Monday, May 30, 2011

ARCADIA interview with various Japanese Top Players

ARCADIA recently had an interview with some of the top Japanese players about how they will form their team in a 3on3 tournament in AE.

Four questions to each player and here are the questions:

1.)    The character you are using?
2.)    The reason why you chose this character?
3.)    In a 3on3 tournament, what characters do you want to form your team with?
4.)    Reasons?



Super Battle Opera 09(SBO) <Arcana Heart 3> Top 8
SBO 10 <Arcana Heart 3> Top 4

Q1.) Yun
Q2) Strong and easy to use, but in order to continue a win streak you have to know the match ups well. However, with strong anti air, you can easily beat majority of the players. I play SSF4 not too long ago (mains Arcana Heart), therefore using Yun allows me to master him faster compared to other characters.
Q3.) Fei Long/ Zangief
Q4.) Both characters are top tiers; on top of that they have strong defense and decent amount of health.  Fei Long is a must because when compared to other top tiers, Fei Long has the least bad match ups and the reason of having Zangief on my team is to use him to counter pick characters like Yun, Yang, etc.

Player: RF

SBO10 <GGXXAC> Champion
SBO10 <SF4> Champion

Q1.) Sagat
Q2.) I tried Fei long and Yun in the beginning, but they don’t fit my style, therefore in the end I switched back to Sagat.
Q3.) Yun/Makoto
Q4.)First, I need the best character “Yun” in my team. I can beat other Yuns with my Sagat. And then I need a character that can burst power, Makoto.

Player: Cabbage (Kyabetsu)

SBO09 <SF4> Champion
SBO10 <KOF13> Top 4

Q1.) C.Viper
Q2.) Started using her since SF4 (Vanilla), but the main reason is because I can’t control other characters well…..even though Nemo thinks my Makoto is pretty strong….
Q3.) Yun/Zangief
Q4.) Don’t need to explain much about Yun. Zangief wise, in AE, he lost a lot of bad match ups, so I think he can do well in tournaments now. Also, if I don’t use Viper, it’s not a bad idea to pick Makoto in my team.

Player: Itabashi Zangief

SBO08 <VF5> Champion

Q1.) Zangief
Q2.) It is because it’s my handle name….of course it is also because I like wrestling characters. Another reason is that it’s a 50/50 character so I can play mind games against my opponents. However, he is not really a 50/50 in AE (LOL)
Q3.) Fei Long/Yang
Q4.) If the reasons are same with Fudo’s than it’s meaningless right? If the other team has Yun or Yang, my team can use tier advantage. If somehow their last player is a Zangief player, I can play a mirror match.

Player: Fudo

SBO05 <VF4FT> Champion
SBO08 <VF5> Champion

Q1.) Fei Long
Q2.) Last series’ Ryu (SSF4) didn’t change much until AE…and Itabashi suggested that I should change and try another character. Since I have to change, why don’t I just choose a top tier? First I tried Yun, but didn’t really like his style, as a result, I main Fei Long now.
Q3.) Zangief/ Yang
Q4.) Rather than saying the characters, let’s say that it’s somewhat Virtual Fighters related (LOL). Itabashi Zangief uses Zangief, and AKABE (another VF player) uses Yang. On top of that, both Yang and Fei Long are really strong, with this team, I think we don’t have a problem against most of the characters/players.

Player: Kyoku

SBO07 <KOF98> Top 4

Q1.) Yang
Q2.) In Vanilla I main M.Bison , and in AE I wanted to use a motion command based character. But, most importantly, I have a lot of fun using Yang plus he’s a new character.
Q3.) Sagat/Fei Long
Q4.) Even though it’s a team tournament, but I hope I can OCV all the teams. However, against Zangief I am not confident, and that is a reason why I wish to have a Sagat as a counter pick. Other than that, all I think about are the character tiers.


  1. well, this is kinda depressing. why didn't Capcom fix the game on it's way to the consoles? way back when, they admitted Yun/Yang were fuckin broken and now we're gonna have to deal with this shit for another whole year (until SFxTekken comes out). anyways, thanks for the interviews.

  2. Thanks for the translation Air. It is depressing to read. SO many Yun and Yangs. Really hope training mode on consoles can show potential of others otherwise .....DIVE KICKS AHOY! Actually this could be called the DiKs Team (Dive Kicks team if no one gets it)

  3. im gonna main oni just coz he reminds me of DBZ characters when his hair is yellow lol
    but ill give the twins ago since there good and DJ coz hes now better than guile in AE

  4. Air, thanks for the content in your blog
    would you answer the 3 questions yourself?
    im interested in your input

    p.s. holy hell thats an impressive resume for each of the interviewees.

  5. can you get one of daigo, mago, tokido, inoue, or any one else?
    Does yun have a 4-6 (a bad amtch up)?

  6. hmmmm this is just a translated i don't know anything about this :d

  7. Thank you for translating and I am thinking of playing a rushdown character with defensive moves any suggestions?

  8. i use balrog.i have problems with ryu uppercut as anti air.should i try is coming out on to console so i can train at home.

  9. hey Air,
    I think you are the best Ryu out there!!
    I have a question, what are exactly the changes capcom did to Ryu in AE? could you do a comparison between Ryu from Super an Ryu from AE? thanks!!

  10. @demet yun/feilong/yang and i am mad serious..
    @daryl try all the chars and see who you like best

    @Ulrick thx :D. Ryu in AE no longer has air escape tatsu, Ryu's F.HP damage got nerfed and his has a really short active frame now. His standing mp is now cancel-able into any special moves and his close standing hk got buffed.