Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calgary Day 1:

Day 1:

Went to Calgary a day before Marvel Madness with my friend Lawrence who has never joined a big tournament before. We went at night time because it's just next province and a 1 hour + duration flight. Unluckily....flight got delayed AGAIN so I called my friend Andreas to pick us up again lol...then we went to have some PHO and back to the airport. Perfect timing to board out flight....but it got DELAYED again so this time we just sat and wait till we get to board! The plane finally arrived and we hopped on. It took us no time and we arrived Calgary. My friends Johnny and Sam picked us up at the airport and drove us to their friend's place Josh to play some casuals.
Josh has a really really awesome apartment with high ceilings...sooo jealous :). Josh is actually a Mvc3 player and i totally got bodied...had no idea what was going on. Not after long, more people showed up (sorry I forgot the names) and we had an extra setup and I played SSF4 with Sam, Lawrence and Johnny. We played until we were hungry then we went to get some Thai food which was really really good IMO. After the meal we went back to Josh's and played more games. It was around 2ish am and we were fairly tired and didn't want to out drain ourselves before the tournament tomorrow, therefore we decided to leave. Thanks for having us Josh.
Johnny than drove Sam back home and took Lawrence and I back to his place because that's where we are staying. Bed and blankets were all ready, very very amazing hospitality from both Sam and Johnny! Thx for everything again!

to be continued.......

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