Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Power Up 2011: Day 1

Power Up 2011:

Day 1:

The flight I took wasn’t a direct flight to Ohio. I had to stop at Denver from Vancouver then connect to Ohio…and the last hour before landing was SCARY AS FUCK!  The turbulence lasted ALMOST the whole hour and it was really really shaky that I thought that was the end of my life. There was this lady on the plane that crying in fear that seemed like she was about to pass out. The whole plane was silent because I am sure everybody was extremely paranoid……anyways…we landed safe and I MADE IT!! WHEW! Took the connected flight, and it was a really small jet…it was my first time being on a jet, good experience!

The flight from Denver to Ohio was less than 2 hours if I didn’t remember wrong. It was a quick flight trip and I landed in no time. My teammate David “Detrimantix” Perras and one of the staff from Power Up “Amanda” picked me up @ the airport to head to the venue. Unluckily….during half way of the road trip…we got pulled over by cops because Amanda’s tag (I don’t know what tag…it’s not insurance I believe..some kind of car related tag we don’t have in Canada I think…) was expired and the polices were kindly enough to just give her a warning to renew it asap.

Finally got to the venue that is an arcade called “Arcade Legacy”. The arcade was awesome! It has a lot of old school games ON arcade cabinets and had a lot of old and rare games like Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil, Secret of Mana..and SO MUCH more!! Any games you can think of on top of your head.
Walked more inner of the venue, the SSF4 teams top 3 was happening and Carl “iPerfectLegend” White was playing and he was bodying everybody! This is my first time seeing him in person…and believe it or not..I taught him how to use Akuma. Well, I guess I can’t really use the word “taught”..but I helped him a lot with his game play and we used to play each other a lot online. Anyways, we were really happy that we finally met and of course, besides him there were a lot of familiar faces like Justin, PR Rog, Noel, Mike Ross, Arturo…etc.

David and I were pretty hungry but we decided to watch through the whole thing before we head off for food. Justin, Noel and Wolfkrone’s team won (If I didn’t remember wrong…). Right when it was over Amanda then took us to IHop for food. There were some pretty funny waiter and waitress………and the food took over an hour wait....god damn..we were about to chew on our shoes to stay alive..not going to that Ihop again!

After we ate, Amanda dropped us back to our hotel “La Quinta” and we bumped into Carls. He then decided to just follow us and walk into our room to use our cable for internet. THEN after a while he asked us if it’s cool to sleep in our room…..because his room that he’s sharing with his friend brought over more friends or some shit like that. David and I were cool, but the agreement was that Carl has to sleep on the floor :D. Hmmm…I think we didn’t sleep until 6ish am because we kept on talking @@.

Anyways, so this was Day 1..and Amanda, if you are reading this, THANK YOU for bringing us around!  

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