Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ryu vs Rose


This is one of my bad matchup..and I am sure it is to a lot of Ryu players out there because that’s why you guys voted it on the poll. I would say this is 6:4 match up in Rose’s favor if she picks U2.  I had so much trouble against her and I couldn’t understand the match up. However, the person who taught me this match up was Daigo at Canada Cup. This is what he said to me when I asked him about the match up, “I don’t really know the match up myself because I don’t play against Roses enough” But he still managed to give me some useful INFO like they are predicting with their reflects against fireballs thrown @ mid screen(I always thought they can react to it) and Rose actually cannot reflect to Ryu’s ex fireball unless it’s an ex Soul Reflect. Even though it’s just some basic info, it totally helped my game against Rose.

Ground Game:

Far Range/Full Screen: Don’t throw fireball otherwise you are just giving Rose some free meters….either you can whiff jab Srk to build meter or focus her projectiles for your ultra meter. Other than that, slowly walk towards to push her near the corner.

Mid Range: This is where you want to throw fireball just to make her block and mess up her reflect timing. Her low strong is very powerful that it beats most of Ryu’s normals. Ryu’s low strong at best trades against her low strong but usually loses to it. If you are beating her move with low strong it’s because you are hitting her before she does. Really depends on who presses the button faster......however, Ryu’s far st.strong and far st.forward kick can beat Rose’s low strong clean if timed + spaced correctly.

Close Range: Rose has very fast low jabs and short, therefore it makes her extremely hard to be frame trapped. She has a scary frame trap with her st.forward mixes up with her kara throw at this range, other than that she doesn’t have much options but to end her poke string with low strong into Soul Spiral or throw which is not as fearsome.


Soul Spark: Very slow recovery…ex fireball or forward jump air tatsu works well.

Ex Version: Faster recovery with 2 hits….however forward jump air tatsu will work well.

Soul Spiral (Drill): No invincibility start-up, usually use to end a poke string for chip. It’s usually safe on block unless the drill stops at very close range.

Ex Version: Has invincibility on start-up, however can be beat with Ryu’s “perfect timed (slightly delayed)” meaty st.Rh kick. The ex version Drill is not safe on block, therefore Ryu can punish it with low jab > combo

Soul Reflect: Reflects fireball, but can’t reflect Ryu’s ex fireball.

Ex Version:  Can reflect ex fireball

Against Ultra 1: This ultra goes through fireball and it’s a really good to use against AA. Think before you throw each fireball and it’s always a bad idea jumping on Rose in any circumstances.

Against Ultra 2: This is probably by far the gayest Ultra in the game. It is a 5 frame ultra with invincible on start-up that has no recovery, therefore allowing her to block instantly plus it destroys mix-ups. (a.k.a a get out of jail free card). Once she has ultra meter, expect a wakeup ultra after every knock down. Play at your safest distance and don’t risk trying to attack. However, you can easily bait them with empty jump ins or being beside them on their wake up just to make them activates it.

On Ryu’s Wakeup:
Rose has practically no mix ups but throw and frame traps on Ryu. Any of Rose’s jump-in attack on Ryu’s wakeup can be AA with Mp SRK. 

Mind games and Option Select:

After each knock down, jump in OS hurricane kick would be great to punish her back dash + pushes her in the corner.  On ground, if it’s not at zero distance OS sweep will whiff. Therefore Ryu’s st.rh becomes a very useful tool countering her back dash (even if she focus back dashes, since the kick has 2 hits, she will have to take it) and as I mentioned above, a timed meaty st.rh beats her ex Soul Spiral which means 1 kick covers two things. On top of that, this kick also somewhat works “OK” against Rose’s ultra 2. Well first of all, if you do it as a WILL get hit by one of the orbs, BUT! Rose cannot connect to anything because of the block stun + the range being pushed back to. If she mashes on any normal trying to connect a combo off the orb that hit Ryu, it will not work and her ultra 2 will somehow trades with Ryu’s st.rh. Calculating your own health, taking some damage might be worth it depending how you want to play this match up or what strategies you are trying to use.
As I always say, don’t forget about simple cross up jump in attacks, IT WORKS! Also mid range fireball pressure mixing with ex fireball is important in order to control this match up. Not forget to mention that safe jump also works against Rose even when she has U2. If activated, Ryu can still block in time and it forces her to waste an orb.

