Friday, March 25, 2011

Calgary Day 2: Marvel Madness

Woke up around 10 am...very cold morning dressed and Johnny took Lawrence and I to the venue. I entered the venue, saw a lot of familiar faces and then someone from behind tap my shoulder and it was Marn. Talked to him a little then also talked to Gootecks and Jozhear about being on the SSF4 3 v 3 team. Since the tournament is not going to happen anytime soon according to LapChi, Johnny took us for breakfast @ McDonalds (I luv Mac's Breakfast).
As I thought, like any big tournaments, never on schedule....I was playing casuals and finally the exhibition started...I believe it was Calgary vs Edmonton...I didn't watch any of it because my eyes were really tired....didn't have much sleep AS ALWAYS...
Teams started and we advanced to Top 4 without much difficulties..then Mvc3 teams follow. All the casuals turned from SSF4 to it basically leave me no choices but to PLAY that game...I couldn't beat anybody in casuals because I had no idea what was going on....I only played this game the first day it was launched for approximately 2 hours in training mode then at my friend's place....since then I left it collecting dust in the corner of my room. Anyways.....I went up to Justin Wong and all he did was change up my team's rotation and some basic strategies and combos....(I can do combos without a problem in this game) and immediately I went to try out the things he told me about....AMAZINGLY I won my first casual of the day. Thanks for Jwong's advices and I can't believe just some small changes made a big difference....
I challenged more and more different players and I managed to win more and more. Before mvc3 teams ended....I got a 23 wins streak and I was getting the hang of the game...(Like I kinda know what is going on)..Anyhow,  finally my best game SSF4 single starts...
Fought my way through winners final, I bump into James Chen. His Cammy was a very tough opponent to me and unluckily he failed his Dive Kick command on my wake up that cost the round and I advanced to winners top 8 (Lucky me) :D.
After all the top 8 finalist have advanced, Mvc3 was about to start...I got up to LapChi and I told him, "You know what, I want to enter for Marvel's Singles......" I decided to enter with my 5 hours game played! OMG...they put me on the FUCKING stream and I already said I am a scrub in this game........................
my first match, I got bodied SOOO hard and got put into losers.......

My match starts in the middle of this clip

However, I won my match in losers....and then I played on the stream again.

The Tron combo was so fucking long so meanwhile I decided to check my cell phone :P

I got bodied the first set and then I won my second set and I was SOOOO close to win the last set.....:(....GOD I hate this game no joke....I am just playing it because it's like the new hype right now + every tournament I join there's going to be both SSF4 and MvC3....I mean why not be part of it instead of sitting there and watch 8 hours of it!
Ahh....I forgot where I ate I am going to skip that part...anyways...when I came back Mvc3 singles was still happening if I didn't remember wrong and Jwong invited me to stay at his place because he got his room upgraded to a suite. So that night me..Jwong, Marn and Lawrence stayed there......and again, thx for Johnny and Sam for bringing us around! Awesome hospitality! You guys have to come down to Vancouver one day!

and I was preparing for the next day's Top 8 of SSF4 in my be continued...

p.s I had no MM at all that day...I believe it's because people MMed me before @ Canada Cup and they don't see a purpose nemore or something.....-_-.......and I scratched my freaking ankle when I got out of the car! F****************************** ice!


  1. What's your Mvc3 team?

  2. @tanquocho x-23 Dante wesker for now...
    reason = x-23 is hot, Dante is a main character in Devil May Cry, and Wesker just looks too cool in this game!

    I think i will change up my team when i understand this game more, but since Marvel Madness, I only played it for a couple hours and never touched it again yet :(

  3. LOL checking your cellphone was the most badass thing I have ever seen LOL!