Thursday, January 20, 2011

Los Angeles Day 2

(Jan 13, 2011) Day 2:

Woke up and Gootecks picked us up to meet up with Mike Ross and Flash “Peter” Metroid for some authentic Japanese Ramen! It’s been a longgg time since I had some real good ramen. After we finished our meal, we went for some Bubble Tea…the place where Gootecks planned to take us closed down…so we went to one that he never tried…and it was mad disgusting (I didn’t order any, but Wilson and Peter said it was crap….)

Steve on the left and my brother Mike Ross.
That's Meatonacone "Wilson's" nose btw

Gootecks "Ryan"
Flash "Peter" Metroid

Freakin Delicious Ramen

Bubble Tea Place

Went to Round 1 arcade (I couldn’t believe L.A would have one of Japanese’s biggest arcade franchise  “Round 1”….sooo jealous L ) to play SSF4AE (This was almost night time, so don’t feel awkward when I mention about dinner later in this paragraph…) There were 4 cabinets at round one but one was basically just 2 cabinets :/ …there were so many players and it takes hella long to wait till your turn…got to try out Yang…Sagat. Later we went to eat dinner at a Chinese Café with Gootecks, Mike, Flash, Combofiend and Meatoncone. The food at the restaurant was pretty good, tasted like the ones I ate at Vancouver but cheaper :D.

UFO catcher at Round 1

Bowling Ring @ Round 1

More UFO Catchers

The Chinese restaurant we ate @

Gootecks and Combo "Peter" Fiend

Back to Round 1, Jwong, Floe, Noel Brown, and more were at the arcade which made the wait line MUCH LONGER… and of course Jwong was dominating everybody with his Yang. Basically we just played whole day at Round 1 then this night having Gootecks to bring us back to our hotel.  Thx for bringing us around this day Gootecks. The next day we will move our hotel to where the venue is, “Double Tree”.
Wilson and I slept at around 5:30 cause we watched 3 episodes of “Saved by the Bell” lol…

Saved by the bell