Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ryu vs Dhalsim


I am certain that Dhalsim gives the most trouble to Ryu even if it’s against a scrubby Dhalsim because he is meant to be Ryu’s demon in this game. Some say Dhalsim is Ryu’s worst match up, but I prefer fighting Dhalsim instead of Fei Long if I have to choose. Why? The reason is that at least once I get close to Dhalsim there’s nothing for me to worry about except his reversal Super which can be only used once in each round. On the other hand, Fei Long, who I don’t want to get close simply because of his fast low short and jabs, reversal Flame Kick and Chicken Wings. On top of that, not just close range, Fei Long’s Rekka can zone Ryu all day…so yeah, those are my reasons.

Not trying to be too off topic, playing against Dhalsim, having Super meter is key point to turn this match up around. Taking risks such as random jab SRK is a must in order to make the Dhalsim player hesitate with his pokes, that way it allows you to make your way in much easier. So here, I will share my experience against this match up.

Ground Game:

Far Range: Dhalsim can do 3 things here to land damage on Ryu, which are his low fierce (Limbs), Yoga Fire and Teleport close to you from front or behind. Any 3 of these moves can be countered by reactions or anticipation. Even though it seems impossible, but at this range Ryu can actually land damage against Dhalsim by throwing full screen fireballs to make Dhalsim move (see how he reacts) and build meter while taking your time to read your opponent. Once you are ready to start your offence, mix up your fireball game with other normals to hit his limbs and sometimes Tatsu through the Yoga Fire and get in.

Mid Range: Ryu’s best pokes at this range are low strong and low forward. When you are out of low forward range, don’t be afraid to spam low strong because it can beat or at least trade with Dhalsim’s far range pokes like his stand short and standing fierce.

Close Range: This is your “Chance” range so try as hard as you can to not let Dhalsim get away. Don’t try to end your attack with a long recovery move like fireball unless in the corner otherwise you will lose your range and have to make an effort to get in again.


Yoga Fire: Hurricane kick or MP/EX SRK

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Yoga Flame: Ex tatsu, MP SRK and EX SRK

Ex Version: Same as normal version

Super: Ex tatsu, MP SRK and EX SRK

Against Ultra 1: Dhalsim usually use this ultra as a mix up tool after they knock you down with a throw then teleports behind or in front of you to make it harder to block. To not confuse yourself, block where Dhalsim faces you.
There is times where Dhalsim would use his ultra to defend himself when he needs to get out of trouble/pressure or when he has a comfortable lead.

Against Ultra 2: Hmm…to be honest I don’t have much experience against Ultra 2…but according to my experience, as long as you don’t land whiffing an air attack then you should be fine. However, holding an ex meter guarantee you to avoid this ultra…I think…

On Ryu’s Wake up:

Dhalsim’s mix ups are really limited, but here is a short list of his mix ups that I know of:
  • ·         After a knock down in the corner, he can do a standing back MK > Yoga Flame loop
  • ·         After a back throw, Yoga flame and teleport mix up
  • ·         When Dhalsim has super meter, over head > super or LK slide > super
  • ·         Not going to mention about the Ultra 1 mix up (Read the section above)

Mind Games and Option Selects:

There are a lot of mind games and option selects against Dhalsim…but first thing first, you have to score a knock down in order to begin. After a knock down, always input hurricane kick as your OS to lock down Dhalsim’s escapes (teleport/backdash). Once you notice the opponent is blocking your entire jump in attacks, you can stop mixing up your wake up attacks such as empty jump into grab, empty jump hitting low, cross up with MK, and jump MP that requires Dhalsim to block high twice which usually works effectively.  All Dhalsim players are afraid of getting thrown because it leads to untech-able forcing the Dhalsim players to pressure against mix ups. Ground wise, without a doubt, OS with sweep and of course mixing up frame traps (with meterless low strong or with meter EX tatsu) and throws once you get in.

Things to be aware of:

Most of the Dhalsims, whether weak or strong, they usually have the few of the same patterns/habits especially right after a tech throw. For example, Dhalsim might do a short version slide, a standing back short or simply back dash to get out of mind games. With this in mind, semi options you can do like jab SRK which can beat both attacks and not get punished if Dhalsim ever back dashes. Not to take out the possibility that a Dhalsim would just block or do nothing after a tech throw, however though, Dhalsim does not have any damaging combo unless with super meter, therefore, in my opinion, it worth the risk.

Now let’s talk about some simple strategies/counters against his stretched arms. Dhalsim’s most abusive normal, standing HP, though can be punished or countered by Ryu’s normals, it is important to space where his limbs will whiff right in front of Ryu in order to do so. One more often used normal called “Sniper” which is just his jump back fierce forces the player to block high. It’s a fast move and usually hard to react to…..however the best way to avoid getting hit by this move is to ALWAYS BLOCK HIGH unless Dhalsim is like close to you where you can get hit by his slides. The reason is that far away, the only thing you can get hit is Dhalsim’s low jab that deals completely NO damage compare to the “Sniper”.  Now able to block the “Sniper” can lead to punishing it by low fierce. Every time you block the “Sniper” or a whiffed one, Dhalsim can’t do anything but floats until he lands, therefore immediately you do a low fierce whether it hits or not for the free damage.

Now let’s talk about his slides. All 3 of his versions are punishable by any version of SRK on block. Always get ready to punish the slides which might be a key to turn around a match. 
Also not to forget to mention, when a Dhalsim has super meter, some will use it on wake up for a surprise attack, so be cautious enough not to get caught by it.

Hope this guide helps a little…and I know that just by words it’s hard to improve in this match up. Anyways, any questions or comments, leave it below or @ my facebook page. 


  1. Awesome guide air.

    btw, if you have super you can punish dhalsim's limbs full screen by doing predictable or random Cr HP and buffering with super.

    Cr HP recovers faster than whiffed Shoryuken so its not easy for dhalsim to punish if you whiff. if you land Cr HP on dhalsim's limbs, the buffered super will get comboed.

    one question: as you know dhalsim's AA knee stops everything. so from what distance should the cross-up tatsu be done to knock him down, and which version?

  2. Nice guide Air. I learned alot from this reading. Are you going to mention how to counter Dhalsim's yoga blast and yoga tower? Just asking.

  3. Dhalsim's u2 can actually be used as anti-air.

    Which in situation we jump fwd over his yoga fire, if dhalsim activate u2, we will get hit by it


    After blocking the sniper, u mean we dash n punish with crouch fierce, rite? or just stay there n crouch fierce?

  4. @aldyk stay where you are and do crouching fierce. Sniper extends his hit box

  5. Great, thanks Air! Another new thing for me...

  6. @aldyk i am glad it helped