Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Norcal Regional 9: Day 1

Norcal Regional 9:

Day 1:

I was very excited to go to this tournament because it’s located @ San Francisco! I was still a little kid the last time I visited there, vague memory but I remember that I had a lot of fun there. The tournament was actually hosted at San Jose..or at least around that area…but my sponsor fucked up and booked the arrival at San Francisco International Airport which was hella far away from the venue. I was told that the cab would cost me over $150 to get the venue…luckily there was this shuttle that cost me $59 which wasn’t TOO bad compared to the cab, though it was still mad expensive to me L.

The shuttle ride took around an hour+ and I finally arrived at the hotel. Man, I’ve got to say that this is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at! They had awesome bed rooms, all suites and free breakfast with an affordable price. Anyways, I didn’t know why my sponsor booked my ticket so that I arrived at like…..2 pm? My teammate, “Detrimantix” haven’t arrived yet, alone outside home….. without a doubt, I went to bed since I barely slept the night before. I woke up at around 8 pm…and “Detrimantix” still haven’t arrived yet when his flight is suppose to arrive at 3pm…I expected him to show up at around 5, so I got a little bit worried. I got up and went straight into the shower to clean/wake myself up. Finally once I got out of the shower, “Detrimantix” showed up, thank god he was safe and let’s hear his story….

“Detrimantix” got off the flight, went to the information center to discover that the hotel is super far away from the airport. He was told that cab would cost him over $150 (same info that I received) and got offered the cheapest way to get to the hotel. He then had to take trains and buses which took him over 5 hours…..though it only cost him less than $30. Strange thing was that he never gotten the information about the shuttle bus…unlucky him L.

We then went for dinner at iHop and straight back to the hotel to check out the venue. Went in, saw several familiar faces and I talked to John Choi for a bit about teams AND HOLY SHIT THERE WERE A LOT OF FLIES! LIKE A LOT!!! Made me felt hella itchy…..anyways, was told about a money match room. Detrimantix and I went in…lots of people were in there with 3 setups plus a live stream, everything was organized and I was hyped! A lot of people recognized me and I hopped on to a setup…THOUGHT it was a MM room, but nobody wanted to MM me, however I had a lot of fun casual matches. I headed back to my room and watched the food channel until I passed out.