Thursday, March 17, 2011

Final Round Day 2:

Woke up at around 9 am...tired but happy because I can get McDonald breakfast!! I remember breakfast ends at 10:30, therefore I decided to take another 30 mins of sleep....and FUCK I woke up at 11 and missed breakfast time.....

I don't eat any of these except sausage n egg btw...
Got up, showered and head down to the venue to check which pool I was in. Asked a staff, and found out that I was in Pool 1, however you can only know which pool you are in and can't find out who is in the same pool..but I was like meh, doesn't matter. 
Went to Mcdonald to eat...and got stared by several people with the FR14 badge on, and I can read their lips whispering to each other saying "Yo, it's Air, he's eating over there....blah blah blah"...and yes I do eat Mcdonalds like any other normal people...

Head back to the venue and SSF4 singles started. I won my way through winners semi without a problem. It took a while before I can actually play semi because it was still streaming the Mvc3 teams...had to wait till that was over until SSF4 being streamed. Semi I had to play a Fei-Long, a bad matchup for Ryu, but i managed to pull it off. Then winners final playing Wolfkrone...I bodied him the first set and got the 2nd set's first round without a problem....and it was my match point. I lost that round with 50% lead while Wolfkrone had 1 pixel of life.....I meant to do an ex fireball and a normal fireball came out...and he jumped over full combo into ultra with Viper..I died. When I lost that round I was like...OmG...that's it...momentum is on his side and even god is on his side...and yes I got put into losers....I fell apart after I lost that set. 
Whenever I get put into losers...that's it..I fell apart and can't compete with confident no more....then my next opponent is my Demon..."Mike Ross" for losers final. And again I lost to him and got eliminated from the tournament placing 17th :(...However, thx to Kim1234 now I know what I am doing wrong generally and I will stay strong from now on even if I am in losers!

Got a bit salty, went for some water and back to the venue...people came up to me and asked for advices for their next match (they're Ryu users) and for casuals. Can't really remember the details...then some how I went to PR Rog's room (PR Rog wasn't there just his friends and I) and we did some MM along with few more different players. Won all my MMs until I fought Ryan Hunter's Cody, I lost 1-2...his Cody was really good and I am pretty ass at that match up. Later in the night PR Rog came back to the room and I MMed him...he just ran me over 3-0...I totally got bodied, his reactions were on point and he's very good against shoto. (Balrog is one of my worst match up too) :/. More and more people came into the room but it was mid night and I only ate one meal for the whole day, so a lot of people and I went to dinner. 
After dinner we went to another money match room with people I don't know.....did some MM with them as well and then I head back to my room and slept...didn't really sleep since I got on the flight.....exhausted.....zzzzzzzZZZZZZ be continued 

NO I do not have a teddy bear


  1. i barely saw you on the stream. seemed like MVC3 took up most of the time. when it got down to losers and winners finals in SSF4 didn't see you around figure you lost somewhere in the brackets:(

    sounded like you had a rough time in ATL :(

  2. @chargr383 i had fun, but did not do so great in the tourney. O well, next time...i gotta practice hard

  3. you did great even if you didn't win

  4. even if you didn't place in teams or singles, with the MM wins would you say your trip was a success?

  5. i can't say my trip is not a success nor a success...just the fact that i know i can advance farther in the tourney and this is the first tournament where i didn't place top 16 since SBO....i've joined over 10 tournaments (including online ones)..I don't really care about rankings...but i guess when i lost like that i actually cared.

  6. Don't worry, Air. I'm sure you'll get even further the next time around!

    Too bad I missed the entire event this past weekend...

  7. well, it's good to hear you're not taking it too poorly (hence the loser.jpg lol). but I just got your guide to Ryu DVD in the mail. sorry I didn't buy it from your page. I didn't know about that until well after I purchased it off of