Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Final Round Day 1:

It was such a longggg flight to get to Atlanta...had to take the early flight from Vancouver to Toronto..then connect flight to Atlanta. took around 5+ hrs to get to Toronto...then just hr an a half to Atlanta from Toronto which is not too bad...however it was delayed of 2 hours. I know I was already late for teams and hoping my team could stay alive until i arrive.

Anyways....finally arrived to Atlanta airport and right away received a message from Flash Metroid saying "WE NEED YOU ASAP!!" then i replied that i just landed...STILL in the plane.....before the plane stops, MARN called again and asked "WHERE ARE YOU" (I guess Flash and Marn did not communicate with each other...?!" At last the plane stopped, I ran as fast as I could to claim my baggage and Mr.Marn called me again and asked where I was...then I told him I was waiting for my baggage..blah blah blah...and STILL waiting for my luggage...TOOK FOREVER to spit that shit out. And of course, not long later, Marn called again and asked "ARE YOU COMING"....I said "FUCK, YES!!"....finally got my luggage than I hopped on a cab and rushed to the venue/hotel.

Got to the hotel, dragged my luggage to the venue...lots of greetings from everybody and good to see some familiar faces. My team is next to play on the stream and I was hoping I can warm up before hand...but there weren't any setups available for me to do so.
It was against Sanford's Team (Sanford/Banana Ken/Wolfkrone)...Marn went up first and he totally had Banana Ken...some flashy combos cost his game...Flash got raped...I got a round but totally can't perform properly without sleeping for a day and not warming up at all :(. We got put into losers and let's not go into details......
Yes...we got eliminated....right away i went to check in for my hotel room, took a shower and change my clothes.
Got back down to the venue and trying to look for food...realized there's NO FOOD so i walked out of the hotel and found Mcdonalds. Ate a meal then back to the venue...I believe it was streaming Mvc3 Teams and I wasn't really interested in watching..played some casuals of SSF4 until tournament was over. Venue closed, and i head straight to bed...

*P.S. the tournament was on PS3, GG!!*


  1. damn mate, some rough times... but shit happens, especially with flight delays.
    But its okay^^ ther eis always a next time and I'm sure you will do better :) this shit happens to me all the time and lets not get into details either haha.
    I'm with you on MvC3, its a laughable game and fun, but definitely not suitable for competitive gamers in my perspective.
    Also I would liek to thank you for donating to teh Japan Earth quake, proud of you.

  2. I was wondering why you were in as anchor. I think you would have done much better as 1st/2nd, at the very least less pressure after barely having made it from the airport.

    Resting/warming up is very important. Sucks that you had to play under those conditions.. I kind of had to do the same for top 16 :(

    I know how well you perform, I hope to play you again sometime.

    Banana Ken

  3. @Jose we didn't even have a strategy...marn just got up n played...and then he lost and Flash went up..i was like..oh ok so i am anchor. :/