Saturday, January 22, 2011

Los Angeles Day 3: Westcoast Warzone

Day 3

Wilson (meatonacone) and I woke up and Gootecks came pick us up to eat some Pho and for the first time...."THAI TEA". It was the first time we heard of it and we were sure that Vancouver does not have this on the menu.

After the delicious lunch, we went to check in to our new hotel where the venue is held, "Double Tree". Put our baggages in our room and then off we go to check out the venue. First we met JuiceBox and then Iplaywinner stream guys...and the venue was getting ready to be set up n then while we sat and wait Gootecks introduced us Keno (BEST BALROG IN NA!!!) and this Dhalsim player...(so sorry that i forgot your name.......).

No setups
We were pretty bored and we didn't wanna stay at the venue since it's our trip...then we heard about this arcade from Gootecks called "DAVE and BUSTERS" and he told us not to get our hopes up. Dang...we went there...that arcade was worse than "CHUCKY CHEESE". After we checked out that shitty arcade we got out and did some shopping at "THE BLOCK"

The Block
We went into "H&M" and bought some clothes there because they have more MEN clothes than the one in Vancouver and it was DIRTTTTT CHEAP

Inside H&M
At first i just wanted to get some T-shirts cause they were on sale for $5..and while walking near the cashier, I encountered a jacket that i really really like....i took a look at the price was $70....I was mad broke so I didn't bother trying it on. But then Wilson was like "Oh this looks good, why don't you try it on"..then I was like..alright..why not? N then i went into the fitting room, MY GOD, I loved the jacket sooo much, it makes me look SOOOO hot and sexy :)

Me in the jacket

Hot & Sexy Guy
I am not really a guy who shop for clothes...but it's been a long long time that I encountered something that i like. Even though it was a bit pricey for me, I couldn't resist from buying it :(, so yep I bought it and that's basically the only jacket that i wore for the whole weekend :).
Right after shopping we head back to our hotel, relaxed and changed. Down back to the venue, met the organizers John Rog and Kai (you guys are the best, thank you for hosting). Chilled at the venue for a bit while everybody was busy setting up, we called JS master and then us 3 plus Gootecks went to eat dinner. 

Madcatz was setting up as well

multiple of setups

After dinner, back to the venue and people started to show up

People showing up
then started to play teams until midnight. After the tourney was over..we went to eat Pho again..and of course, Thai tea. Once again back to the hotel, went to the MM stream in Online Tony's room with, and Wilson (meatonacone) and Hugo101 were commentating.
*Mike Ross was with us the whole night after the tourney was over, thx for everything again brother*.

To be continued......Day 4


  1. Mar and I had Thai Tea at EVO. We got ripped off. =( It wasn't that bad, but it was expensive as shit. I think it was $7 a glass...? It was mostly just ice too.

  2. Dude, if you like clothes, you should also try Uniqlo (Jill Sander design collaboration) for main pieces, they are really cool and not too cheap looking (without killing your wallet)