Saturday, March 26, 2011

Calgary Day 3: Marvel Madness Finale

Day 3:

Got woken up by the water noise from the washroom, was Marn showering. If I remember correctly it was 9:30 am and by 10:30 everybody was dressed. Not long later, James Chen also entered in our room and all of us had some casuals talk while waiting for Lapchi's arrival to bring us to the venue. At around 11:20? Lapchi arrived and took us to this HUGE restaurant for DIM SUM. It was some very good food, thank you Lapchi for paying!
Once we got in the venue, Justin double checked to see who he is playing for singles.....WE WERE TOLD THAT I WOULD PLAY MARN and HE PLAYS JOZHEAR but ONCE AGAIN, we got put into the same bracket for some weird reason and we get to face each other again! Hmmmm....its been like that SINCE SBO, so somehow we were not surprised! Anwaysssss...................teams for SSF4 started first, we faced our first opponent, and Jozhear and I took them out, we advanced into Grand Final and faced Team USA (Jwong, Marn, James). Before we played in the grandfinals, me and Gootecks were warming up ourselves and we were ready! Gootecks went up first with his Balrog and did a fantastic job taking out both Marn and James leaving Jwong left, so it was a 3 v 1. We were confident taking the champ home, but Jwong's unique Adon reversal OCV'd and placed second in teams. 
Mvc3 teams was before SSF4 singles so I went to play SF casuals just to prepare myself for singles and to prepare for Jwong's Adon. I watched the a bit of the Mvc3 just to try and learn more about that game...Team USA takes it for Mvc3 as well, congratz....and singles for SSF4 starts right after. Facing Jwong first match was a bit nervous because I believe he is my hardest opponent in this tournament and I do not want to be put into losers! 

Beat Jwong and then faced Marn

Marn using Balrog is sure a good strategy because it's one of my weakest match up, but an hour before the singles started...I had like 30 mins of Balrog session with nice try Marn :). Advanced into GF awaiting for my opponent...and as expected, Jwong again...

It was mind blowing when Jwong picked Dan..I was actually really scared...Dan one of the few characters I have the least experience with and Jwong's strategy totally worked and got me 2 sets with Dan. I would be more comfortable and confident if he chose the more common characters...anyway, GOOD JOB Air for taking the Champ home for Canada, WHEEEEE

Maybe I was a bit too nervous so I had a headache afterwards so I just sat down and rest enjoying the Mvc3 singles. (I hate playing this game, but I always loved watching it though ^^) The GF between Jwong vs Marn was really hyped and congratz to Jwong taking more of the Canadian's $$$
Award ceremony started and after we got awarded I head back to Jwong's room to get my baggages (the Americans are leaving early morning tomorrow) then head back to Johnny's and leave my baggages there and off we went to the after party hosted at a Karaoke bar. Ate food and played some casuals of both Mvc3 and SF, but I was really really tired to continue playing so I just sat and rest during the last half of the party.
*I AM SERIOUSLY ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL, no point of me lying so....anyways, thanks for people offering me drinks, but next time soft drinks or juices are appreciated*
Finally the party ended, and Sam dropped me and Johnny home, and I passed out.

Final Day:

The plan was to wake up around 11am and have lunch with Sam and Johnny then check out the new built shopping mall around the airport before I catch my flight at 3pm...but I woke up at 1 pm and totally ruined our original scheduled plan :(...sorry Sam and Johnny...
Johnny drove and picked up Sam at his place then we rushed to the to the airport around 2 and we were running out of time, but we still managed to eat lunch at the food court. They both took me to the gate and farewell. Once again THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING JOHNNY AND SAM!! <3 no homo


  1. watching your Ryu is always awesome and as Gootecks pointed out; after watching the DVD I have a much better understanding of what's going on behind the scenes (that is, what's going on inside your head, I guess). anyways, nice job winning SSF4 singles. I, as well, am not a fan of MvC3 so for me SSF4 singles was the biggest event of Canada Cup despite the fact that JWong may have been sand-bagging a little bit.