*You can also use st.LK to make Rose's Lk drill whiffs like below video 0.11*

Things to be aware of:

Playing at far range is impossible against Rose, she can totally zone you out. Play him like how you should play against Sagat, keep walking forward to push her in the corner and block low while doing that incase she uses her slide on you. Her slide, if it’s not done at max distance it is punishable with Ryu’s fierce SRK. Rose’s main normal, low strong has fast recovery, therefore it is almost impossible to punish on whiff unless PSYCHIC!

*I don’t know this match up too well to be honest….I still have a lot of trouble and find this match up hard. Feel free to add your opinion in the comment box below or let me know what I am missing so I can learn as well. CHEERSSSS*


  1. Extremely hard to beat a Rose who knows Ryu matchup.
    I've seen Daigo lose badly to Louffy's Rose in vanilla (when Ryu was OP and Rose UP)

  2. Well yeah but after the beating, Daigo went to training mode for 2 hours to figure out Rose's attacks and eventually bodied Louffy in Losers Bracket and also 2vs2.

  3. Hey, Air another useful bit, Rose's C MP> Spiral isnt a solid blockstring.

    You can srk after the c mp

  4. @bcotton i know about that, but good rose players, would just and then wait, just like how ryu players use n wait. Kinda risky, n i mean of corz u can do it to out play them...but better off blocking it since it doesn't deal much chip dmg. Thx for the info tho :D

  5. in my opinion if ryu loose fireball war like vs rose then it's f.n hard matchup.

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  9. I've played a lot of matchup with rose players (not experts, and not scrubs), and some times, empty jump landing light SRK at spacing of last frames of rose's slide for punish it is pretty useful. Incase of whiff (when rose don't do the slide), If you done it correctly, a lot of roses will not punish it because you have at time do landing and block or make Rose expect a new shoryuken as frametrap.. It's only a idea, not for do it every time. (sorry for my unskilled english)

  10. ex tatsu/throw mixups are extremely effective against Rose, she has to no real way to deal with this outside of U2.

    also, LP fireball will hit her out of her slide at least 80% of the time from far-mid to mid range; it takes very strict timing for Rose to slide under it successfully. Mix in some EX fireballs to counter the focus attempts, and you will have one frustrated Rose :)

    Buffer LP/FP fireball motion while playing footsies, as soon as she whiffs a move, unleash and push her back. this puts a lot of pressure on her

  11. another thing that helps is to get her used to playing footsies, then jump in at random intervals (preferably from cr.MK range/outside her cr.MP ranage). It's hard for her to react to this: if she cr.HP, you will often get a trade. if she blocks, you get a free mixup.

    Of course, don't spam jumping in, but when you're mixing up LP/EX/FP fireballs at mid range, properly spacing with cr.MK, AND keeping her slide in check, jumping in during footsies puts another layer of tremendous pressure on Rose. It is REALLY hard for her to deal with this.

  12. If you sweep Rose and go for the safe jump, She can't U2 and hit you in the air. She will waste one orb always (you will block one orb safely)

  13. I think it's really important to keep one stock of EX on Ryu. It's possible to react to fireballs if the Rose has good reaction time; however, the EX one is both too fast and non-reflectable.

    Jumping in on Rose isn't as bad as it seems. Besides cr.MP, Rose's pokes actually recover quite slowly. Although Rose has a solid anti-air in cr.HP, it lacks horizontal range and trades lots with j.HK. Coupled with the fact that Soul Throw (non-ex) is completely ass and gets beat out a good amount of the time, it actually can pay off to jump more often.

    About U2 being the gayest Ultra in the game. Yea, I guess. But she definitely needed it since she is free on wakeup (Dhalsim level). Look at her in AE now. She has no way to deal with dive kick characters once she gets knocked down. She's literally a bottom 5 character in the game.

  14. @wing zero thx for some of the info! I learned some new stuff and will add some in my guide!

  15. I do not agree with a few things found here and I am a Rose player. A few of the tips given here will simply fail against Rose. And a few other tips can work well against her. I dont believe Air has yet to figure the Rose match up.