Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final Round Final Day:

Hmm....I guess because I barely had any sleep the last couple days....I woke up @ 5 pm....I got up..showered and was almost 6 pm when I got down to the venue. Met some of the people who I MMed yesterday and they told me I missed top 16 for SSF4 already :( and knowing that Wolfkrone made top 3...of course I was happy for him..but if I didn't make that stupid mistake against him.......
Anyways, played some money matched at the venue right after I played I went to Mcdonald's AGAIN for food. (ATE FUCKING MCDONALDS OVER 5 TIMES IN 2 DAYS, WTF). After my "breakfast" I head back to Final Round and Mvc3 top 16 was starting so I watched the whole thing congratz to ComboFiend...
Mvc3 Top 16


Madcatz's stand

When the venue was closed, all the top players including me :) went to this pub where they are famous for seafood...MY GOD...that place is GOD LIKE! Thank you for Sherry paying for my dinner :D. 


HOT WINGS FROM HELL!!! It wasn't even spicy -_-

After the dinner, I went for more games because I overheard a MM room :). When I got in the room, it was actually Strider801's room. Fchamp , Wolfkrone, Ryan Hunter, Banana Ken and more other around 4 am we got kicked out because Strider has to sleep and catch his early flight. I went back to my room and crashed......ZZZzzzzzz

Woke up the next morning, ate at a very famous restaurant in downtown, CHICKEN AND WAFFLES...we (Me, PR Rog, Floe, Jwong and Sherry) waited for almost an hour to be seated...and it worth the wait because the food was GODLIKE. After the meal, we took the cab and head to the airport, we got of at different terminals because I am heading to Canada~~~~ Had a great time at Atlanta! See you next year 

MM and Casuals

A lot of people but only going to write down the noticeable players


   Air 1-1 Sanford Kelly (Sagat)
Air 3-2 Wolfkrone (Viper)
    Air 0-3 PR Rog (Balrog) <- This guy is god like against shotos
   Air 1-2 Ryan Hunter (Cody)<- God like Cody, knows the Ryu match up very well
Air 3-2 Banana Ken (Ken)
Air 3-1 NeoKarsh (Sagat)
    Air 0-3 Strider801 (Abel) HATE THIS MATCH UP
Air 1-2 FChamp (Dhalsim)
   Air 2-5 Tokido (Akuma) Lost basically to the unblockable setup...

I am pretty sure I am missing some more names....but I am writing this after a week + of the event, so excuse me :D


  1. Balrog matchup is gay...I have one here in NZ that knows the shoto matchup really well too...

    Abel is also pretty lame match for me.

    oh and Tokido cheats... I was caught with that unblockable when I played him in japan earlier this year >.> gave me that dirty smile lol :P

    Its good to see you had a good time, hope you have some vids coming soon :)

  2. Fighting Dhalsim is so annoying.