 7:00am, but unluckily it was cancelled due to a snow storm (IT WAS MAD CRAZY). Therefore, without a choice we had to take a different flight where we had to first fly to Calgary and transfer to L.A.
We finally arrived LAX @ 1:00pm and our impression of L.A was BAD! When we were waiting for our baggage, we were looking for a cart and that shit was $5. We were like WTF! Anywhere we traveled before, a cart @ an airport is FREE!! Hell no we’re not paying for that shit. We then got out of the airport, the weather was beautiful, and we hopped on to our shuttle bus to our hotel. Once we got into our hotel rooms, we both passed out…Zzzzz…(I was supposed to call Gootecks first thing..) *The reason why we went couple days earlier before WCW it’s because I had some business to do with Gootecks ;)*

 @ around 5:00pm Gootecks sent us a message “WHERE THE FUCK R YOU GUYS”.. we messaged him and he will pick us up at 8ish which was 3 hours later…therefore Wilson and I went to look for some food…and we were actually too hungry to look for one, so we just ate at the restaurant inside the hotel. MY GOD, it was expensive and it tasted so bad….we already wanted to head back to Vancouver!

After dinner we got out of the hotel and trying to look for a super market because I was stupid enough to forget to bring my socks! (THERE WAS A FUCKING BURERKING RIGHT OUTSIDE OF OUR HOTEL *SHAKESFIST*) We were walking on the road…and Oh man…there weren’t any pedestrians..we were like walking targets, praying not to get robbed/shot @_@. It took us a good 20 minute to get to the supermarket and we got some food/drinks and of course, my socks. Gootecks messaged again saying that he’ll arrive we hurried back to the hotel and waited for him.

Gootecks and Mike Ross arrived and I was surprised that Mike was actually the driver (I thought Gootecks was coming alone) We got on the car, and our plan was heading to Combofiend’s place and shoot the great “Excellent Adventure”. I finally get to meet Combofiend in person, I heard about him a lot through Kim1234 when I was in Japan. I couldn’t believe how good he was, and all he uses are low tiers. On top of that, he’s hella funny that I couldn’t stop laughing when I was around him. After the shootings we went to get some Tacos (it was mad delicious).

ComboFiend's house's back alley. Looks mad shady!!

Mike Ross took me and Wilson to try out SSF4 AE because we still don’t have it in our scene yet L. Quite a lot of players down there…got to play Marn’s Yun and Flash Metroid’s Viper in AE..and damn Ryu is so bad in AE…it’s like a different character L (Will post up the videos of me trying out AE once it’s uploaded).
Arcade closes, and Mike took us back to the hotel (40 mins ride) thank you so much to Mike I had such a fun day and my impression of L.A starting to change….seems like LAX is where it sux…not L.A. 


  1. Day 1... started out pretty bad and tiring, but ended up pretty good huh?

    Yeah usually hotel food is hella expensive and isn't that good...

    Go rest some more and type the rest up later! =D

  2. lol, your not the only one suprize paying money for a cart.... It use to be $2 back in the 90's
    Anyways, good write up mate, and YES RYU IS BAD IN AE!!! :(
    Yu should come to Australia and New Zealand if you get a chance :)

  3. @zos ya, it's totally new to me paying for a cart....
    i would luv to come down :D

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  6. Hmm, when is Gootecks gonna upload the Excellent Adventures with you in it?

    They've already skipped passed WCW it seems with the Flash Metroid vids ...

  7. haha, I know this is kinda late, I'm just catchin up on your adventures, but yeah, welcome to L Freakin A. LAX sucks bad, you should land in Ontario next time. It's closer to O.C., by the way, where and when's your next tourney that you're gonna come to down here?