Thursday, June 16, 2011



I am not going to spend too much time writing about this event because it’s too time consuming and the lack of time, therefore this dairy won’t be as detailed as others, sorry for people who enjoy reading my experience at tournaments.

The flight wasn’t too bad this time because it was only less than 3 hours duration. My friend Alex “GameUp” picked me up from the airport back to his place and that is where I was staying at for this trip. Alex has a pretty decent home with an extra room where I can sleep in, plus a beautiful wife and a fairly big dog named “GUILE”…..(GameUp is a Guile/Fei Long player).

Apparently it was too late to eat out, so Alex decided to make me some steak for dinner (actually his wife Sylvia made it) while we were having great chats at the living room. Dinner was cooked and man it was some really delicious steak! It was huge and the garlic sauce was a perfect match. After dinner I went for a quick shower and then Alex and I had some long sessions until we were exhausted.  


We woke up a little bit late than we planned, and we had to call “ComboJack” to reserve us a spot for teams even though we didn’t have a third…lol. We rushed our ass and head to the venue starving. Luckily we didn’t get disqualified and we picked up UltraDavid as our third J. After we lost the teams, Alex and I didn’t want to stay there any longer because we were in hunger, so he brought me to this sushi place named “AKASAKA” and we had to wait for 2 hours. On top of that, THE SERVICE SUCKED, but the food was really good L…so I guess it worth the wait. Right when we finished our meal, we head back to Alex’s place and played casuals again until we pass out.

Chirashi Don

Today is the singles and I was very disappointed about the unbalanced seeding. Some players had to play the best in a row, and some had extremely easy brackets…..anyways, even though I didn’t make top 8 but I still had a lot of fun, tournament or casual wise. Nice to see Mago and Daigo, and at a time Mago had his own station and he wanted to get some games with me….but too bad the lineup was FREAKIN LONG so we didn’t get the chance to play.

The next day was the top 8 finalist, and man, those were all some really awesome/hype matches. Shout outs to Wolfkrone, all of his matches were freaking tight, very impressive since it was against both Daigo and Mago. (Side note, John Choi’s match against Mago was really impressive too….AE Ryu against Fei Long…the first set John Choi made it like the match up was in his favour @@).
However, the grand final was extremely boring….maybe I was expected for these two to fight in grand finals or it was because I’ve seen them fight each other multiple times online..

The last day, of course, Alex drove me to the airport and I had a lot of fun in this trip. Thank you so much for everything Alex and Sylvia, GREAT Hospitality and I hope you guys will come to Vancouver some day.

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